Three CPS Officers Await After I ask Question at Chamber All Candidates Debate in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig

sec guard CHAMBER DEBATE INCIDENT microphone PHOTO CHRIS CAMERONCORNWALL Ontario – I was prepared for just about anything tonight.  It’s been a crazy Ontario election here in SD&G.  Public interest has been at a minimum.  This election’s Chamber of Commerce debate had about 100 less than last elections and most of the crowd was very very partisan with the NDP grabbing the centre seats and oddly enough, most of the PC crowd sitting on the left.

It was also interesting as to who was not at the debates.  No Bob Kilger, no Bernadette Clement or David Murphy.  No Denis Thibault or Guy Lauzon.  Former Lib candidate and current council candidate Mark A MacDonald also wasn’t seen.    A lot of the usual cliqusters must be Habs fans and decided to watch the game instead of attending the debate.

In an earlier story (LINK) I addressed the issue of the Chamber either causing interference or blocking me from the event.   After talking with some people I decided to grab my amazing JVC camera and hit the debate.

I did not sit at the media table.  In what seems of a CRTC violation the Chamber seems to make the event a Cogeco event instead of allowing private media the opportunity to shoot and they were given preferential space.

I do wear multiple hats.  I am media.  I also am a resident and taxpayer.  I also am running for Mayor of the largest city in this riding.   And I also am a political activist on many important issues.  In this situation I was asking a question of the PC party’s Municipal Affairs critic about the Cornwall General Hospital and why he wasn’t more active in trying to save the facility and the many scandals plaguing Cornwall city council.

I was not approached by any chamber staff and quietly covered the event.   It went smoothly until I decided to ask a question and enter the line.   I have asked questions in all previous debates I’ve attended.  I’m not just media; although Chamber Prez Kevin Hargreaves said I was not reputable media and a blogger, but sure enough some poor city staffer accosted me and tried to pull me from the line.

sec guard 2 cps CHAMBER DEBATE INCIDENT photo chris cameronMore disturbing were THREE Cornwall Police Service Officers waiting with him on the side for moi. (the third officer was not in the photo above)   This coming a day after another CPS officer called and stated that if I didn’t remove a video from CFN that he’d open an investigation against me which some people might interpret, as I did, that I was being threatened.   This is now the second time that the CPS have demanded that I take down content from CFN or else…   I’m still waiting for my charges to be dropped regarding the allegations that I made threatening phone calls.

My phone records show I didn’t make the calls, but the crown is demanding what are called “production orders”.   Our police service charged me without viewing my phone or phone records.  Those charges were used to smear me in multiple media outlets which most likely not give the same ink when I’m finally cleared.

After finishing my question which was answered quite well by MPP Jim McDonell, I went after the police as I wanted the person who accosted me charged, but they turned their backs and vacated the room refusing to speak or comment.

Frankly I find things are not only getting silly, but I think it’s horrible that the many fine officers of the CPS may get tarred with the actions of a few, but I also think it’s time to end the late night calls and police cars at my door.   It’s really feeling like I’m being harassed which is difficult because part of my job is interacting with the police.

The one redeeming part of what happened tonight was that several of the public spoke up, and I think things might have been worse if they hadn’t.  In particular I appreciate the words of council candidate Rolly Besner.   Very few of Cornwall’s municipal candidates were present.

The debate itself  had a bit of friskiness as we’ll cover in our subsequent story.   MPP McDonell, who I labelled “Mayor McFuddle” in the last election, clearly has improved his speaking skills and handily batted down the limp attacks of his adversaries.

Elaine MacDonald spun the usual NDP tripe about raising taxes, and raising the minimum wage as a solution to the ills of the current government which seems to be doing that already?    While Mr. McDonell’s argument had very little substance they certainly were well timed.   Liberal candidate John Earle was shouted over by everyone including Libertarian candidate, farmer Shawn McRae, who scored a lot of points during the night.

So SD&G residents; why didn’t you attend the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce All Candidates Debate?  Was it the hockey game or are you like many turned off by this election; our local candidates, and the party leaders?   You can comment below.

Thanks to Christopher Cameron for the two photos in this story.

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  1. Nothing surprise me anymore.

    Why didn’t I go? I watched some of it on the TV and was hoping for the Habs to take game 6.

  2. It is so sad that CPS are still being used at will by mayor for his personal bullying & harassment, same was done to hero Perry Dunlop. Many CPS left for other forces such as OPP with their integrity intact 25 approx,that,s why we see such young pups today.Kudous to you Jaime for all you do that will eventually bring Cornwall back on its feet to prosper once more!

