Cornwall Ontario 1 – Bob Kilger 0 – City Chooses Change As Mayor & Cronies Dumped – OCT 28, 2014

kilger aug 11 2014 angle CORNWALL Ontario – Voters wanted change and they made their voices heard Monday night as Mayor Bob Kilger went down in flames.  Going along with him were long term councilors Syd Gardiner, Denis Carr, the despised Glen Grant and Gerry Samson.

As of 9:25 PM one poll still wasn’t reporting but the numbers were clear with Leslie O’Shaugnessy garnering 6,277 votes to Bob Kilger’s 5,396.

CFN Editor Jamie Gilcig drew 687 votes.

But it was on council that most of the changes will be visible with first timers Carilyne Hebert, Justin Towndale, Claude McIntosh, and Brock Frost along with returning Mark A MacDonald joining now second term candidates David Murphy & Maurice Dupelle.

Bernadette Clement, Andre Rivette, and Elaine MacDonald.

The nail biter was Rivette who kept a slim lead over Guy St. Jean all evening.

Denis Carr, Glen Grant, & Syd Gardiner finished 11, 12, and 13th.

It marks the end to one of the dirtiest campaigns this journalist has ever seen which included gross media bias by the Seaway News & Cogeco.

In South Stormont voters were upset with ultra long delays in results which many are already questioning as telephone and computer voting were used.

Unofficial results include Jim Bancroft defeating incumbent Bryan McGillis.  Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart being re-elected as well as councillor Rick Waldroff.   Newcomers Donna Primeau & Dave “Grumpy” Smith all will most likely have to await a recount.

Glitches also impacted other area vote counts as many clearly wish for paper ballots.

CFN will have extensive coverage Tuesday!

Did your candidate win?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. The information regarding the end date of Dec 2019 can be found at This current contract was signed in 2008 and publicly announced by the city of Cornwall in a news release (which is how I became informed. So to address who knew and when the answer is everyone knows and has known since 2008. I just cannot get a response from council on this issue. My only conclusion is that they either don’t have a clue between the lot of them or they simply have no interest or concern for the matter.

    I might be better off going to Queens Park myself with a petition from the taxpayers of Cornwall in hand.

  2. Harry Valentine said: ALSO, amazing that Todd Lihou commented on the exact same subject under discussion at CFN.

    Where on CFN? I’d like to see his comments.

  3. Hi Hugger . . . he published his comments at Seaway News . . . exact same subject that we were discussing about Cornwall Electric’s contract ending in December 2019.

    David, back in 2008, McGuinty was still expanding initiatives into government funded green energy, mainly solar and wind farms. The Ontario CLEAN AIR ALLIANCE has come out in favour of expanding importation of electric power from Quebec . . . . it is less costly than solar, wind and nuclear.

    Except that politically connected persons who are also connected to solar, wind and nuclear industries have come out opposing any further importation of electric power from Hydro Quebec into Ontario. Cornwall may be a pawn in what is shaping up to be a political power struggle.

    David, I commend you on planning to take the initiative to protect Cornwall’s access to electric power from Hydro Quebec. Under McGuinty, a political tit-for-tat squabble began between Ontario and Quebec in regard to electric power . . . Ontario wanted to build a hydroelectric power dam in Labrador (in partnership with Newfoundland) and build an electric power line across Quebec . . . except that Quebec rejected the plan.

    Its very possible that some political personalities connected to the Ontario Government may want to remove the Cedar Rapids – Niagara – Mohawk Power line that passes through Eastern Ontario . . . . for purely political reasons.

  4. Jamie and folks we just came back from Cornwall and dead as usual. We walked along the shore of Lamoureux Park and went to Harveys. Jamie I have some news for you to have a good chuckle. We drove on Nine Street and couldn’t get on to Marlborough St. and went on McConnell. While at the Marlborough St. area you wouldn’t guess who I saw. One of the cops from the Barney Fife PD (the one with the beard that I insulted when he along with others were taking you out of City Hall) and you talk about me roaring with laughter in the car. The evening that he along with others took you out he had the gloves on wanting to fight. He was in the hallway at the City Hall if you go back on that video you will see him. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  5. With regard to Cornwall’s economic future, Ontario Energy Board may force Cornwall to accept electric power from Ontario, abandoning the connecting from Hydro Quebec. The question then begs to be asked, since we’re located right next to a large power dam, should be get the benefit of a minimum transmission charge between the power dam and the city ??

    If not, we’ll have to pay identical power rates as Ottawa that depends on the power transmission line. Such rates mean that Cornwall customers will be cross-subsidizing the cost of electric power in Ottawa, where the little power dams on the Ottawa and Rideau River provide up to 20% of Ottawa’s average demand for power.

    At Cornwall, the river turbines proposal has hit several snags . . . . no turbines under commercial navigation channels, leaving a short section of North Channel west of the new causeway, but not as far as Polly’s Gut. There may NOT be enough vertical clearance under the causeway for a crane-boat carrying river turbines, to pass through.

    So the crane-boat will have to sail north through the fast and powerful current that flows south through Polly’s Gut. NO turbines allowed in Polly’s Gut because that fast stream of water sustains navigation depth for the Seaway ships in the South Channel.

    I know a few owners of recreation boats who have sailed north through Polly’s Gut . . . . with the motor going FULL TILT, the trip through the strong river current took 90-minutes. A slow-poke of a crane-boat may not be able to rev its propeller fast enough to sail through Polly’s Gut.

    Except that the political friends have cash allocated to them by the old McGuinty government . . . with a federal contribution. So now they have to deliver and install a turbine on the river floor, upstream from the new causeway.

  6. David Oldham . . . . it may be possible to keep the doors to Hydro Quebec open after December 2019 . . . . call me by telephone re this

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