Cornwall Ontario – With the demise of yet another hockey management team there are rumblings and even a piece written by that mincing lifeguard, Hugo Rodrigues. Cornwall Ontario is a hockey town.  It just has a city government that for whatever reason refuses to allow business to be business. TheContinue Reading

As the death rattles for the Cornwall River Kings shake, owner Steve Moreau answered a few questions for CFN regarding the shutting down of the team. Ironically a last ditch effort by Rodney Rivette is another example of the dysfunction and corruption of the culture in Cornwall.  Where was olContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – There are a core group of people in Cornwall that like to wear their civic pride like a badge of honor or Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Finish near the last in Entrepreneurial studies, and you’ll hear complaints about how the study was done. Celebrate our pizzaContinue Reading