Of Pig Mist & Funerals in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig JULY 24, 2015 #CWLPOLI

CORNWALL Ontario – A mist of burning pig fat and beer farts wafted across Water Street as I returned across our new mighty bridge from the US of A.

Ribfest was humming.   There were a lot of cars, but I didn’t see a lot of people?  It was bewildering.

Was it a longing for Lift Off?   While there were few balloons hovering over Cornwall the last few years of the Festival there was hope of occasionally seeing one lofting over one’s yard if you actually live in Cornwall which so very few decision makers in the community do.

Ribfest was born out of corruption, ignorance, greed, and …..um….I’m sure there are a few more things.

While the scandal whose name isn’t supposed to be mentioned (Chris Savard’s divorce) that unexplainably changed the course of Cornwall’s only real tourism event and signature symbol ( a balloon of hot air that leaks out unless you crank up the fire!) created a possibility for Ribfest to not only gain traction, but chase the festival to its demise.

Ribfest itself was born of weirdness including at least one lawsuit (which they lost) and a break up of the Phil Shorey and Terry Muir team.   Alleged threats to vendors that if they went to Lift Off they couldn’t be at Ribfest and a city Economic Department and Recreation Department that simply didn’t appear to care what happened didn’t help.

That the restaurant trade takes a beating during Ribfest, and that there are no local “ribbers” seems to be lost on people like Bob Peters.

“Volunteer” boards that locked out help and dwindled until their only solution to combat Ribfest was a free concert day were the death knell of our event.   As bad as the Corus centric bands were they were better than cover bands and some of the same old same old local offerings.

It’s a twerked shadenfreude that is John Earle’esque  in vision and execution.    It’s sad and there are lessons to be learned that sadly those that need to learn them most are far to busy gorging on sugar coated pig to learn.

Speaking of Mr. Earle, our sincere condolences to his family.    I was taught by my parents and grand parents to never speak ill of the dead, at least until the corpse is really stiff.

This next section isn’t about Mr. Earle or his achievements or lack thereof, but of the circus that entwined his tragic passing.

CFN as we are usually do, had the jump on the story, but because of the sensitive nature of the story and the weird and whacked out politics of Cornwall decided to lay down.    The Freeholder, showing true journalistic professionalism covered the story at first without divulging Mr. Earle’s name (or they didn’t know….)

The Bill and Todd show is something that not only showed the most horrific of journalistic standards, but created a side show circus that is below some of the insults that emanate from the Facebook hate group that Mr. Lihou belongs to, and that says a lot.

That Mr. Earle’s campaign photo has been on the TC media owned newspapers Facebook banner for nearly a week is bizarre enough (actually angering some local conservatives to comment) but the blow by blow alleged description of what happened by Mr. Kingston, allegedly before family members had been notified, was truly mortifying.

As is shared many times, practicing journalism can be a tricky thing in a small community, especially in a small city that thinks it’s a small town.

There are always certain sensitivities that need to be considered.   For example CFN will name names and play hardball when slimy people are outed for their misdeeds.    We don’t ever go after innocent people.  Ever.

This week was almost like that creepy story in the US where a sleazeball was arrested for not assisting an accident victim but actually entering the crash vehicle to snap video!

If I were speaking Billeze I’d call him a blogger, but Mr. Kingston clearly doesn’t get the difference between an online newspaper or a blog, or that blogs in 2015 have taken on rolls that news media are supposed to do; like tell the truth and expose stories without kissing political butt or other weirdness.  There is no dishonour in blogging whether it be about muffins, politics, or whatever strange kinks that get Bill through the night.   I’m not sure what Mr. Kingston is or calls himself, but in my opinion journalist or even blogger wouldn’t be the most fitting title?

No, the celebration of Ribfest in the shadow of our dear departed Lift Off  is not Kosher.  It’s not Halal either.

The circus came to town, but it looks like the clowns were already here.

That hundreds, if not thousands of people will have a good time at Ribfest year is nice, but then there are thousands in Haiti that think eating Dirt Pies are nice too.

Karmically rain is predicted for most of Saturday and in particular Saturday night.   A good evening to bring flippers and a snorkel if you want some ribs….

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  2. Well I will be going to the Ribfest not listen to music that much but to get some ribs and hand out some hand wipes thats in a seal package because they are to cheap to supply them that last year I supplied some to some families who had kids knowing they would have sticky fingers.


