Will Christine Elliot Make it a Female Troika for Ontario in the Next Election? by Jamie Gilcig INTERVIEW

Christine Elliott 1CFN – We had a chance to chat with Christine Elliott who is the front runner to replace Tim Hudak as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

The race turned nasty as Federal MP Patrick Brown, who is also running for the leadership dumped some of the blame for Mr. Hudak’s election loss to Premier Kathleen Wynne on Ms Elliott who answers those charges in our interview below.

If the MPP for Whitby/Oshawa is successful Ontario would see a first with all three party leaders being women, a new achievement that I asked her about in our interview.

I have to admit compared to Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwath she was much easier to interview for this writer.

To learn more about Christine Elliott you can visit her website.

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  1. Looks like Elliott is their best choice if they’re serious about ever regaining power. From what I’ve been reading, she has the leadership almost in the bag.

  2. Furtz you may well be right. The party faithful allowed Hudak to remain at the helm despite his sabotage to regaining power. Being openly critical of Hudak to the party faithful is more likely to sway votes to an alternative such as you are suggesting.

    As far as a troika, they would have to be all the same sex. Under Wynns new sex education plan there are purported to be six sexes. Wynn made public for some reason her sexuality (not quite sure what it has to do with her politics but we may find out who knows) and according to the new claims of sex categories the three potential individuals are not in the same sex category (no pun intended.

  3. I would not support any candidate that takes their valuable time to speak with you. Speaks volumes of their lack of research on the type of idiotic “journalism” you print.

  4. Author

    Well Mr. Munro I’m sure the PC leadership candidates will be pleased to read that since you’re a party member.

  5. Author

    Isn’t it David? It’s sad that diseased minds get the same vote as everyone else….

  6. Jamie, some people think I have a diseased mind because I never vote for the Conservatives! LOL ROLF ROLF!!
    Speaking of which.. Where’s Jules? Another forced “time out”? Sure is quiet around here. ROLF ROLF LOL etc…

  7. Author

    Furtz I emailed Jules. She hasn’t been feeling well, but mostly I shared with her that she should apologize for her Brookdale comment. I think she’s afraid of being attacked if she posts again. She may never post again, but I think it’s important that if she does that she do that.

  8. I hope Jules returns. But she has to learn to tame her comments. Or as my father used to say “make sure brain is engaged before mouth opens.”

  9. I hope Jules is well. But you are right about that nasty comment she posted. Probably way too much pride to ever apologize.

  10. They should read my comment and learn to not deal with idiots. If I didn’t mean what I said, I wouldn’t have said it.

  11. Knowing that you mean what you say is likely why people get the impression that you are an idiot. The other issue that likely plagues you if the simple reality that we are somewhat judged by the company we keep. The combined brain power of certain groups leaves little room for bragging rights. At least Colin if nothing else your “rights” are respected here and you should be grateful but no one will be holding their breath for that to happen. Have a great day, stay positive.

  12. Author

    David the only reason Colin is allowed to post right now, seeing as is active in the boycott hate group of CFN is because his comments are usually so over the line that we simply want to show a bit of the vile hate that we have to deal with. His page on Hatemirror.com will be one of the next ones to go live.

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