Cornwall Ontario River Kings Coming Back Next Season! 1 on 1 Interview with Owner Steve Moreau

Steve Moreau and his team have one big thing to be proud of after this most recent River King season.   They started and finished under the same owner.

The most controversial issue with the team this season was its performance, but then this is a rookie owner building his own management team and adapting to the LNAH.

The big issues facing the team forward for next season, and Mr. Moreau has assured fans that there will be a next season is attendance.

If Cornwall wants a team they will have to support it.

You can’t blame Mr. Moreau after nearly being in the hole for $1,000,000 since purchasing the team which in spite of having one of the higher attendance records for the league is penalized by the City of Cornwall which has limited his revenue streams.

The River Kings only get 30% of the rink revenue and are limited by not being able to have their own beer deal.   The city also doesn’t provide reasonable practice ice for the team and clearly needs to be more accommodating for its largest rental client for the Civic Complex.

Mr. Moreau spoke via phone with CFN about the season and what’s needed for next year.


The team essentially needs to average 1,500 fans per game which would only be about 1/3rd capacity for the Civic Complex as well as up the ante for local business sponsorship.

The team is already looking forward to the 2016-17 season.
Season tickets are now on sale and fans who purchase online (see link below) before May 1 will receive a FREE River Kings replica jersey.
Adults: $250 ($275 after Sept. 1)
Seniors (65+): $180 ($200 after Sept. 1)
Students (13-18): $180 ($200 after Sept. 1)
Kids (5-12): $125 ($140 after Sept. 1)
If you require assistance, please call the River Kings Operations Office at 613-933-9797.
Will you be buying your season tickets?


  1. In another publication the amount of $700k is mentioned that the team has to raise before the start of next season. They have $100k. So, only $600k to go. That’s a big “IF” for the team and the team’s supporters to get by.

  2. Author

    Hugger that is the yearly budget, not an amount that has to be raised before the season starts.

  3. Okay. I’m just stating what was in the article, so you can see where it comes from I’ll do it in two parts due to the limitations here.
    “It takes about $700,000 to run a team in the LNAH. Last year, we started with nothing. This year already, we have about $100,000 going forward,” said Moreau.
    That number comes from sponsorship and season tickets, the two main streams of revenue for the team.

  4. “Season tickets and sponsorship, that’s what we have,” said Moreau.
    “From now to the beginning of the season, we have to do it. No fans, no team. Simple. If we can’t raise the money before the start of the season, before the first home game, there won’t be a team.” That gives me the impression that if $700k isn’t raised Bye bye River Kings.

  5. Author

    Hugger I suggest you listen to the interview. Mr. Moreau doesn’t sound like a man who wants to leave town. That being said I think as a business man he wants his team to at least break even if not make money. 1/3 capacity doesn’t sound like it’s asking for too much.

  6. I listened to the interview. If the team isn’t supported it will gone is what I got from the interview. And I don’t blame him. The language got a little dicey near the end.

  7. One thing that would help bring fans into the Complex would be comfortable seats. I know Steve has no say over that. But it would be nice. It’s what keeps me away from events at the complex. I know the city is looking into a new scoreboard. And I’ve heard new seats are being planned for, but they aren’t cheap. As well, the complex has an incline like the old Montreal Forum and Bell Centre.

  8. If you have a winning team you will have the fans for sure

  9. More fighting if they are serious about filling the seats!
    It ain’t rocket science…

  10. That’s a big IF Raymond.

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