Cornwall Snubbed by Wynne Gov’t As Big Rubber Duck Expected to Draw 30K in Brockville 081017

Cornwall Ontario –  Many Cornwallites are crying fowl, and heading down the 401 to check out the Big Rubber Duck in Brockville this weekend as the 61 foot cutie will settle on the town’s picturesque waterfront.

Locals can still celebrate the pooping of the geese in Lamoureux Parc.  While not as exciting as the duck, it’s more environmentally friendly.

Cornwall Economic and Tourism poobah Bob Peters did not comment for this story.

The Duck will be in beautiful Brockville from today, the 10th, until the 13th. Hotel rooms are booked as the town preps for the impact of the expected 30,000 + tourists to descend on the city to see the duck and attend other festivities.

The City received over $120K in Provincial funding for the three day blast!

Brockville was one of six cities to get the duck for the Ontario 150 festivities.  The price tag for the duck drew much criticism from the Patrick Brown Conservatives, but has been popular at its stops.

This is the last nesting and chance to see the Duck.

What do you think Cornwall?  Should we have had the duck too?  And is it because of our inept MPP Jim McDonell who’s most remembered for comparing the McGuinty government at the time Nazis?

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  1. That duck is a huge joke. Yes, it draws in tourists. But it’s a giant embarrassment. I’m glad Cornwall didn’t get it.

  2. Who needs a big rubber ducky. We’ve got a bunch of clowns running this city.

  3. Let’s compare….Toronto and Brockville get a big rubber duck. Ottawa gets La Machine. Ottawa wins. Case closed.

  4. This big duck is pure nonsense. If you folks knew the real truth of what is going on you would all throw Justin Trudeau and Winnie out immediately. Canada is letting in tons and tons of fake refugees even from Haiti and other places. Trudeau is a globalist and hates Canada. The Muslims are going to take over – The Mark of the Beast – we are in big big trouble. I know a great deal more.

  5. Jamie please run for MP next time we need to dump Incompetent people from politics. You should run against super guy Lauzon!

  6. Author

    Dave I think I know who’s running and if he does I think he’d win 🙂 It’s more fun to be a kingmaker than King. If I’m still here for the next municipal election I will be running against David Murphy or Bernie Clement if they are silly enough to make their rumored runs for Mayor. This town simply cannot afford either of those two to be elected in any capacity.

  7. Suitable mascot for Ontario. Something to pride ourselves in. A worth wile investment of tax payers dollars. We should mass market them and sell as many as we can so we can buy back Hydro One.

  8. Author

    Tom it goes really good with legalized marijuana 🙂

  9. Leslie O’Shaughnessy is done as mayor. I thought Bob was bad as mayor, Leslie is far worse especially when he continually throws people under the bus. David or Bernie, IMHO, would be as bad as Leslie. While we’re at it Jim McDonell and Guy Lauzon need to go. Drain the swamp!!!

  10. Author

    Hugger congrats on your 2000th approved comment on CFN. I think most political savvy people know who got our conflicted mayor elected. I’m sure he’ll joke about it for a few years as history over takes the spin from some of his buds.

    It’s time for good people to step up and try and get it right.

  11. Jamie you would make a good mayor and you know people. The problem is Cornwalls mighty strange mentality and that is the problem right there. Even Bob Kilger was better than OShaughnessey – oh no did I say that? Bob sure did give us a lot of laughs and entertainment and entertainment that we sure didn’t want nor ask for but got it anyway.

  12. Author

    Jules people focus on Kilger or Lez, but the real magnifying glasses should be on Maureen Adams, Mark Boileau, Geoff Clarke, and Bob Peters. As long as those four remain in office Cornwall most likely will not move forward. We can’t manage this city until we have talented managers in place and that will take a strong and informed council to take action on.

    Want taxes to come under control? That won’t happen as long as those four have the impact they do. Want less fear at City Hall? Want better results department to department? I have nearly 2,000 files loaded and ready to roll in the election year, many internal documents leaked by whistle blowers.

    It’s time to clean up City Hall. If the people of Cornwall actually want that to happen it will happen. If they’re are happy with the status quo that’s what they’ll get.

