Kilger Booed Twice at River Kings Military Tribute Night in Cornwall Ontario – Oct 26, 2014

kilger booed at rk game oct 25 2014CORNWALL Ontario – Mayor Bob Kilger was booed not once, but twice at the opening of the River Kings game in Cornwall Saturday night.  Carnival promoter Council Candidate Brock Frost was in full campaign mode as he wheeled out MP Guy Lauzon who prattled about winning the war on Terrorism and MPP Jim McDonell showed up too; but it was Kilger who was at first booed and then booed again when he raised his hand in a gesture.

How could he not have lowered the flag to half mast?

Many fans were upset that the former Liberal Whip failed to have flags flown at half mast especially as the reason for him and the other photo hoes Politicians present was to honour Cpl Nathan Cirillo who was murdered in Ottawa this week.

The River Kings lost again sinking their record to 2-6 and are tied for last.  It was their second loss in a row as the team has been cursed after Mr. Frost didn’t pay a certain bill and brought bad karma to the city’s favorite hockey team.


  1. Is the writing on the wall for Kilger, Frost and / or the River Kings?

  2. You ask…”how could he not have lowered the flag to half mast?”.

    This is the very kind of lack luster performance that one should expect from an individual who is simply asleep at the wheel. No vision, no class and no apparent concern for either Cornwall or his country. I have looked for signs to show my assessment invalid but to date he has demonstrated nothing to substantiate the contrary. Cornwall has lost eight years and can ill afford to have another four years without real progress. The pasture is waiting.

  3. Kilger’s epiphany regarding a park and concern for the arts and culture is timely to say the least. My concern is why suddenly after eight years at the helm, eight years of influence and eight years of opportunity to present his “visions” he failed to do so. He insults all of us by being so blatantly obvious with his low opinion of our mental capabilities.

    What arrogance!

  4. You can all count me in with plenty of booes and unfortunately I wasn’t there to contribute to the booes and I would have to be literally taken out because I hate that man so much for all the horrible things that he did and still does. Whoever votes for this jackass back in you deserve all what you get.

    “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

    Edward R. Murrow

  5. I would have not only lowered the flag but take that pole and use it as a useful tool for you all can use your imagination if you know what I mean. I am mighty ashamed of Cornwall mighty ashamed.

  6. I’m sure Cornwall was not the only city / town / village, etc. that was a little slow in lowering their flag on this occasion.

  7. This nights event was a proud moment for our Friends of Vets group and myself as President and a proud veteran. I was so proud to stand at center ice to honor and pay tribute to our fallen soldiers WO Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. The huge ovation from the crowd given to our soldiers and veterans that night was another good showing for our city to proudly stand together. The applause we received was twice louder and longer than the Booing given to our Mayor. Thank you River Kings.


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  9. Mr. Samler the Americans (Philadelphia Flyers) paid tribute to Canada as well. I don’t watch TV but watched it on the net (the tribute that is) and it was very neighborly of them to do that good deed. We were all together on 911 and that is what neighbors should be is togetherness. I hope that Bare Ass doesn’t get in tonight. I hope that Leslie O’Shaughnessey wins.

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