BREAKING Cornwall River Kings Owner Pulls Plug – Team Folds for 2016/17

Cornwall Ontario –  Sad breaking news in a brief press release, the Cornwall River Kings of the LNAH have folded tent due to “LACK OF COMMUNITY SUPPORT”.

Season ticket holders will have options to get a refund or hold their tickets in the event that the team can come back for 2017.

The team had just made some strong player acquisition hoping to generate community support.   The punitive lease deal with the city offered much reduced streams of revenue compared to other cities.

We will be updating as more information becomes available.


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  1. Sad to see happen. But I think the writing was on the wall when the team said they wanted to sell 500 tickets (I presume season tickets) in less than five days.

    As for the option for season ticket holders to wait and see if ther team returns in 2017 is that really an option? That’s only an option if the new owner would honour those season ticket sales.

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