Cornwall Ontario –   I’d like those of you that read this that actually care about the arts locally to think about this.  Digest it. Taste it like a fine wine please. The City of Cornwall, led by Mayor Bernadette Clement and “her girls” will spend about the same money thisContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – How many cities facing record tax hikes burn through $15K making a vanity video for a fire chief that union sources allege spends too much time at his out of town home instead of serving and protecting the taxpayers of Cornwall Ontario? Economic Development poobah Bob PetersContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   It seems that failure isn’t an issue at City Hall in Cornwall.   An empty Loblaws site for over two years; no waterfront development,and now confirmation that Cornwall was never in the running for the $115 million dollar Aquaworld Water Park development that is working through the processContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Bob Peters swung and missed again for the River City it seems, or he may not even have swung the bat?  The Economically Developmentally challenged poobah used public resources to make a splash in applying to have Amazon have it’s HQ2 in Cornwall which was farcical, butContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – While Gilles Latour pled guilty to eight counts of over 1 million dollars, including his own mother, other seniors, Jason Christoff, and Andre Pommier, the bigger question is if cases like this are properly being handled by area police who clearly don’t have the manpower and resourcesContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Cornwall is a big enough city to have culture.   Yes we have a lower income level, but that usually breeds art.  It usually attracts artists who are always looking for less expensive places to practice their art too. The problem is that there is no true appetiteContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – There’s a dark side to journalism.  Play ball, don’t report certain things, report others in favorable terms and you too could do the Heart of the City to City Hall shuffle as Kevin Lajoie did, and now Todd Lihou appears to be doing. All on the public’sContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Many Cornwallites are crying fowl, and heading down the 401 to check out the Big Rubber Duck in Brockville this weekend as the 61 foot cutie will settle on the town’s picturesque waterfront. Locals can still celebrate the pooping of the geese in Lamoureux Parc.  While notContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Cornwall City Council finally agreed at a residential tax hike for this budget of just under 2%. Much gnashing of teeth and rendering of garments as Councilor Elaine MacDonald and her pet monkey bemoaned the small increase after failing to bump it up to near 3%. “We areContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Surviving a conspiratorial City of Cornwall led boycott isn’t easy.   As we approach our 8th Anniversary good news is always nice to see especially as we survive on a near non budget with little to no staffing. Thanks to our many contributors and supporters who helpedContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s only 1.48%, but how many in Cornwall are not seeing their incomes go up by that much?  And of course while the percentage may sound small, these taxes rarely if ever go down. Again, how many on council actually earn a living other than by theContinue Reading

Incredulously enough City Council asked the very person at the root of the Chem tank cover up scandal to issue a report, which he did last month. Bob Peters is the number two in our Economic Development office.  His tome to council reads like a game of Three Card Monte.Continue Reading