Agape Food Bank & Thrift Store Director’s Hubby Opens Collectable Store in Cornwall Ontario

Agape Food Bank & Thrift Store Director’s Hubby Opens Collectable Store in Cornwall Ontario

earle posterCORNWALL Ontario – SD&G failed Liberal candidate John Earle has opened a shop as his wifey, Alyssa Blaisagape 2013 rev comp makes her first run for City Council.

Ms Blais is the director of the Agape Centre.  The biggest earner of revenue for Agape is it’s thrift shop.  It’s also their largest expense for staff other than management according to the Agape Centre.

This week the Agape had a presentation at Council where it decried the foul conditions and complained about mother’s changing their children on dirty cracked floor tiles and actually suggested conditions were sub code.

Councilor Denis Thibault suggested that they complain to the Church whom they had purchased their buildingAlyssa BLACK from rather than come to council for money  and again Councilor Elaine MacDonald did not recuse herself; but actually stated she is on its board and then thumped away on behalf of the charity in open council.

Mr. Earle has started a ……collectibles store a few blocks away in the former Love Love Foods shop behind Shorteez Hair salon which is of course the home to fellow Council candidate Rony Macarone (not real name).

LLF moved into the former Dish Real Food location which was owned by fellow political parasite Keitha Fisher.

The question asked of both Mr. Earle and Ms Blais was if any of the merchandise for sale in Mr. Earle’s new store was purchased from the Agape?   Neither has responded to that question.

The bigger question is why on Earth optically would you open a store of that nature during the last month of an election campaign?  I’m sure Mr. Earle’s pals Bob Peters, Sue Stewart, Gilles Latour,  and Graham Greer might even be shaking their heads at this one…

Oddly enough one of the cities new business releases did not occur for the new biz.

Under Ms Blais direction Agape has increased salary while decreasing services such as it’s snow suit fund. It has planted a nifty orchard though.

Voting takes place on October 27th in Cornwall.  Ms Blais is one of 28 candidates for 10 seats on council.  (one dropped out already)

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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