Hate Group Members Ruth & South Stormont Council Candidate Richard Currier Lose Record Cost Penalty in Ontario Court by Jamie Gilcig

CFN –  Deputy Judge Raymond H Gouin handed down an Ontario record decision of cost against Richard and Ruth Currier of Ingleside Ontario after their Small Claims Case against Jamie Gilcig, editor of CFN, was tossed out of court after a motion to dismiss.
dockery car seat
Hate Group Leader & Good Friend of Jim Brownell, Kevin Dockery
The Currier’s are part of a hate group run by convicted criminal Kevin Dockery on facebook that waged a vendetta against The South Stormont News, The Cornwall Freenews, and anyone affiliated or supporting the media published by Gilcig, during the last municipal election which included an actual newspaper burning BBQ at the Currier’s farm.
aug 16 facebook jim brownell still in group
The group includes former MPP Jim Brownell as a member as well as Seaway News Editor Todd Lihou and desecrated the image of the poppy after one its members was suspended by facebook.   The former Liberal MPP actually was pictured in his honourary SD&G Glens uniform and supported the criminal over the poppy citing that he wasn’t his brother’s keeper.
The group’s leader just lost a defamation lawsuit initiated by Gilcig as well.  The Currier’s were said to have paid his fees in that case.
aug 10 FACEBOOK currier bbq 8 fire paper SSN
Mr. Currier ran for council in South Stormont missing election narrowly (by less than 100 votes) running on a platform with Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart.    Both actually published documents that they planned to eliminate the paper from the community as part of their election platform.
The South Stormont News has not had a print edition since after the election when the Township reneged on their contract for its ad which is also before the courts.
Super Paralegal James Moak issued the following statement:
“I am pleased that that Court recognized that Rick Currier  and  Ruth Currier’s claim against my clients were without merit and a waste of time.
The award of $7,750.00 in costs should send a clear signal that all claims against my client will be vigorously defended and there are consequences when your claim fails. The Courts are there to deal with legitimate claims, not a claim that was obviously started as a tactic in the last municipal election as in this case.
James Moak
Licensed Legal Professional”
Deputy Mayor Hart was sanctioned by her council over her false statement about South Stormont News in the last term and then filed a failed 810 restraining order against Gilcig.   She also has several matters pending before the courts.   South Stormont Council eliminated their Integrity Commissioner position after the election.


  1. The hate group losers on Facebook, that sit down and submit drunken posts and pathetic attempts at wit, are a stinking bucket of pukes.

    These nasty slobs are a perfect example of how easily a mob mentality takes hold… and they have proven that book burning isn’t just for Nazis anymore.

    And as for the useless political hack that flits about in his freshly pressed plaid skirt… his arrogant and inflated ego (and poor choice in friends) are an insult to the men and women in real uniforms, that were muddied and bloodied putting the boots to the Nazi book burners 80 years ago.

    Each and everyone of these is a disgrace to the community.

  2. Jim Brownwell is a real disgrace for the uniform and humanity as a whole. You are judged by the company you keep and it shows just what kind they are and whoever bows down to such a gang. A convicted criminal is with whom Brownell hangs with – HOLY COW! What’s next on the list for Cornwall and area. I am very ashamed to be from Cornwall. I hang my head down low when I tell people where I am originally from.

  3. Karma can be a bitch,The gang all should know,what goes around …comes around,glad that they got their just dessert

  4. Author

    More hopefully coming soon Mary. The truth never travels as fast as lies, but when it hits it usually has a much harder impact.

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