It’s On! Bryan McGillis to Run Against Hurricane Tammy Hart for Mayor in South Stormont 061218

Cornwall Ontario – In what promises to be the most entertaining race in the upcoming Municipal elections, former mayor of South Stormont Bryan McGillis has announced that he will be running against the current deputy mayor, Tammy Hart.

McGillis had been mayor from 2006-2014.  He won his first election at 27 and during his last term as mayor municipal  taxes fell by a whopping 5%.

This term they’ve dramatically gone up with Hart and her stooge mayoralty candidate Jim Bancroft who is not running again.

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McGillis stated that when elected he will bring back transparency to South Stormont Council citing a lack of media communications and reports from Township managers at council meetings.

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What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Can McGillis regain his former seat as Mayor in South Stormont?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Tammy Hart is a train wreck. Time to stop train wrecks.

  2. Tammy Hart is way too busy flying over my apartment building here in Ottawa South with her broom yelling at me to go out and see her. Tammy Hart sure is a train wreck and the best thing is to keep Mayor McGillis in office.

  3. Tammy has a big mouth continuously puts her foot in her mouth.We the people of south stormont need a honest and welcoming mayor again not a trainwreck that’s going nowhere fast out with the old in with new.I vote for mayor Mcgillis guaranteed we will see positive changes from him 🙂

  4. Tammy is HOT! I’d vote for her…

  5. Bryan McGillis is a much better leader for his community and I wish him all the best. Tammy you can continue scaring the hell out of me flying over my building with your broom. Seriously Brian McGillis is the much better choice and he is doing a good job for his community. I have been down in Long Sault and people are happy in their environment. Hubby and I stop and talk to the people down the

  6. That should be fun. I was talking to her. She loves you man!

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