South Stormont Lands Near 700 Acre Distribution Hub. Developers Complain about Cornwall Red Tape & Taxes. By Jamie Gilcig

July 13, 2021 – When you run your business like crap and there’s a nearby option it should be no surprise when people flock to it.

Several developers, small and large, spoke with CFN. They shared horror stories and some laughed at the thought of doing business in Cornwall.

High taxes, fees, and having to deal with the Bob Peters led Economic Development team were cited. A few smaller builders said that they would never build in Cornwall again with one stating that they were in the process of setting up a new project in nearby Ingleside. One major was alleged to express extreme displeasure with Mark Boileau when they tried to by the old Domtar lands.

It’s bewildering as a resident of Cornwall to realize how much we’re spending on the Bob Peters led ED team & other Sunshine listers with such poor results? After getting stories pimped about Cornwall being a distribution centre several large projects have landed up in nearby South Stormont and the region with several empty buildings now being offered on the city’s website despite much real estate activity in Eastern Ontario. Most of these projects didn’t even consider or look at Cornwall. Surely a top paid ED team would be aware of which projects were in motion and pitch the community?

The latest is a juggernaut development by Avenue31 out of Ottawa as they have announced on their website a 680 acre project including a 50-100 acre rail yard in Long Sault.

Described as the Long Sault Logistics Village it’s rumoured to be connected to e Commerce Giant Amazon.

Long Sault Logistics Village

“A 680-acre master planned transmodal logistics village to be anchored with a 50 to 100-acre railyard, bordered to the north by Highway 401, the busiest good movement corridor for transport trucks in Canada, and a CN main cargo line to the south, the busiest cargo rail corridor in North America.”

South Stormont Mayor Bryan Mcgillis sent in the following statement for publication:

This is very positive news for  South Stormont. We are very excited to be discussing this project with the team at Avenue 31. The planning department are looking forward to receiving a formalized development application which is anticipated to come forward in the near future. A development of this size has the potential to attract many Jobs for the region and will put South Stormont on the map in terms of logistics. The development application process will be done in phases and will include public engagement throughout.

Clearly Cornwall is paying the price for its corruption and “old boy” closed shop mentality as it struggles economically and politically. Taxes are now higher per capita than many major cities in Ontario and especially doesn’t compare to nearby cities in Quebec like nearby Valleyfield. Add to that a lack of housing vision that now has led to apartments renting for more than rents in Ottawa and Montreal with a high amount of substandard housing.

The city is stumbling to find revenue trying to implement water meters when there is no shortage of water or sewage capacity and dealing with a garbage issue with no funding to terminate its dump or create a new one which has led to 2 bag garbage limits and tags which now sees people dumping garbage around the city.

Add in the growing crime problem in Cornwall and clearly the community has issues if it wants to build and grow.

People and money appear to not be “Choosing” Cornwall and probably won’t until there’s a clean house at City Hall.

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