Bryan McGillis Calls Roundabouts in Long Sault Waste of Public Money – 091217

Cornwall Ontario– Former South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis took a break from his time in BC to talk about the Long Sault Roundabouts and current council, as well as a possible return for another election.

It’s a worthless waste of money.  They were talking about it my last two years of council and everyone that sat on the counties council knew I was not in favour of roundabouts.   That money should have been spent on highway 138 where they’ve done nothing.

On the current council under Jim Bancroft.

They promised more transparency – and less taxes.   Those were false promises. Look at the numbers during my last term as Mayor and look at this term.

The former mayor was more cagey about his run in the next election neither confirming or denying a run.

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With Jim Bancroft’s embalming process run it’d be interesting to see if Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart, fresh off losing in a Conspiracy Case against Paralegal James Moak (along with Ruth Currier and Bob Noble), would run for mayor herself or simply spontaneously explode?

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  1. Either option is bad.

  2. People cannot drive properly these days and always in a hurry and no wonder all the accidents. That would be a little area for Tammy to practice riding on her broom in preparation for Halloween.

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