July 13, 2021 – When you run your business like crap and there’s a nearby option it should be no surprise when people flock to it. Several developers, small and large, spoke with CFN. They shared horror stories and some laughed at the thought of doing business in Cornwall. HighContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Unlike Cornwall’s vote both South Stormont and South Glengarry voters sent a message that change was desired; chiefly fiscal change.   In South Stormont this is chiefly ironic as Cornwall CAO Maureen Adams and many Sunshine list decision makers in Cornwall reside in the township.   IE, they don’tContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  It was a flawed election Monday night.   Clearly there was an issue with the electronic voting as the city’s website kept flashing to zero votes and then trickling in amounts. Electronic voting is hinky at best.   Stories have been done about kids hacking the system. For theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In what promises to be the most entertaining race in the upcoming Municipal elections, former mayor of South Stormont Bryan McGillis has announced that he will be running against the current deputy mayor, Tammy Hart. McGillis had been mayor from 2006-2014.  He won his first election atContinue Reading

 CORNWALL Ontario – Voters wanted change and they made their voices heard Monday night as Mayor Bob Kilger went down in flames.  Going along with him were long term councilors Syd Gardiner, Denis Carr, the despised Glen Grant and Gerry Samson. As of 9:25 PM one poll still wasn’t reportingContinue Reading

The South Stormont News organized a Debate for Tuesday October 7, 2014 at The Long Sault Marina Restaurant, unfortunately the organizer Mr. Jamie Gilcig developed a sudden medical condition and the event morphed into a Town Hall style meeting. A near packed house of South Stormont residents attended and althoughContinue Reading