Letter to the Editor: South Stormont Candidates Boycott Constituents Oct 9, 2014

LTE UThe South Stormont News organized a Debate for Tuesday October 7, 2014 at The Long Sault Marina Restaurant, unfortunately the organizer Mr. Jamie Gilcig developed a sudden medical condition and the event morphed into a Town Hall style meeting. A near packed house of South Stormont residents attended and although they thoroughly enjoyed the comradery, relaxed atmosphere and great discussions, many felt extremely disappointed that ALL the Candidates did not make an effort to meet them, the voters. In these times of bleak voter apathy, boycotting any political event is a direct insult to the most important person in the equation; the voter.

The Candidates who did attend; Mayor McGillis, Councillors Richard Waldroff & Cindy Woods (running for Deputy Mayor), newcomers Chris Cameron, Reginald Coffey & Mike Proulx and Wendy MacPherson (Public School Board Trustee) made a positive impression with the constituents by being there for the people and not letting political bias cloud their commitment to the community.

The political process should be about the voters needs, not about the candidates’ partisan attitudes. In reality the Candidates who choose to boycott this event, in fact boycotted the very people who will be casting their votes on October 27, 2014.


Deborah Cameron  Long Sault, ON

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  1. Deborah Cameron this is a well written Letter and truly defines the DIRTY politics some perform to the detriment of the voter who are also their neighbors.

    Another fine example of this type of behaviour was shown to me by a neighbor :

    Bob Noble an ardent supporter and fellow member of the x-files with Mrs Tammy Hart and Rick Currier wrote this on the boycott South Stormont news group:

    Here are the official results of the failed debate at Long Sault Marina as posted by Reg Coffey
    Note the names of those that attended that support Jamie and South Stormont news . No “X” beside any of these names on Voting day !!

    So Mr.Noble you are advising your boycott group to boycott those candidates that made an effort to reach out to those many citizens who wished to voice their concerns that night?
    So those citizens should not have had the right to express their views or concerns?

    Well how UN-NOBLE of you. Noble sir you are not considering your vulgarity and negativity but you are welcome company with those you so ardently support.

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