Cornwall Ontario – As it’s become clear that the political assassination of Patrick Brown was from within his own party it’s raised a number of questions for voters who clearly have had enough of the Wynne Liberals and their abuse of the public purse. From Hydro, to Sex Ed curriculum,Continue Reading

Conrad Black: What happened to Patrick Brown was outrageous — but also an opportunity Justin Trudeau is a fair-minded person. He knows better than to greet the destruction of a prominent political career with joy (NAT POST) The sudden departure of Patrick Brown as leader of the Ontario Progressive ConservativesContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The Political assassination of PC leader Patrick Brown, by what appears to be an inhouse Conservative backlash of the older white guy (and gal) crowd, especially from the Eastern part of Ontario is a hot mess of political intrigue and drama. After spending a week talking toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  The Curse of the Ontario PC party strikes again.     Death by Social Media after unproven sexual accusations against now former leader Patrick Brown have led to his resignation.  “However, defeating [Ontario Premier] Kathleen Wynne in 2018 is more important than one individual. For this reason,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Don’t you hate the utterly Orwellian titles politicians are giving their game plans?  Kathy loves to use the term “fair” in her bills and plans even though most are certainly not fair to those that pay for them. Patrick Brown is in an interesting position.  He’s doneContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – After PC Leader Patrick Brown endorsed back to work legislation the NDP have delayed implementation of said legislation until Sunday because….they’re the NDP darn it! From their release today: QUEEN’S PARK – Kathleen Wynne can use her majority and pass a Conservative-style back-to-work bill this weekend. TheContinue Reading

TORONTO ONTARIO – Both the NDP and PC Party are screaming about the strike by College Teacher’s across Ontario after the Province’s gambit to have Union members vote their latest proposal which failed. From a PC release today: “This is now the longest college strike in Ontario history.  Kathleen WynneContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Some people are friendlier and more considerate than others.  Some make good neighbors, and then there seems to be one Natalie B Trottier, a lawyer with Federal Crown Tilton T Donihee, the local law firm that purchased Diane Lahaie’s old practice after she became a judge. WhereContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Many Cornwallites are crying fowl, and heading down the 401 to check out the Big Rubber Duck in Brockville this weekend as the 61 foot cutie will settle on the town’s picturesque waterfront. Locals can still celebrate the pooping of the geese in Lamoureux Parc.  While notContinue Reading

Statement from Patrick Brown on secret Quebec-Ontario energy deal   Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the La Presse story of a secret Quebec-Ontario energy deal:   “Once again the Wynne Liberals have been caught negotiating in secret when thousands of Ontario jobs are on the line. This secret dealContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – PC leader Patrick Brown has been criticized for not taking positions, but the PC war room issued another clear stance today. Putting a Stop to Kathleen Wynne’s ‘Green Energy’ Shakedown Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, will place an immediate moratorium on signing new energy contracts that forceContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s fun watching the election rhetoric ramp up.  I think Minister Sandals missed though on this one.  Instead of spinning back to Mike Harris perhaps it might have been more on the money to mention that not once did Mr. Brown complain about Prime Minister Harper’s ActionContinue Reading

Making life better for Greenhouse operators, owners and workers Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader would scrap Wynne’s Cap-and-Trade Scheme and provide relief to the greenhouse industry   KINGSVILLE, ON – Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader slammed the Kathleen Wynne Liberals for making life harder for the Greenhouse industry under theirContinue Reading