Hart Slate – Faces of Hate & Lies in South Stormont Election by Jamie Gilcig – Oct 17, 2014

hart currier pendergrast OCT 16 2014CFN – It’s been an even uglier election than the one in Cornwall, this South Stormont Election.  Sadly the biggest candidate topic seems to be an advertising contract to the South Stormont News which was the only outlet covering the All Candidates Debate at the Lion’s Club in Bonville.

There’s a delicious irony to see as many as six candidates campaigning to kill a paper and be the only media to show up.

Some are more obvious than others.  You have Deputy Mayor Hart seeking re-election spouting utter lies in a near hysterical fashion.

When asked about being in a local facebook hate group, the X files of Cornwall n Area, which is now a hidden group Ms Hart lied stating that was just put in it; but she herself has championed it and loudly.

hart x files fb

Ms Hart talks of Mr. Currier’s petition, which she signed, but clearly from the caption below you can see that over half of the signatures were from outside of the township.

tammy hart petition comment

Clearly from the image below Ms Hart was not an “innocent bystander” but was a huge advocate for the group.   She defined it as a news source for South Stormont.  How many news outlets do you know are manned by convicted criminals and run secretly?

tammy x f group 3

The group desecrated the poppy after one of their members was suspended for abuse.    Richard Currier, who showed up for the debate out of uniform wearing a casual shirt, as a long serving Sgt in our armed forces also supported this site and paid for its founders legal bills.  Does that make any sense?

dockery poppy joking MOD

Isn’t the simple truth that Ms Hart and her slate simply used this group to try and manhandle the election through fear and hate?   That slate includes people like Donna Primeau who had the petition in her store in the Long Sault shopping strip.

tammy marketing   fb march 14

And then we have former Mayor Jim Bancroft who Ms Hart actually erected a bill board to campaign against now supporting the former mayor who was at the heart of poisoned water after a salt shed resulted in illness and communal wells and bottled water for township residents.

bancroft notes

Could the total reversal in support for Mr. Bancroft by Tammy Hart be solely because he publicly  stated at an event that if elected he’d kill the ad deal for The South Stormont News?

Ms Hart talks about Quebec companies as though they are a dirty word yet here she is in this video complaining about a local company offering the same product for 20% less to the township, and most of the delivery is via Canada Post which is very expensive.  SSN has not broken even on a single issue in print chiefly because of the campaign of lies and intimidation that she has led with her supporters.  One client bought an online ad for one year and had it pulled after one week complaining of being harassed.  His real estate sign appeared in front of Donna Primeau’s store shortly thereafter.

Is this how to grow a community and attract growth?


petition comment rick currier

Ms Hart received all communications.  South Stormont News is not a part of CFN. It’s a separate corporation based in Ingleside.   The only communication in any form was to replace the current Quebec based supplier of the bulletin in print; the Seaway News (TC MEDIA) with the same size ad in SSN for 20% less.   Ms Hart did not correct Mr. Currier. In addition it was reported by people who complained about the petition being forced on them including at kids soccer games that they were told that taxes would go up 10% because of the contract.  I probably would’ve signed the petition too if I believed that porkie.

Tammy talks about honesty and accountability but she’s lied to the tax payers.   How can you talk about saving money when your own farm gouges for water rights?  How can you talk about being accountable when after a decision of council is made you release false statements to media as Ms Hart was sanctioned from by the integrity commissioner?

And ultimately how can you talk about accountability when Ms Hart’s actions cost the community over $30,000 with the integrity commissioner alone?  Why didn’t she reimburse tax payers if she really cares about the bottom line.

As for answering questions clearly she is not able to answer questions from the media unless she likes the question.  That is not being accountable.

Her motley slate of Jim Bancroft, Richard Currier, and Donna Primeau have supported her position which clearly is to attack a small local business based in Ingleside for reporting the truth.    So the jobs so far that it has brought to the community and the future jobs that would come with growth are on this groups hands.

Isn’t that something?   Isn’t that something to be proud of?

The truth is out there.    All people have to do is to look.  What do you think South Stormont voters?  Will you be voting for Ms Hart or any of her slate?  You can post your comments below.

Some other choice Currier & Hart postings:

sept 26 FACEBOOK boycott group pinned hart & currier

Classy advertising of their event in a boycott group.

aug 10 FACEBOOK currier bbq Tammy Hart Dockery good looking couple

Deputy Mayor Hart and Convicted Criminal Kevin Dockery & Hate Group Administrator at Paper Burning Party at Currier home.

aug 10 FACEBOOK currier bbq 10 fire paper SSN

aug 10 FACEBOOK currier bbq MISFITS HART

july 12 FACEBOOK dockery currier paper burning party 1

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  2. I hope the people of South Stormont now realize that Mrs. Tammy Hart is nothing but a blatant liar. I attended the all candidates meeting last night at the Cornwall Township Lions Club and Tammy Hart said someone put her name on this hate group and she does not go on it. Another lie. She often uses the word transparency. What a joke. IF she was transparent she would tell everyone how she is trying to rape the taxpayer to fill her pockets for the land she owns beside the dump. I also heard that they would not loose any harvest at all. What a hypocrite. How can all the rest of council be wrong and this women right. How could the mayor secretly be talking about the pellet plant when you know about it? Another lie. All Tammy cares about is trying to shut down a news paper while the rest of council is working hard to run the Township, and doing a great job I have to say. I sat beside this hate group that Tammy is associated with and I never saw such a bunch of disrespectful,disruptive individuals in my life. I am ashamed of myself for supporting her in the last election. She will never get my vote again and if the people vote this moron to represent our municipality…. I am moving away. She has disgraced our beautiful township long enough. Time for a NEW Deputy Mayor.