    Comment policy reminder
    CFN has a new comment policy. You must use your real first and last name. As well if your email bounces we will terminate your posting privileges.
    We value all input from our amazing CFN viewers and are always trying to improve the viewer experience which includes making this a safe, informative, and entertaining platform.
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  3. The death knell for Lift-Off IMHO was the loss of the Kinsmen sponsorship. And not paying some bills didn’t help. People / organizations / companies, etc. are only willing to help if you pay what you owe.

    I still say Ribfest and Lift-Off should combine their events into one. But I can see their opinions/ options….Ribfest wants to remain “no admission charge” and Lift-Off charges admission so they can bring in so-called “quality entertainment.”

    “corruption, ignorance, greed, and …..um” perhaps in some people’s eyes. But look at the good that service clubs do the world over. They need events like Ribfest and Lift-Off to raise funds. No one has perfected a money tree yet.

    In regard to “threats” to vendors that appear at Lift-Off won’t be allowed at Ribfest. Well, this is common. Most concert venues, casinos, events, etc. have a clause in their contracts that states you cannot reappear in a certain geographical area for “x” number of days after you’ve appeared at their event. The “X” factor is usually 90 days.

    Restaurants taking a beating during Ribfest? Its three days. How much can this really affect a restaurants bottom line?

    As for the free concert day was the death knell for Lift-Off….well, Ribfest came along and Lift-Off failed to adapt. Instead of working together Lift-Off chose to do its own thing and that’s why there are where they are today.

    Economic Department and Recreation Department have really nothing to do with Ribfest and / or Lift-Off besides providing “in-kind” services. Ribfest and Lift-Off rent Lamoureaux Park. If either event wants help from the departments they can ask. But then the events become city events and we all know what happens when any government gets involved in any event…..a money pit.

  4. Hugger1…”no one has perfected a money tree yet” but Liberal premier Wynne is certainly within spitting distance and she may be mere inches away. Have you checked your wallet recently? Do you remember good ole Ross Perot (1992 US presidential candidate) and his famous “loud sucking noise”.

  5. Hugger1 with regards as to the impact on local restaurants….best ask any of the struggling restaurants on Brookdale Avenue to start. The continuous onslaught of coupons from various eateries suggests that competition for dollars is already extremely stiff. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and consider how losing out on most of a weeks worth of revenue (primarily derived from Thursday, Friday and Saturday for more than a few) would be of concern. Nice to have local events however Ribfest is common to many communities now and attracting people from far and wide to spin off business in town is not the reality that Balloon Fest once was. We need something fun and exciting like the Boom Box Parade (small US town came up with that one) and then do add ons to create something new and relevant for the times. Something for all ages.

  6. There is something very very important that I have to say here and please sit down and read carefully and I want all of you to search for the book that proves my point. Our Illustrious Pierre Elliott Trudeau either was an invited guest of the Bilderberg Group or a member of that group and where you can find that information is in the book called The Bilderberg Group and the author is very famous who was a Russian emigré to Canada and then immigrated to Spain. I forget his name just now but he has a lot to do with the European Parliament. He spoke enough about the problem with Québec wanting to separate and those behind the separation and if you want to know about the Bilderbergs they are some of the highest secret societies in the world and they run the planet. It was Queen Beatrix of Holland’s husband who founded the group and named it after the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland. I am well intuned in what is going on and no Canadian PM is treally on the up and up. Harpoon Harpo has plenty on his plate as well and Lying Brian Mulroney sold us out as well. Look for that book and I have read it from the libraries here in Ottawa. If you don’t know what is going on in the world around you then you are ignorant. The PM’s and Presidents are only puppets for the powers that be.

  7. David Oldham….McGuinty Jr (Wynne) has not invented a money tree. She has continued the Fiberals history of trying to bankrupt the province. I fear she may succeed at some point.

    Struggling restaurants??? I don’t agree. Drive by their parking lots or look inside on a Saturday night or late Sunday afternoon. The restaurants are full. Lift-Off may be missed, but that money is being spent elsewhere. Some of it here, some elsewhere.

    As for Jules’ comments……Jules, Jules, Jules wakey wakey!!

  8. Well i think rib fest is great for Cornwall.Nice seeing so many familys enjoying the big party.
    Gives many familys a chance to get out together because its free for all.
    My only complant was the ribs and chicken i purhaced for my self and my daughter.It was a real let down I,ll give it a 2 out of 10.The 2 is because the price was fair.

  9. {MODERATED} Sorry Ryan. You chose to be active in the boycott/hate group. Live down to it now.

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