  3. I was also very impressed with MPP Jim McDonell,s answer to your question about hospital beds,my own Aunt was sent out of town to a home for the aged,she was dead in less than 2 weeks.We need to take better care of our elderly & do what is best for them not our wallets

  4. It was everyone’s democratic right to be at these debates. The show up was embarrassing for the city. Just as the calls I have been making, many saying they are not voting! Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote Some people I have spoken to don’t even know an election is going on. SAD SAD SAD CORNWALL!

  5. I firstly like to say why did they not approach myself and the others in the audience that were recording as well? I would have taken the picture of anyone that would be addressed by police for recording a public event.

    What’s interesting about all of this is that there were a couple of people circulating around the audience and in particular one who seemed somewhat frantic (in Picture).
    That being said the police were out in the hallway shortly after the 7pm start well before Jamie stood up to the Mic.

    My question is if the chamber of commerce did not invite Jamie as they don’t consider him media ,then why attempt to stop a private citizen for asking a question? Jamie identified himself as Jamie Gilcig private citizen!

    But…then Jamie gets chastised by that rep( See picture)that media have certain conditions and are only permitted to sit in the media area and not ask questions !

    Its very confusing isn’t it ?I guess it when its suits certain individuals as to whether he is or not depending on the scenario ?

    Why is the goal post being constantly being moved and those conditions therein?

  6. Author

    Chris I just had a phone call with someone alleging that two chamber reps spoke with the little guy that asked me to step out of line prior to him heading over to me. Essentially I was told that one was upset when I got into line; spoke with the other and the two pulled the complex worker into the hall just outside of the door where a conversation ensued that led to him coming over to me in the line.

  7. From watching the debate on the TV I was most impressed with the Ontario Libertarian Party candidate Shawn McRae.

  8. How can the Chamber of Commerce have it both ways? First, they say you’re not credible media. But then they say media is not allowed to question the candidates. So, if they say media are not allowed to question the candidates aren’t they then saying you are media?

  9. Jamie,

    These scenarios of late, regarding the Cornwall Police is very reminiscent of the “Dukes of Hazard”. It would appear that local politicians & members of the clique & their “wannabees”, are using the local Police as their private security force. Jamie, you must be a tremendous security threat to this bunch, the Mayor has you tossed for not wearing “the T-shirt”, Police at the Waterfront Com. meeting & 3 (three) more of our finest at last night’s all candidate debate. Surely, the Police must be fed up with being used as pawns, in nothing more than a vendetta from this bunch ? Surely, Chief Parkinson, you could put a stop to this, useless use of Police resources ? The Chamber of Commerce, should just stick to their “meet & greets” at local pubs !

  10. LOL LOL. ROLF! Clyde Barrow and I see eye to eye on this and yes tossing out Jamie as usual. The Dukes of Hazard for sure and Cornwall is Hazard County and Bare Ass is Boss Hogg. I sure do remember a wonderful man by the name of Perry Dunlop and the way that he and his family were treated trying to get to the bottom of the horrible things that went on in Cornwall and I know all about that from where it stems from, who is behind it all all the way down and believe me it doesn’t come from little tiny Cornwall and I know the biggest elites, etc. from the very top of the pyramid of the church down. Many cops at least 26 left Cornwall’s Barney Fife PD and couldn’t take all the BS going around and I have that bookmarked and I sent it to Jamie some time ago. Bare Ass doesn’t want Jamie who is honest compared to himself to get in and I brought up about a man who lives outside of Cornwall (Hazard) who wanted to be a candidate for mayor Denis or St. Denis and it looks like Bare Ass must have gotten to him as well. I could never live in such an atmosphere ever again and the best thing that I ever did was to leave Hazard. I feel sorry for what Jamie is going through and if it wasn’t Jamie it would be someone else going through the same thing. This isn’t a democracy at all and I have words for such a thing.

  11. Let’s get a couple of things straight. Jamie was not tossed out of the meeting. The continued trashing of Cornwall by current and former residents has to stop. Yes, officers have left the CPS to move on to other police services. The CPS is not the first and will not be the last to lose officers so they can move on to bigger and better things. As for candidates for political office they come and go. If someone was truly interested in office whatever the current mayor would try to dissuade them would not stop someone.

  12. Bernadette Clements was at the debate. I sat beside her and Dianne Poirier.
    Nice ladies.

  13. Hugger you sure are very naïve about Cornwall aka Hazard. LOL LOL. ROLF! If Jamie wasn’t tossed out of that meeting he might as well have the way they carry on down there. It is very true that 26 cops of the Barney Fife PD couldn’t take the BS going on down there. Everyone is related to someone who has a good job and I guarantee you that otherwise they would never have seen the light of it all. That is the article where I pointed out to Jamie that the mayor’s brother in law Sgt. Snyder and has a very very very expensive home on Monaco Crescent in Cornwall aka Hazard.

  14. Read the article again. Jamie was NOT tossed out of the meeting

    I am far from naive about Cornwall. I prefer to see the good in a situation and I don’t dwell on the negative. Dwelling on the negative does no one any good. Cornwall needs to move forward from it’s past. It’s call the past for a reason.

