Proust Questionnaire For Cornwall Ontario Council Candidates – Jamie Gilcig

Proust Questionnaire For Cornwall Ontario Council Candidates – Jamie Gilcig

jg 1965CFN-   We are asking all candidates to fill out our mini survey so the public can get to know them better.  We are posting them as they arrive in chronological order.

Up next is Jamie Gilcig who is running for mayor of Cornwall.

1) Who are you?  I’ve lived in Cornwall since 2004.   I love to write.  I turned a footnote in a book to what became the 2003 Oscar Nominated  Best Feature Documentary Prisoner of Paradise.   I’ve also worked in Hockey finishing my career with the Habs as their first video statographer, and am the founder of The Cornwall Free News which has become the most viewed newspaper in Cornwall which I consider the greatest achievement of my career to date.

I’ve never been afraid to put actions to my vision no matter how loopy some people said I was.

I’m divorced and have two dogs and two cats, three of whom are seniors!  I’ve lived and worked in some of the biggest cities in the world and choose Cornwall for my home.

2)  Why are you running for office?

Cornwall lacks vision.  I’ve seen that since I started CFN.  It lacks leadership and has to break the Mill Town mold of fear and bullying.  I am at the point, having turned the big 5-0 this year,  that if I am to retire in this city things have to become better, especially for transplants like myself.

3) What are the three best things about our community?

You can get just about anywhere in ten minutes !  Very few cities can say that.   Location.  We can live at a slower pace, but within two hours be in some amazing locations.   The Future.   The opportunities for Cornwall are beyond expectation if we simply open the doors of our community to them.

4) What are your three priorities to improve Cornwall?

Rebuild our Civic Culture.  That includes dealing with the Kilger scandal. No more cover ups.  We need to clean the wound of all infection.

Develop a strategy to attract the building blocks to a much better city  which includes getting a hold of our rampant tax increases, monetizing our  Arts & Culture assets, Small BUSINESS, and developing our Waterfront in a fashion that has the best impact. We have one shot at our waterfront.  The Kilger Chem Tanks are a huge step back.  We have to stop selling Cornwall at a discount.

5) Who was your hero as a child?

My paternal grand-mother Nathalie Ghilcig who was there for me when it felt like everyone in the world wasn’t.  She gave me the strength of character I have today and a love of the arts.   She raised a family through some lean years and still gave to her community becoming one of the first executives of the Canadian Federation of the Blind.  She was a strong rock of a woman who helped so many freely.

6) If you could brand the Cornwall of the future in one word what would that word be?


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