  13. Jamie you are right about draining the swamp. A lot of times managers are there for too long and manage to screw the taxpayers and not put the town ahead. Jamie your wackie Jules has thought a lot about Cornwall lately and I said to myself how prosperous things were when there were industries. Today it is dead and the entire Canadian economy is dead because everything left the country.

  14. Author

    Jules I think you should move back to Cornwall and run for Council. Because of CFN more people are aware of you than even Sue Stewart 😉

  15. What people don’t realize is that when you have bad management then things go very bad. Cornwall is situated in the right place for business and businesses are going to the US and Mexico. President Trump is taking industries (like the car industry) out of Ontario and to the US and Mexico. We have a terrible PM and a terrible leader in Ontarjo and all that has to change immediately.

  16. Author

    So Jules if you were on council what three issues would you deal with first?

  17. Jamie your wacky jules would not be on council – that would be a dream for me and your nightmare. First of all find a way to reduce taxes. The second thing is to find employment for people by encouraging businesses to go to Cornwall and that would be manufacturing as well. The third thing is to get much better management to lead Cornwall and not be elected by ones name but by ones ability.

  18. There is a great deal to be done Jamie and it isn’t easy at all. Cornwall needs a big cleanup in every way both the ski hill must be taken out of there because it leaches the carcenogens of Domtar and Cornwall has to be put in a good light of getting rid of its evil past of sex abuse on kids, etc. Things have to change drastically.

  19. You all have musical talent down in Cornwall with bands and you have a band shelter and you can put people up on chairs, etc. to listen to the music and to plays. Cornwall does have talent and it has to be discovered. People should get involved in art and theatre and stop fighting and griping over everything and get together as a unit and make something out of Cornwall. Get out there.

  20. Jamie a good piece of advice and that is Cornwall cannot survive on being a seniors town alone. It takes money to run a city of any size and big money and that takes jobs. Young people are the ones who have to replace those of us older people and they have to come up with education and inovations. Most young people don’t return to Cornwall because there is nothing and that has to change.

  21. Jamie don’t tempt hubby because that is just what he wants. The problem is that there are no jobs for my daughter and Ottawa is dead as well. My daughter graduated from a private college downtown with 96.6% in Medical Administrative Secretarial but said that she would do other jobs instead of just that area. She could have succeeded in law but said no. She is a part time cashier just now.

  22. Author

    Jules not sure what jobs your daughter wants, but if she’s working as a cashier there’s plenty of jobs in Cornwall. Apparently a lot of people don’t actually want to work 🙂

  23. There are plenty of jobs available here, and not just DC jobs. You have to willing to look and work, which it seems a lot here don’t or won’t do. The thinking that society owes them is killing this city.

  24. Hi Jamie and Hugger. My daughter is aiming for office work and none just now and wont apply with the government because the jobs are only temporary. My daughter asked a lady in charge at an agency here in Ottawa and she said that there was nothing. My daughter is at work just now as cashier and is going crazy as usual working there. It is no fun dealing with some of the public.

  25. Jamie I am thinking about moving back to Cornwall but I don’t know when. Yesterday my son told me there was a shooting at Heron Gate Apts. and two people were shot. I checked out Ottawas papers on line and couldn’t find anything about that. Heron Gate is just a little piece from here. OMG that place is something else.

  26. Jamie the sewer and water has to be dealt with in Cornwall and that is a mighty expensive job and taxes will go up. The problem in Cornwall is that it hasn’t been kept up over the years and got worse. Here in Ottawa the city is doing all those things and so much more including the bridges. It is a mess nearby with all the work and Cornwall has to do the same and the money has to come from somew

  27. Thank you Jamie for the sites for job searches in Cornwall. My daughter had her resume at job bank before when we lived in Cornwall. When we came to Ottawa 13 years ago she landed an office job out near Kanata doing Data Entry and then after 10 years on that job it was sent to Toronto and she was mighty disappointed. We would have had to go to TO and no way I don’t care for TO at all.

  28. Jamie, Hugger and everyone pray that the jobs come back to Cornwall like manufacturing, etc. There is WWIII going on and the South China Sea, etc. will be in flames and I would say stock up with canned items, toilet paper, etc. because shipping can be disrupted. This is all true folks and I am with President Trump – the man is not on vacation but in a bunker. Pray for him and all of us.

