CORNWALL Ontario – Media reports that a body confirmed dead after a scuba incident is that of former Provincial Liberal candidate John J. Earle. The incident occurred just opposite Guindon Park.  Earle had tweeted earlier in the day on the fire that struck nearby his home. Earle was married toContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – SD&G failed Liberal candidate John Earle has opened a shop as his wifey, Alyssa Blais makes her first run for City Council. Ms Blais is the director of the Agape Centre.  The biggest earner of revenue for Agape is it’s thrift shop.  It’s also their largest expenseContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – I was prepared for just about anything tonight.  It’s been a crazy Ontario election here in SD&G.  Public interest has been at a minimum.  This election’s Chamber of Commerce debate had about 100 less than last elections and most of the crowd was very very partisan withContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  Shock, gasp!  Andrea Horwath, NDP provincial leader will not support the Liberal budget of Kathleen Wynne! Ok, that was tongue in cheek.  It comes down to the formality of whether the preme pulls the trigger herself or allows debate on the budget before it falls at theContinue Reading

CFN – Spring election drums are beating much louder after the Easter break as the buzz is that NDP Leader Andrea Horwath will not support Liberal minority PM Kathleen Wynne’s budget. With potential scandal brewing again over erased hard disk drives and the clear challenge of facing the Hudak ledContinue Reading