    As for 26 officers leaving the CPS that is probably true. To say they left due to BS is unfounded unless you can provide proof. The CPS is a small police service. Some of them probably moved on to bigger and better things. That happens in a lot of small locales, not just in police services.

  15. Author

    Hugger there were quite a few officers that left during the Perry Dunlop issues and project truth. Probably more than the historical averages…

  16. That may be so. But Cornwall needs to move forward from it’s past. Dwelling on the past does not do the city any good. It’s part of Cornwall’s history / past, let’s try to leave it there.

  17. Author

    Hugger if you don’t truly embrace your past; acknowledge the good and the bad, you can’t move forward. We need as a city to be more inclusive; more open, and more focused on being better across the board. That means less cronyism and corruption and much less of lying and beating outsiders down or ripping them off. It means looking in the mirror and taking the tough road to truly enact change. Honestly it doesn’t look like this community is ready yet. One day it might be; but not today from what I’ve been seeing and hearing.

  18. I agree 100%. A town, city, etc. must acknowledge the good with the bad. Then they must try to move on from that. Making changes of any kind whether it be less cronyism and corruption and much less of lying and beating outsiders down or ripping them off is not easy and is not a fast process. All towns, cities have pasts they are not proud of. Cornwall must learn from it’s past and current mistakes and move forward to be better.

  19. Jamie you said it the very best and my words couldn’t say it as well at any time. The people of Cornwall are hurting badly and it is the people with the money who flaunt it and tramp on the little people who have no work and many people go to bed hungry. Mr. Pat Finnerty really came out with the whole truth about the poverty. Many people are suffering because of the sexual abuse and it wasn’t just over a few years believe me Jamie this was long winded maybe 70 years at least. So many people were involved in this and when project truth came out you wouldn’t believe the names that I recognized. I learned that you cannot trust anyone at all. Even long before I knew about project truth and during my elementary and secondary school years and beyond I knew about these things happening but it never dawned on me until all this came out. I even walked out on a religion class because I felt that something was very wrong with the priest who was teaching it and I say no more about it and he was one of them who was listed. My inner feelings became right on and I had the nerve to walk out. So many people are suffering and it has destroyed many peoples lives. People cannot move on so easily and words are said so easy compared to what it is like. I went to school with a girl (we were both 9 years old)in elementary school and she was sexually abused by her father and was raised by her grandmother. There is so much that didn’t come out in project truth at all and everything is hidden and many have died with their secrets.

  20. I agree with everything that has been said. My point is that we should try to put the bad things behind us and move ahead. Poutine, anyone?

  21. But I have a feeling Cornmwall is stuck in “neutral” and does not have the “drive” to move “forward.” Hopefully we won’t go in “reverse.”

  22. Admin so has the chamber of commerce decided you are media or not ?
    There is an obvious bias here! Through you and CFN I and others have learned much of Cornwall’s politics and in that you do a service for the community!

    Jules-no disrespect here I agree there is much problems within Cornwall ,but with continued bashing of the community your only making things worse. For someone that obviously has a distaste for Cornwall one would think that you would not contribute to the conversation .
    But in saying this, perhaps your intent is to help improve Cornwall but honey works better then vinegar .

  23. Author

    Highlander I think CFN is much more a media outlet than the Chamber is a Chamber of Commerce. Right now they seem to want to suck and blow at the same time. Bill Kingston is on the board of the Chamber and is staying silent. That’s very sad.

  24. Perhaps Bill knows what side his bread is buttered on and doesn’t want a repeat of when Eric Spence left.

    Highlander…I agree 100% with what you said.

  25. Author

    What Eric did was awesome. It makes you wonder what some of our other local journalists would love to say 🙂

  26. I agree what he did was excellent. But he shouldn’t of had to wait until his last week at TCD to say what he did. I think Corus / TCD knew what he was going to say and what the reaction was going to be. They made sure by making him wait until his last week that there would be little repercussions coming back on them.

  27. Jamie started a business in Cornwall and hired some people and you would think that the Chamber of Commerce would appreciate people like Jamie but they don’t because it is a Boss Hogg town where they only accept certain businesses and certain people. We know of a man who had to have connections from elsewhere to make a job in Cornwall. Highlander it isn’t just about putting Cornwall down (not for nothing but for good reasons) when people operate in a Boss Hogg mentality then I have good reason to feel the way I do and believe me there are plenty who feel that way as well. That is the reason why Cornwall is “stuck in neutral” because they don’t know any other way of life and that has to change in order to go ahead.

  28. Jules, we get it; you don’t like Cornwall. Enough of the continual put down and name calling of Cornwall and it’s residents. Cornwall is trying to change, this isn’t something that happens overnight.

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