Andie Sticks Tongue Out at Kathy as Timmy Spits from the Corner – Election Time in Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – May 2, 2014

bagCORNWALL Ontario –  Shock, gasp!  Andrea Horwath, NDP provincial leader will not support the Liberal budget of Kathleen Wynne!

Ok, that was tongue in cheek.  It comes down to the formality of whether the preme pulls the trigger herself or allows debate on the budget before it falls at the hands of Andrea.

This has to be the weirdest election in Canadian history; at least at the Provincial level.  You have PC leader Tim Hudak, probably one of the most hated leaders in Canadian history already in a lawsuit with our Premier who hasn’t won an election as Premier, but is only present due to her predecessor falling on his own sword.

Then you have the NDP leader who’s wishy washy opportunism has been about as thinly veiled as Middle East peace talk intentions.

The bra snapping started with the Premier giving the NDP leader an ultimatum of time for her to mull her decision.

Ms Horwath responded near immediately with:

Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats, says she has lost confidence in the Liberal government amid mounting scandal and waste and that it’s time for change.

“The Liberal budget is a mad dash to escape scandal by promising the moon and the stars,” said Horwath.

“It is time for a government that stands up for middle class families. It is time for a government that respect’s people’s tax dollars. It is time for a government that makes sense,” she said.

The Liberals this week introduced a budget containing more than 70 new promises in a desperate bid to keep their sinking government afloat in the midst of a criminal investigation into the gas plants scandal and cover up.

“This government has no plan to get the basics right, like creating jobs, lowering hydro rates, and making life more affordable,” said Horwath.

The last-ditch budget comes after the Liberals failed to deliver results on a series of promises made in the previous year’s budget, including reducing auto insurance rates, cutting home care wait times, and setting up a Financial Accountability Office. 

“The same government that couldn’t fulfill three promises over the last year is making more than 70 new promises this year. How can Kathleen Wynne build a ship, when she hasn’t managed to build a raft?” said Horwath.

The Liberal budget contains a new round of no-strings attached giveaways for corporations, and includes no plan to get sky-rocketing hydro rates under control or create jobs by rewarding job creators. 

“For the last year Ontarians have been telling me they want to see results on jobs, hydro bills, affordability and accountability, and the Liberals haven’t delivered. It’s time for a change. It’s time for a government that makes sense,” said Horwath.

“Ontarians deserve action, not just aspirations. Families deserve a government that will respect people’s tax dollars, make life more affordable, create jobs, and stand up for the middle class. People deserve a government that makes sense.”

It almost makes one want to move to Manitoba and heck, does anyone really want to do that?   Our province is at sicko debt levels.  I mean, we’re in worse shape that California and that takes some doing.

There literally is no clear choice for voters.  It’s like picking which way the death penalty is inflicted upon yourself  when we go to vote.

elaine construction

Here in Cornwall the buzz is whether current city councilor Elaine MacDonald will step down as she again is the local candidate for the dippers.   She finished 3rd in the last election and has about as much chance winning this riding as I do being the lead ballerina for the Bolshoi Ballet.  (Russians are about as anti-semetic as most of our Cornwall City Council)

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Even in this riding we have a frustrating hot mess of options.  Incumbent MPP Jim McDonell is most likely to get re-elected.   Liberal option John Earle, who probably uses more hair care products that Ms Wynne and Horwath together, is the Liberal champion; but their brand has deteriorated due to local infighting and apathy.

This might be the best opportunity for Independent candidates in any election of recent history in Ontario.




  1. Was there ever going to be any other situation here?

    Liberals know they are done, they have lost support with the public, even long time liberal lovers , teachers, unionized civil servants and provincial management have turned away. They can save a little respect by being elected out by their peers as opposed to the public. That will allow them a game plan for the future.

    We actually need a government that will curb these unjustified expenditures on education as recently explained by Pietersma. Hiring principals to principal principals, or as he put it help with the testing results. I would think as many others would that 1.5 million per year could be best spent at the teaching level and not just on more training by teachers teaching teachers….jees see the irony here
    Or municipalities hiring experts to do studies s they can ask for money. I mean what tangible results does a study provide that cannot be completed by the municipality itself.
    It has to stop and though you dislike Hudak, and I too believe the conservatives can do better with their leader, that is the very party Ontario needs.

  2. We just came home a while ago and my daughter told me that there is going to be an election on June 12 and that is good because one thing we do need is desperate change. Everyone in my household are saying that the libtards have to go and whether it be PC or NDP at least have a change and bring Ontario back up again. Hudac (Hudat) should not be in the place as premier because he is McGuinty #3 and is a cousin of his. We need competent people. I am so mighty sick of the libtards at all levels of government and have destroyed the province.

