Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms (& #Covidiots) Mitigates After Prez Carpay Takes Leave After Authorizing Surveillance of Manitoba Chief Justice

JULY 13, 2021 – It’s been sad. You see a big time name that’s supposed to represent a very important part of maintaining a Democracy and then you end up seeing a group of lawyers essentially, who paid cash to put surveillance on the Chief Justice of Manitoba over Covid regulations.

This same group has been tying up courts fighting to protect law breakers and #covidiots which essentially is a huge burden on the public and puts healthcare workers and the public at risk.

While the board has taken this flimsy action of allowing Mr. Carpay a leave of absence when if they were truly sincere they’d simply terminate him with prejudice and cut all ties.

Their very dangerous action leads to many unanswered questions; chiefly, how did they get the Chief Justice’s home address and who else have they filtered this information to?

During Covid many government and healthcare officials have been threatened and in particular abused on social media because of these types of organizations..

Who funds the Centre? Who paid for the surveillance and how many others have they been doing this to?

Hopefully the government of Manitoba will be pressing some charges and investigating what happened fully so that our justice system can function without fear of threats and danger.

Right now this just reads like a bunch of lawyers realizing their hands were caught in the cookie jar and trying to mitigate as much as they can for when this eventually comes to be in front of a judge.

From the Center:

Statement from the Board of Directors of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

On Monday July 12, 2021, the members of the Board of Directors of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (Justice Centre) were informed that a private investigator had been retained by Justice Centre President John Carpay to conduct surveillance on senior government officials, including Chief Justice Joyal of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench, in regard to their compliance with Covid regulations.

No member of the Board had any prior notice or knowledge of this plan and had not been consulted on it. Had the Board been advised of the plan, it would have immediately brought it to an end. Mr. Carpay has acknowledged that he made the decision unilaterally. Apart from the Justice Centre’s Litigation Director, none of the Justice Centre’s lawyers or Board members were aware that this was occurring until July 12. The Justice Centre’s mandate is to defend Canadians’ constitutional freedoms through litigation and education. Surveilling public officials is not what we do. We condemn what was done without reservation. We apologize to Chief Justice Joyal for the alarm, disturbance, and violation of privacy. All such activity has ceased and will not reoccur in future. For years, Mr. Carpay has been a tireless advocate for Canadians’ constitutional rights and freedoms. With the integrity that we know him for, he has owned this mistake, openly, directly, and without reservation. Mr. Carpay has advised the Board that, effective today, he is taking an indefinite period of leave from his responsibilities at the Justice Centre. The Board will appoint an interim president to serve in his absence, and has instituted a comprehensive review of Justice Centre operations and decision-making.


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