Facebook Group Illegally Using Township Logo for Ugly South Stormont Election

sept 26 FACEBOOK south stormont candidates group CURRIER  likes HARTCFN – A facebook group administered by a gentleman that has one group taken down for hate symbols and been suspended for copyright infringements, defacement of the poppy,  as well as being a convicted criminal has now been caught using the Township’s logo illegally to make the page look as though it has the township’s seal of approval.

Township clerk Loriann Harbers confirmed that South Stormont will be taking “appropriate action” to remedy the use of the township’s logo.

Ironically the Deputy Mayor of South Stormont herself, Tammy Hart is a member of the group and participates in it as well as candidates Richard Currier and Mike Proulx.

Councilor Richard Waldroff appeared to rebut some of the alleged mistruths being spouted by Mr. Currier and his supporters.

I would like to clarify an item I found in circulated material recently

BIO Pellet
This project was approved prior to 2010; the purchase was accompanied by a $76,000 deposit. The company was not able to acquire the funding needed to complete the build. After a lengthy time period the township foreclosed on the outstanding mortgages and reclaimed the property. As a result of this action an expense of $22,783.59 was incurred for legal and taxes leaving the township with $53,216 from the deposited monies, this was transferred to South Stormont Township Municipal Land Development account for future endeavours. The losses incurred by the Township on this transaction was the time, and energy of the Council and Staff who were attempting to bring something good to the township. During this time I know of no other inquires to purchase the property in question.
(Source December 11, 2013 Finance report F-20-2013 to council)

This morning Mr. Currier made several defamatory comments about our coverage of council meetings.

..to the Deputy Mayor and tried his intimidation techniques, by putting it in her face. Deputy Mayor Hart, loudly stated “get lost, get lost, get lost”. He smirked and went back to his corner. The Mayor and council witnessed this, and did nothing. This has happened on numerous occasions, in South Stormont. Mayor McGillis, Councilliors Woods, Waldrof and Brownlee, continue to allow this intimidation.

Mr. Currier perhaps isn’t aware that it’s common for media to question elected officials before and after an event.    In this case I was asking the Deputy Mayor about the grave allegations that she had removed a stack of The South Stormont News from a restaurant complaining that it was bashing her.  The papers included four election ads and is under investigation by the OPP.

It should be noted that Mr. Currier was to my back so it would bewildering to imagine how he could possibly see my face which was not smirking or otherwise.    Also as was noted in the group, surely if Mr. Currier feared for Ms Hart’s safety he would not have simply sat in his chair?  In the video Ms Hart appears to be turning her gaze to him.   There was a desk between the two of us and a good six feet of space.  The other elected officials and staff may not have said anything because nothing improper was done.  I walked up to councilor Brownlee and did an interview with him before the same meeting started as well.

Mr. Currier’s platform and advertising is pinned to the top of the Boycott South Stormont News facebook page as well.

In politics not every question an official gets is one they like.  Politicians are held to standards and the public does have a right to answers.  That is the job of media; to try and get those answers.

In this case the newspapers in question were in a restaurant that the All Candidates debate is to take place on Tuesday October 7 at 7 PM and the Deputy Mayor, who has stated publicly and repeatedly that she wants to “get rid of that paper” would not be interested in taking a stack of papers to read?

The group is mostly populated by members of the group that had been taken down for Hate symbols as well as another group that has now gone underground; the Cornwall n area X Files, which also was hit for trademark infringement and for defacing the poppy which Mr. Currier, who is retired military supported as did honorary Lt Col of the Glens and former Liberal MPP Jim Brownell who was a member of the group, and when asked about the incident stated that he wasn’t “his brother’s keeper”.

dockery poppy joking MOD

The defacement of the poppy was called:

It is a first. I have never seen such a blatant defacement of our sacred symbol and believe that if other Canadians could see it, they’d be as outraged as I am,” says Bill Maxwell, who is secretary of the Legion’s Poppy and Remembrance Committee.

They say politics make strange bedfellows.  The hatred being exhibited by this motley crew have Deputy Mayor Hart, who erected a bill board in the 2006 election against then Mayor Jim Bancroft, now endorsing him, and the twinning of Hart, a hard core Conservative with long time Liberal Brownell.

The election is on October 27, 2014.

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  1. This is one very angry looking lady and to think that represents South Stormont. Come on South Stormont, you deserve so much better. I have read quite a bit on the political side in this community and it scares me to think people vote that type of attitude and hate to represent them. Cornwall has the exact same issues with Kilger and his hate group also. It’s funny, people cry for change but the same always happen so let’s hope peoples attitude towards this type of representation changes this election and I say that for any community who has put up with this type of hatefulness, abuse, scandal and corruption .

  2. Do I have my history correct??
    Isn’t this the same lady who went on CFN video when she was yelling and screaming about a bilingual sign on the LS Parkway that was used by more people from Quebec
    than locals at one point in time.
    One other small point-if any member of my family-was on the hate filled X_FLIES site(where the same small group of clowns cheer each others disgusting posts) they would be sent to their rooms.

  3. Melman this Group call it x-files/Boycott South Stormont news /Boycott Cornwall Free News and South Stormont Meet the candidates all one in the same .Misery really likes company there ; Same people same trash talking. These people do not realize how much they are considered a joke in the communities.
    Its a MOB mentality! Get the torches and pitchforks ready and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them.
    Misery has good company in these groups.

  4. There needs to be a change in the political landscape in South Stormont and Cornwall. Some people think they have an undeserved right of entitlement.


    Comment policy reminder

    CFN suggests you post comments using your real name. If you wish to post with a pseudonym you can register that user id by emailing info@cornwallfreenews.com with your name, address, phone number and user id you wish to register.

  6. You are absolutely right Hugger. This is a real shame and it is a joke across the country. Hurricane Hart and her group of X-Files haters and it would be a shock to see them any other way. Bare Ass has to go to the dump heap along with his gang of misfits. Only a few around that horseshoe are worth keeping but the rest have to go. If this election comes out with Bare Ass on top again I will scream and the same thing with the misfits that are in council now. The same thing with Hurricane Hart, Richard Currier and the other haters. Such a mighty corrupt system.

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