South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis On Dirtiest Election in Years – Oct 26, 2014

South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis On Dirtiest Election in Years – Oct 26, 2014

hart currier pendergrast OCT 16 2014CFN – I had a chance to finally catch up with South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis who is running for a third term.   He shared on how in all his years in politics he’s never seen such a dirty election which has included theft of his and other candidates signs.

But what’s most disturbing to him are the phone calls he’s received from constituents over misinformation and straight out lies being shared.

Also some of the promises such as Jim Bancroft promising to pave all the roads in South Stormont that haven’t been paved which is somthing that Bancroft certainly didn’t do while mayor or serving in office.   The ploy was a copy of the one that Eric Duncan pled in North Dundas when he ran for election; but where is the cash supposed to come from to pay for that paving?  How many roads did Duncan have paved in the last four years?

The biggest issue was candidate Rick Currier portraying debentures for debt which is something done by municipalities as a norm and are not the same as borrowing for projects like arenas.

Bancroft has still not answered into his role and how much the township was burdened by after the Osnabruck Centre Salt Shed scandal where he was the Insurance Broker for the Township and Mayor in a situation that resulted in taxpayers losing major cash after settling for a $66K settlement against former Mayor Bancroft and the insurance companies.

Voters make their decision on Monday October 27th.

Tammy Hart

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And they say Cornwall politics is dirty!!

Harry Valentine

The upheaval in South Stormont began after City of Cornwall rejected the bio-pellet plant . . . and an elected official enticed the bio-pellet promoter to consider setting up shop in South Stormont, courtesy of the promise of government funding. Cornwall had previously endured a long and unproductive involvement with companies that depended on government funding . . . one example being the proposed ethanol plant that dragged on-and-on-and-on for many years, the result of too much political involvement. The bio-pellet plant proposal for South Stormont was the result of the former McGuinty government’s misguided romance with renewable energy .… Read more »