Rodney Rivette Back With Federal League Proposal for Civic Complex by Jamie Gilcig SEPT 14, 2016

On the heels of his failed attempt to save the Cornwall River Kings of the LNAH, Rodney Rivette has teamed up with Mitch Gagne to try and get a Federal Hockey League expansion team up and running in time for the current season.

The Federal Hockey league nearly came to Cornwall a few years ago, but instead The Akwesasne Warriors were formed and played in the Turtle Dome due to the same issues that killed the River Kings.

Rivette, son of current City Councilor Andre Rivette, was a part of all of those franchises and would be President of the new franchise known as the Cornwall Nationals.



River Kings former owner Steve Moreau sent in the following statement for publication to CFN regarding the new team.

How many failed hockey teams is Cornwall going to go through before people realize this is not a hockey town like some believe.  

Mr. Moreau may have a point in that the City’s make up is not that of a Mill town which historically supported smash mouth hockey whereas Cornwall is now more of a retirement/bedroom community.

The team would be playing 26 home dates, six more than the River Kings.

nationals-prop-2The focus seems to be on the Federal League not costing as much to run a team in than the LNAH and hopes to generate 100% advertising dollars from the new score clock at the complex for home games.   The ticket prices are also expected to be less for FHL games at the Civic Complex.

The majority of FHL games take place in US cities.   The closest team in the six team league is Watertown NY.  The team would be travelling to Illinois, Connecticut, and New Hampshire as well.

The team would generate $37, 042.87 in ice rental fees for City coffers if successful.

So far no word on who the ownership is of the new franchise or if the team actually has a bag o money ready to fund the expansion franchise’s first season.

City Council is holding a special meeting tonight to approve the team’s deal.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?    Will you be buying a season ticket for the new team? You can post your comments below.


  1. I wish them luck. One thing missing from their proposal is player salaries. In regard to the advertising isn’t that tied to the Colts contract with the city? I agree with Steve Moreau. Royals, Aces, River Kings. IMHO this city can only support one team at the complex. And the fans have chosen the Colts as that team.

  2. Author

    Hugger the fans have not chosen the Colts. The city has because of some fancy politics. The Kings have out drawn the Colts each year they were in existence.

  3. I agree. The key is to get the city onboard. Will that happen? Who knows.

  4. No hockkey team has ever lasted in Cornhole of all the years that I can remember them playing. The best team were the Royals and Willie the “wise old owl” sold the team and took them away where it is more profitable. Everything fell to hell. The vast majority of the people of Cornhole are unemployed and food and rent, etc. are much more important than a hockey team. This won’t last nothing wil

  5. Jules…If you have nothing good to say about CORNWALL…Shut the F–k up. At least we have some dedicated people trying to bring entertainment to the city. I do hope this new hockey team works out.

  6. Mathematically this team can make it… the players provide their own transport and gas, sleep in their cars, purchase their own equipment, and so on.
    In fact the only way to lose is to be one of their creditors.
    The well paid puck head mill jobs are gone and their kids have other interests.
    Hockey is over in Cornwall.

  7. One thing I see missing in the expenses are the player’s salaries. Are FHL players expected to play for free?

  8. Author

    Hey many of the Colts players actually pay to play….

  9. Yes, perhaps some junior players pay to play. Junior leagues are learning leagues, hoping to make it further. The LNAH and FHL, not so much a learning experience; more of last ditch effort to play hockey.

  10. I could understand the apprehension if the city is on the hook for anything, but why deride a couple guys who want to bring some entertainmen to Cornwall on their own dime.
    Some on here, Including the Kings former owner are hoping it fails, showing their true character.
    I have no skin in the game, but wholeheartedly support the endeavor and wish them all the best.

  11. Did anyone (CFN, CSN, CSF, Seeker) go to the press conference? I haven’t seen anything about it.

  12. Author

    I didn’t go. I was invited. From the release there wasn’t too much info that’s new. Some player rumblings. It is confirmed that Mitch and Rod are the new owners with no talk about a fan ownership thingy that they talked about doing for the Kings…

  13. Seems strange for a city that tried to save the River Kings this would happen. Not one mention on any media site of the Nationals press conference yesterday. This doesn’t look good.

  14. Author

    What do you think it says Hugger? Do be fair the Freeholder and Seaway News have printed non breaking news on the Monday after a weekend…. Not every story makes it.

  15. I guess we’ll see if the media in the city cover the Nationals. If this is an indication of what is to come the Nationals have their work cut out for them.

  16. Spoke too soon. The CSF has an item up about the Nationals.

  17. Author

    Huggar, like any business, if they do not support local media they most likely will be supported back. Most MBA business courses suggest that at least 6% per year be spent on Advertising/Marketing; more when you’re starting out.

  18. Hopefully the city will treat them better than they treated the River Kings. It would be nice if they gave them free advertising on the city website like the Colts get.

  19. Author

    Of course with the son of councilor and Mitch’s control of rink ice time it would be a bit hinky for them to get a better deal for a lesser league team, no Hugger?

  20. We’ll see if things go downhill for the Colts and uphill for the Nats. It’ll be interesting with council with one CoI from each team sitting as a member.

  21. No hockey team has ever worked in Cornhole and the best team were the Cornhole Royals and that wise old owl Willie did the right thing in taking it away. When you don’t have good incomes you cannot go to the games and the team has no choice but to pull up stakes and go elsewhere. Cornhole is dead and I mean dead and burried.

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