Cornwall Ontario – Justice Deborah Kinsella, who brought a Judge Judy pencil bag to trial,  gagged a case this writer covered.   Not only did she place a gag order on the plaintiff and defendant.  She put the same order on the witnesses.    While there is a reason to gagContinue Reading

It was the police that named her Digger. They said she was instrumental in helping them solve some major crimes. The clinical director of child protection services said that she “saved the lives of many children”, and the community awarded her the Community Service Award. But more importantly is theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In Ontario you don’t have to be a lawyer or paralegal to be appointed as a Justice of the Peace.  You don’t need any legal training or background.   Essentially you need a highschool diploma, which is why former Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger couldn’t become one, and reallyContinue Reading

WORKPLACE RETALIATION HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF 1. If you have a professional organization which offers legal protection join now. Without RNAO I would have been financially destroyed very early in the process. 2. Check your facts from all sources i.e., review the files, speak with police, the Ministry review policiesContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario -Robert Cadieux has taken some of the pain at the tragic loss of his wife Kristine, and his injuries, and worked  hard with a group of supporters to create a group called V.O.I.C.E. as many feel that the Crown and Justice system has let down their families andContinue Reading

Supreme Court of Canada hears Justice Centre intervention in freedom of association case, Wall v. Jehovah’s Witnesses OTTAWA ONTARIO : The Justice Centre will present oral argument before the Supreme Court today, asking the Court to overturn a lower court decision that violates freedom of association in the case of Highwood Congregation ofContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Blaring headlines are all over Canadian media with the news of Senator Mike Duffy suing the RCMP and Senate for close to eight million dollars. He’s represented by one of Canada’s best lawyers, Lawrence Greenspon.  I should know as Mr. Greenspon is representing me after the sillyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Milena Cardinal once told this writer that journalism is the last defence for a democratic society and that we should spend more time in courtrooms holding justice accountable. Having gone through many court cases since living here in Cornwall what I’ve noticed is that most cases don’tContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Starting CFN in 2009 has been an amazing experience.   It’s been brutal in many ways exposing the darkest sides of any community I’ve ever seen not in a cheap tv series or movie. While by far my experience with people in this town has been pleasant,Continue Reading

Jian Ghomeshi’s life will never be the same.  The countless legal bills incurred, the damage to his reputation, and at the end of the line the loss of quality of life and earnings can never be repaired. Chiefly because there is no real accountability of Crown Attorney’s in Ontario.  Continue Reading

It’s interesting to see what hits a button with people and what doesn’t?   In this age of internet newspapers like CFN we get to see direct results by page view counts, comments, and of course Social Media chatter. In 2015 we also live in an age of near OrwellianContinue Reading

CFN –  Deputy Judge Raymond H Gouin handed down an Ontario record decision of cost against Richard and Ruth Currier of Ingleside Ontario after their Small Claims Case against Jamie Gilcig, editor of CFN, was tossed out of court after a motion to dismiss. Hate Group Leader & Good FriendContinue Reading