  3. I screwed up signing in.
    @ Hailey. If the Cons were serious about forming the government, they would have replaced Hudak as leader after he blew the last election, that they should have won by a landslide. I agree that the Libs should be tossed out, but who wants to vote for a party with a leader like Hudak? If the Cons were smart, and they don’t seem to be, they’d hide Hudak at a Mexican resort until June 13th.

  4. We are very fiscally conservative and we do not believe in the libtard tactics. All libtards have to go pronto. Whether it be conservative or NDP some sort of a change has to happen. Hudat is no good at all and should be finished for good. He is a cousin to McGuinty and we had more than enough of McGuinty bankrupting Ontario along with Winnie who is McGuinty #2. I want to see Ontario get ahead and have jobs for the people and fix the energy system as well. We are all more than fed up with the entire gang and it is about time that change (real change) happens.

  5. But Jules, you keep saying that all politicians are crooks, and you don’t vote because of that. Will you be voting this time?

  6. If you haven’t yet had enough of Wynne and the Liberals or of Andrea Horwath’s back door dealings with Wynne by all means support them but if you really expect change then support Tim Hudak we either start to pay down the debt and balance the books or were going to be in dire straights if we aren’t there already

  7. Oh come on Willie. If you Cons were serious about winning power, you’d have replaced Hudak two years ago.

  8. Furtz if there was a strong and good leader other than Tim Hudak I would be at the polls this year but you won’t see me there because not one of them are any good at all. I am very conservative and I can’t stand the libtards and don’t trust socialism. Whoever gets in will have their work cut out for them. The libtards have bankrupted Ontario. Yesterday my daughter was looking at the TV and she said that a university student had a plackard that she held up looking for work. There are no jobs even here in Ottawa – nothing. My husband and I were talking about that very thing this morning. Take a good look at the US and the rest of the world and they are in very deep trouble. Our jobs are gone overseas and not coming back. We are in mighty big trouble.

  9. I have found out that what we call liberals the libtards is a form of socialism. Whether it be libtards or NDP the answer would be similar. Something is rotten for sure when they keep Tim (who dat) Hudak in power when he is McGuinty #3. There will be no voting for me until the entire system is changed from the feds, prov. and municipal. I do not vote for the lesser of two evils and in this case three evils.

  10. And how do we change the voting system? By electing people that will put changes into effect. Boycotting voting is the wrong attitude, saying the “system” is broken. I was taught in civics class that if you don’t vote then you have no right to complain about what happens. Yes, the “system” is broken. But we’ve had “the first past the post” system since Confederation.

  11. It’s going to be an interesting election. What has me concerned is that Elaine MacDonald will not step away from the city council table during the election campaign. During Bernadette Clemént’s run as the Liberal candidate in the 2011 federal election she did step away from the council table. I feel Elaine will try to use her city council and position at the Cornwall & District Labour Council to further her MPP aspirations.

  12. Hugger and Furtz I cannot go and vote for any of the three turkeys when none of them are any good. I voted in other elections and they were no good at all. Take a good look at Trudeau and are people going to vote for him because he is going to legalize drugs in the federal election. We are stuck with Harpoon Harpo and his dictatorial antics and the NDP fellow who is another loser. In Ontario politics we have the McGuinty #3 (cousin of McGuinty #1), we have the NDP woman, and we have the libtard Winnie McGuinty #2. These are all losers to the hilt and I don’t want to put my name next to someone who is going to do anymore destruction than what they already have caused. Ontario is at bankruptcy state and manufacturing is not coming back. There are no jobs for the people and a mighty sorry site to see. I don’t vote for these losers at all.

  13. Do any of you remember when G.W. Bush was president (yes the chimp) and he did horrible things and everyone wanted change. In came Obama promising real change and what did they get but the continuation of G.W. Bush’s policies and worse. Now do you see why these turkeys are not worth voting for. I cannot be that stupid as to follow any of them. I may be a little wacko sometimes but I sure haven’t gone that far as to believe anything that they say. None of these turkeys are worth going out to vote for. Obama should be a lesson for everyone everywhere wherever they live that a lot of times things do get worse and not better.

  14. So, you’re not going to vote because the perfect candidate / perfect party and perfect leader is not available. Sorry to disappoint you, but the perfect candidate / perfect party and perfect leader doesn’t exist. Only by voting can change be achieved. Boycotting voting is the wrong attitude, saying the “system” is broken. I was taught in civics class that if you don’t vote then you have no right to complain about what happens. Yes, the “system” is broken, but it can be fixed.

  15. @ Jules. We get it. All politicians are crooks. You won’t vote because all politicians are crooks. Might as well leave it up to others to choose who will govern because all politicians are crooks. Best to just hang out in the highrise and make more quilts, and prepare for “The Rapture” because all politicians are crooks.
    We get it.

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