Cornwall Ontario – Cornwall City Councilor Bernadette Clement’s breakfast buddy Kathleen Wynne and her government have left Cornwall (SD&G) out from a retail outlet for recreational marijuana. The province announced the first 14 communities that will roll out retail outlets. Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Hamilton Barrie, Kingston, Kitchener NDP ,Continue Reading

Politicians can be as wacky as politics.  Today a joint press release has been issued with no question and answer possibility related to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s lawsuit against the former PC Leader Tim Hudak and MPP Lisa MacLeod. Joint Statement from Kathleen Wynne, Tim Hudak and Lisa MacLeod  Continue Reading

CFN – It looks like our MPP Jim McDonell picked the wrong horse as Patrick Brown has stunned Ontario and beaten favorite Christine Elliott for the PC leadership.   SD&SG voted for Brown although Mr. McDonell had emails sent out to members supporting Elliott. At stake was the vision ofContinue Reading

CFN – In what must be a terrible embarrassing moment Glengarry Prescott Russell Liberal MPP Grant Crack seems to be caught playing solitaire on his tablet at Queen’s Park. MPP Crack has not responded to CFN as of publication of this story. The photo was captured from the facebook pageContinue Reading

CFN – We are updating our original story after finding out that it was in fact our MPP Jim McDonell and the SD&SG Riding Association that snubbed CFN & SSN viewers by not inviting either outlet to the media event that both Patrick Brown and Christine Elliotte attended in Long Sault.Continue Reading

CFN – Sometimes politicians can be their own worst enemies.    My political mentor, Keith Beardsley once spoke from the mountain. He does that a lot.  Some of what “Dr. Evil” says is highly valuable. One of the first lessons he taught me was; Don’t get caught in the splash.Continue Reading

CFN – Sexual Education for Ontario students has been a hot button topic recently in the media.    Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, who is a former Education Minister and is openly gay, has been getting and giving back the rhetoric. Our world in 2015 is a much different place thanContinue Reading

CFN – Progressive Conservative Leadership candidate Patrick Brown fought off snow and brutal cold Saturday and attended a breakfast meeting at the Ramada Inn. It was a surprising large crowd considering the brutal weather conditions, but significant in that the Conservative MP, MPP, and Mayor of Cornwall were not inContinue Reading

CFN – Healthcare workers are celebrating their success across Ontario as they take in the election results with Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals winning a majority of seats and Andrea Horwath’s NDP claiming 21 of 107. The healthcare union had openly campaigned for members to “Stop Hudak and save healthcare” by voting for theContinue Reading

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CORNWALL Ontario – Tonight a very dark cloud covered the province.  Dirty politics; dirty tricks; and spending billions of tax dollars and Ontarian’s futures were spent in what has given Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government the majority that Dalton McGuinty failed to achieve last kick at the can.Continue Reading

CFN – So who are we really voting for in this odd limping Ontario election?  There are two clear choices; a corrupt and incompetent Liberal Government under Kathleen Wynne which is frankly scary. Or a Hudak led government that will chop over 100,000 jobs; most likely be even more incompetent,Continue Reading