Pink Mafia & Labour Hijack Cornwall Election – McGillis Back in South Stormont – 2018 Election Coverage 231018

Cornwall Ontario –  It was a flawed election Monday night.   Clearly there was an issue with the electronic voting as the city’s website kept flashing to zero votes and then trickling in amounts.

Electronic voting is hinky at best.   Stories have been done about kids hacking the system.

For the second term long time Councilor Denis Carr will have to wait for one of the ten elected to fall before returning to the horseshoe.

There were no real surprises.   Bernadette Clement was elected mayor by default with a push by a sexist coven and her capitulation to local organized labour which will lead to further tax spikes in the River City.   David Murphy will have to go back to serving Hot Dogs from the Benson cart.

On the council side; if she meant stacking the deck in team building she’d be correct.  Anti Democratic and corrupt, but correct.   She has her 5 other votes.

Sadly, the one voice on council who showed concerns and direction in fighting the runaway taxes was defeated.  Mark A MacDonald was not elected.  It should be interesting to see what he does leading up to the next election.   It begs the question if this community can ever bust the shackles of union slavery it seems to be under?

As predicted the voter turnout was markedly down from 39.9% to only 38.08%.   A loss of nearly 1,000 voters with only 12, 488 voting.

In South Stormont, in a strangely close race, Tammy Hart and her flock of monkeys were tossed out.   Former Mayor Bryan McGillis is back as mayor along with Dave Smith as his deputy.

Donna Primeau and the putrid Rick Waldroff also didn’t make the grade and former Councilor Cindy Woods returns.

South Glengarry saw a lot of change that could lead to a new CAO and by law officer in the township.

Frank Prevost was acclaimed and Lyle Warden easily won as deputy mayor.  A new council and new vision just might lead to some positive changes in the township.   It really couldn’t get much worse.



  1. The city’s election website was refreshing every 30 seconds, that’s why the 0’s were appearing.

    For the most part I agree with the article. But I’m willing to let them take office and see how they do before I start criticizing all of them as a whole or individually. In this case perception isn’t reality YET!!

    One thing they have to do is get the budget process started NOW. Don’t wait until Feb

  2. With regards to the South Stormont results, what I find most surprising is how close that hillbilly Tammy Hart was to Bryan McGillis.
    McGillis = 2,311
    Tammy Hart = 2,097
    Guess Hart’s ‘ Rural Rubber Boot Brigade’ was out in force.

  3. Managers within already gathering at the hall today. It would appear some GMs are upset Dupelle and Towndale got back in and Flipper won as Mayor but one certain fire chief was happier then all now that Mark MacDonald is no longer on council. Flipper, do everyone a favor and rid the clique remember you said team building right? just like your team building with harassed employees at the lodge.

  4. That should have read Managers are happy flipper won, we will also sit back and watch the loud mouthed back stabbing Mayor/CAO’s assistant kiss her a@s.

  5. Flipper Clement has no idea what team building is. All those managers will suck up to ensure that at budget time, there will no job cuts. That’s how this administration works.

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