  3. Moderated because Mr. Luciani is a rude ignorant person who should know better. And because if you’re boycotting a company you should do so instead of trying to post a comment.

  4. {MODERATED} If you are in a boycott group please adhere to your boycott. Nobody forces anyone into a boycott group? I mean, if I’m boycotting Kelsey’s because of Kevin Hargreaves I don’t go and eat there.

    You lose access and privilege when you make that choice.

    Thank you

  5. Please people , do not vote for Tammy Hart. She is out to destroy our Township along with Rick Currier, Their presence at the debate on Oct 16th showed an aggressive women whose hatred will stop at nothing. Speaking of the code of conduct that she has sworn to uphold is garbage to her, First , she is not a team player, can,t be trusted at all She can not accepted the truth, so lies to the people of South Stormont. Always in trouble, She should pay for the Integerity Commissioner as she brought it on herself.She would last about one day if she worked any place else. She is not above the Law!

  6. Deputy Mayor, Mrs.Hart: Stop wasting the tax payers money for all these integrity commissions concerning your unethical and unprofessional behavior. $30,000 dollars wasted – Wow! I think you should be held accountable to pay back every cent!

    Pro 19:1 “Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool”.

  7. Holy smoke. Pastor Tom and I agree.

    But it isn’t necessary to quote scripture in all of your posts.

  8. Author

    Hugger Pastor Tom doesn’t, but he does have the right to.

  9. When does the B.S End ?
    Why are the taxpayers on the hook for Mrs.Harts bad behaviour in council to the tune of $30,000 ?
    Wether or not constituents like South Stormont News, she and her social degenerates have have made comments on the $ 10,000 wast of money on SSN.
    Yet never to question $ 30,000 on Integrity commissioner ?
    I guess that doesn’t matter to we the voters!

    Tammy Hart you have proven after deliberately lying to us the tax payers that YOUR ADJENDA matters more then THE VOTERS.

    I attended the Lions event and was witness to Tammy’ s group of social degenerates berate people . I was surprised and dicusted by the language and behavior I heard …do you not respect us Elders ?

    One last question who was the unkept man who reeked of booze and staggering about within that group ?

  10. Just to add to Mr. Newton’s comment, there are several passages in his bible that say that women should stay in the home and serve and obey their husbands. It is an abomination for a woman to engage in work outside of the marital abode.
    I’m sure Mr. Newton will elaborate.

  11. Ben…the BS never ends. That’s part of the problem.

  12. Yes Mr.Hugger you may be right.

    As I reread this article I felt a very eerie feeling upon looking at the bonfire picture.

    The old saying of a ” picture is worth a thousand words” comes to mind:

    Has deliverance arrived to South Stormont and did I see dueling banjo’s in the picture ?

    Squeal piggy squeal should be the screen cap.

  13. Mr. Hugger? That’s my father, not me. I’m Hugger1.

    Like Jamie said the election in South Stormont is ugly. I guess there is a place with stranger happenings than Cornwall.

  14. It appears that this race is shaping up as a clique of individuals motivated by hate. I guess it must be a Conservative thing. We’ve seen it before with Republicans in the US and our dearly beloved Federal Leader. Anyone can ATTACK, offering solutions based on facts and figures is another thing altogether.
    As for Mrs. Hart’s association with that Dockery from the Cornwall X-Files, well, I rest my case. That speaks volumes with regards to her integrity, or lack thereof. As for Currier’s fudging of numbers to further his own agenda, I’d hate to see what he would do if elected.

  15. I think tammy is trying her hardest i had the oleasure of knowing her personally for over a year and all she ever cared about is the community, if she lied then thats her mistake but noone on here can say thats she aweful becuase she lied. She is human and everyone has told a lie. And if they say they haveny then they are lying. If tammy ever did something wrong then she would feel guilty about. I am voting for tammy becuase she is trying her best for the community.

  16. Lefebvre….perhaps if it was just one lie. But with Tammy Hart it’s the continual use of lies to get people to think she’s the one in the right. The Integrity Commissioner was called in twice to deal with Ms. Hart’s view of events. And she has no problem bilking the taxpayers to use the well on her land.

  17. Author

    Hugger some people simply either won’t accept the facts or purposely ignore them.

  18. Admin. You mean like blinded by the truth? I am going to kill myself laughing, this whole reality thing playing out is way too much drama!

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