  29. Jamie I don’t know if you would like TO and I know that I don’t but each person is different. I hope to God that you could stay in Cornwall and continue your wonderful paper and maybe by some miracle of God you can get in as mayor or even council. Jamie I wouldn’t give you the praise if I knew that you couldn’t handle it – you are a mighty good person and good in business. Stay and fight.

  30. Author

    Jules I love Toronto, but it’s a very expensive city more for young people.

  31. Jamie I just had a good laugh at hubby. Hubby just asked me where would be live in Cornwall and he said that he preferred the areas that surround the town like Long Sault, Ingleside, etc. Hubby has his mind set on Cornwall LOL LOL. ROLF! I no sooner go to check Ottawas papers again to see if any news on the shooting yesterday at Heron Gate and he comes out with this. LOL LOL.

  32. Author

    Jules you don’t want to live in South Stormont. From the last election it’s not the best community character wise. I’d never live there. I don’t even like driving through there anymore. What a stain they’ve done to themselves and history will not look kindly on them.

  33. Jamie South Stormont is Long Sault. I remember about that Carrière couple and that woman Tammy and her broom. LOL LOL. Every time I look out of my bedroom window I think about that. No we sure wont pick South Stormont. If we lived inside of Cornwall I wouldn’t even know what neighborhood. I looked up Sue Stewart and I see that she is in real estate and must be a good person.

  34. Author

    Jules Sue Stewart boycotts CFN. She’s good friends with Bob Peters and his wife.

  35. If Sue Stewart boycotts CFN then she is toast in my book. I would not purchase a house or even a dog house from her if that is how she behaves. I am happy that you told me Jamie.

  36. Author

    She’s actually a very nice person who’s done well for herself in town Jules. A lot of good people fall under the cloud of the cliques to survive. Hopefully after the next election people will start to live without that influence as much.

  37. Jamie for a mighty long time as far back as I can remember a lot of jobs in Cornwall was kissing someones keester. I never got employed by being pulled in by someone else. My daughter found her jobs here in Ottawa through the net and only once about 5 years ago her former co-worker from the Data Entry job spoke for her to get in as a cashier. Jobs are mighty rare even here in Ottawa.

  38. Jamie I hope that the people of Cornwall change for their own good and eliminate the clique. The clique is like a mafia in town. You wouldn’t believe the laughter and poking fun that the people here in Ottawa do about Cornwall. I have witnessed it since the 70s era even from people who live in the SD&G area as well.

  39. I was trying to get the name of the man and his wife who live in Long Sault or somewhere like that who are thick as thieves with Tammy. It is not Carriére but Cuerier. I can picture the man who would be the kind to burn a cross on my lawn and I said that about him before if you might recall. Hard to remember with all my comments and others but I sure remember him = just mistook on the name.

  40. Jamie I can say this about you as well. You are highly intelligent and you have the ability to lead. You have to have the sheeple to wake up and see what is going on around them. It is so true what Hugger said about people wanting to be supported on the government dole instead of working and this has been going on for milenia in Cornwall and my parents and myself have seen this for ourselves.

  41. Author

    Jules I don’t want to lead anyone. I didn’t move to Cornwall to seek “attention” 🙂 I just want to be able to work hard and earn & live fairly without having City Hall lie about my business, be falsely arrested, and have so called VIP’s not be afraid to advertise for fear of City Hall led retribution.

  42. Jamie I know exactly what you mean and I could not go through less than 1% of what you went through with Cornwalls town hall as well as the mighty strange people. I could not live in town but it would have to be somewhere way out away from that mighty strange mentality. Ottawa is bad enough but Cornwall takes the cake for all. I think about you a lot and wonder how you do it. OMG I couldn’t.

  43. Jamie when I fell on your paper some years ago and I didn’t know you at all and I read in the crap papers of Cornwall about your site and when I fell on it I said that is my paper for news. Jamie not once have I had a second opinion because you are the best out there. Cornwall is run the wrong way and will never improve unless there is a miracle of God to waken the sheeple up.

  44. Jamie maybe it is best for you to just look after your paper and live a life without stress. Being mayor is no easy job nor is council. You would get calls from morning till night and people are never appreciative. You should see the kinds of people that my daughter has to deal with at work – even the assistant manager couldn’t tolerate it if you only knew I witnessed it with my daughter.

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