Cornwall Ontario – Residents of South Stormont are truly learning that you do get the government you deserve. They’re also learning that we need to do more than just vote every four years to not only protect our communities, but to grow them progressively and productively. Elect idjits and well,Continue Reading

CFN –  Deputy Judge Raymond H Gouin handed down an Ontario record decision of cost against Richard and Ruth Currier of Ingleside Ontario after their Small Claims Case against Jamie Gilcig, editor of CFN, was tossed out of court after a motion to dismiss. Hate Group Leader & Good FriendContinue Reading

CFN – It’s been an even uglier election than the one in Cornwall, this South Stormont Election.  Sadly the biggest candidate topic seems to be an advertising contract to the South Stormont News which was the only outlet covering the All Candidates Debate at the Lion’s Club in Bonville. There’sContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Standard Freeholder editor Hugo Rodrigues is a bright man.  In addition to being the editor of Cornwall’s oldest newspaper he is also the Director of the Canadian Association of Journalists which many would consider means that he performs to higher standards than say…..Todd Lihou of the SeawayContinue Reading