Election Gets Uglier as South Stormont Chamber of Commerce Hijacked by Candidates

tammy hart april 2014CFN– The election in South Stormont took an ugly turn as the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce has donna primeaubeen officially hijacked.    The chamber, having been resuscitated from death in the last year, took a downward turn after sitting President Donna Primeau chose to not have the scheduled AGM.

According to Chamber bylaws at the end of the year an AGM is held where an entire new board is elected.

Ms Primeau, who is running for council herself, not only has refused to do that; but edged out two board members illegally and has refused to issue minutes and other pertinent details.

LINK TO September 12 story.

Ms Primeau herself also may not qualify to be a member much longer as she may have sold her business and has already taken employment.

Oddly enough an election event was announced Friday night as being sponsored by the chamber; but questions have to be answered as the Chamber may not have the right to spend monies or take any actions until an official AGM has taken place.   Likewise privileged information has been shared by Ms Primeau and other candidates before all of the candidates were notified.

Hi all,
I am told from Donna Primo (President of the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce) there will be an all candidates night held by their Chamber. 
A date has not been determined. 
I will only attend The South Stormont Chamber of Commerce all candidate night.
Tammy Smile
That email was from 11 days ago on September 16th.  How did the Deputy Mayor have knowledge of an event that Chamber members weren’t even aware of including some on the board of directors of the chamber as CFN has learned?
The normal procedure; if the board was in good standing, would be for a meeting to be held by the executive with any members that are candidates recusing themselves.   This clearly has not occurred.  Likewise some candidates clearly knew of what was happening, while many clearly had no information.
And those lines are also very clear as they fall into the war that the Deputy Mayor is waging against incumbent mayor Bryan McGillis.
To date only one All Candidates Debate has been called in the township on Tuesday October 7th at 7 PM at The Marina Restaurant in Long Sault hosted by The South Stormont News and recorded on video for the public to view afterwards.
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SS Debate


  1. More of the “do as I say, not as I do” attitude from Tammy Hart and her co – conspirators. Time for them to disappear from the political landscape in South Stormont.

  2. I think it’s terrible that an election can lead to,allegedly, good citizens acting like schoolyard children and bullies .No wonder so many,honest,tax paying citizens are turned off by elections and do not exercise their right to vote. The problem is not restricted to South Stormont but is rife throughout our democracy . No wonder that, for many in my opinion, politicians are looked down upon because of their,”get elected at all cost” attitudes.Promise the moon and deliver nothing, milk the system for all they can get.I find that many merely seek an “honorable” form of public assistance or a way to appease their own vanity .SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on the lot of you !If it’s glamour you want go to Hollywood !To those very few that are only trying to help your community, I do thank you.Let the “GAMES” go on!

  3. Ray

    Though I agree mostly with your response I wouldn’t lump “good citizens” with the likes of these social degenerates in the Boycott groups aka x-file/ Boycott South Stormont News /Boycott Cornwall Free news/South Stormont meet the candidates.
    There is a difference between not liking an entity then deliberately attacking it and those that do not agree to their viewpoints.
    The latter is a mob mentality and it appears in these groups each feeds of the other in hate fuelled propaganda.

    If I were a politician I would stay clear of these social degenerates ,but it appears this is a core group of supporters for a few politico’s.

  4. Sad thing is someone becomes the head of an organization and they think they can do what they want when they want. Wait, that sounds like the City of Cornwall too.

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