Cornwall Ontario – Unlike Cornwall’s vote both South Stormont and South Glengarry voters sent a message that change was desired; chiefly fiscal change.   In South Stormont this is chiefly ironic as Cornwall CAO Maureen Adams and many Sunshine list decision makers in Cornwall reside in the township.   IE, they don’t support the #taxrape and corruption that is ongoing in the River City where they live.

They may love their feuds in the counties as much as Cornwall does, but they clearly do not like high taxes.

In South Stormont a return of Bryan McGillis to the Mayor’s seat and Cindy Woods to council will probably be mean a return to more transparency, more actual development, less tax mayhem, and rumbles are that their CAO may be for the chop.

In South Glengarry, after the debacle and public criticism of their CAO and By Law poobah, seeing Frank Prevost and Lyle Warden filling the two main seats all but seals those two gentlemen’s fate.

Like most politicians the first 100 days of office is the realm of making bold statements in leadership and direction.

What do you dear CFN viewer think will happen?  You can post your comments below.


  1. And Tammy Hart is gone!!!

  2. Mayor McGilllis is a good man and a good mayor. Hugger Tammy Hart is gone. Who am I going to ride the broom with on Halloween? Honestly if I lived in the Cornwall area it would not be Cornwall but the little towns outside which are the better ones. Cornwall itself is a living nightmare.

  3. Oh Dang!! Tammy Hart is so HOT!

  4. Furtz needs glasses

  5. Author

    Hugger just because Tammy has gained a lot of weight is no reason to be mean to her. Love comes in all shapes, flavours, and degrees of fascist rabism….

  6. Furtz a Somali woman insulted my daughter the other day where she works about my daughter being fat. My daughter as a cashier cannot answer back and they take a great deal of abuse from customers. My daughter is hypothyroid and there are medical reasons for some people being fat. Some people are diabetic and other ailments that they cannot control so easily.

  7. Jules, I certainly would of answered back at her. I take no shti

  8. Can we trade Flipper and a few councillors for McGillis

  9. I wasn’t being mean to Tammy Hart. If I was it would have been worse than that. I was merely pointing out that I think Furtz needs glasses. Or if he wears some now he should get his prescription checked.

  10. Hugger, My glasses work fine. I knows a hot woman when I sees one.

  11. Author

    Well aren’t you a farmer furtz?

  12. Furtz must be nipping the hard stuff and gone blind to see Tammy Hart as hot. I only see Tammy as a witch to fly the skies with on Halloween. LOL LOL. ROLF! The cops of Cornhole would surely have heart failure. That would also scare the living hell out of the clique and chase them all out for good.

  13. I’m sure Tammy and I share a fondness for cattle, and when I see a video of her chewing her cud while rocking back and forth in a swivel chair, it makes me walk funny for about a week. She’s just freakin’ gorgeous!

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