Mike Duffy Will Win Lawsuit But Will Anyone Be Held Responsible? By Jamie Gilcig 82517

Cornwall Ontario – Blaring headlines are all over Canadian media with the news of Senator Mike Duffy suing the RCMP and Senate for close to eight million dollars.

He’s represented by one of Canada’s best lawyers, Lawrence Greenspon.  I should know as Mr. Greenspon is representing me after the silly Upper Canada District School Board decided to waste tax dollars for suing me after I dared to cover Swastikas in a one of their High Schools here in Cornwall allegedly being left up for nearly a month even though they were asked repeatedly to remove them.

The School Board has already lost a motion to muzzle this outlet.   While the boards high priced Toronto lawyers spent over an hour trashing myself, even going to the lengths of calling this newspaper a “Blog” (not that blogs are bad).   Mr. Greenspon blew their arguments out of the water in less than fifteen minutes, and in a manner that even someone sitting on Cornwall City Council could understand.   That led to a ruling of over $10K in costs before the trial has even started. And that doesn’t include the cost they spent on their legal just to get to that point.

The problem in cases like Duffy’s, or Omar Khadr’s, or even my own is that those responsible are rarely actually held responsible.

Clearly Mike Duffy was screwed over.    His personal character, or performance as a senator has nothing to do with what the powers at the time did to him.   He will get a major payday at the end of the day, but we’ll keep reading about cases like this if those responsible are not removed from their positions of power.  People need to know that there is a price to pay when they cross the lines and try to destroy people’s lives and reputations.

That, not high priced paydays, is the only solution, whether it be in the Justice and policing system, school boards with very little diversity on them, or sitting elected officials.

We need more accountability and justice, and they shouldn’t be available only to those able to afford Super Lawyers like Lawrence Greenspon.

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  1. He’s as guilty as the horse he ran in on. Getting off on technicalities may make him “innocent”, but that doesn’t give Duffy the right to bilk the taxpayers again.

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