Bob Peters & Cornwall Miss Out on Amazon Distribution Centre That Lands in Ottawa 061818

Cornwall Ontario –  Bob Peters swung and missed again for the River City it seems, or he may not even have swung the bat?  The Economically Developmentally challenged poobah used public resources to make a splash in applying to have Amazon have it’s HQ2 in Cornwall which was farcical, but made nary a peep about trying to land its new distribution centre that ended up in Ottawa.

Mr Peters does not respond to any communication from this newspaper.  In fact he forced our seniors writer to attend a meeting for city funding for a celebration of her first 100 columns in book form.   After not answering our emails for months he told a city councilor that he only dealt with the artist which makes one wonder if he had trapeze performers from Le Cirque du Soleil apply when the group talked about using the Civic Complex?

I digress.   Cornwall is supposed to be a growing distribution center hub, but we’ve now missed on the Giant Tiger facility when landed near Morrisburg, and now Amazon which is working with mega real estate company Broccolini Construction which does have a few tentacles in our city, but passed on setting up Amazon here.

There were no releases from Mr. Peters about going after either the Giant Tiger or Amazon distribution centers.  There’s no failure in trying to achieve potential greatness, so why the silence?  Did the city even try or even know about them being in play and if not wouldn’t that be poop on Mr. Peters?

Cornwall CAO Maureen Adams has not responded to requests of basic info regarding Cornwall’s attempt to land the DCs, but the loss could mean as many as 1000 jobs missed by our community that clearly needs the jobs for Amazon alone.

Amazon will be moving into a massive 1.02-million-square-foot industrial facility that is now under construction near the interchange for Boundary Road and Highway 417. The facility will contain 99 truck bays and more than 1,000 parking spaces.

Cornwall’s economy is falling off the rails under Mr. Peter’s watch with a loss of jobs and business, especially in the downtown core where there still are nearly as many empty spaces as in the le Village section of the community.

Office space is begging to be rented as well.

Perhaps it’s time for a change in Economic Development or for Mr. Peters to spend less time writing press releases for his friends and vanity magazines that the city spends tons of dosh supporting, especially now with his  large raises he’s now on the Sunshine List?

The City is also refusing to comment about its role in Saputo Cheese not purchasing the Domtar lands for development.

Is it time to bring in New Management of Cornwall Ontario Economic Development?

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What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is it time for change at City Hall?  You can post your comments below.



  1. Surprised? Not one bit.

  2. As long as Cornwall has that clique in town Cornwall will remain forgotten. Everyone that I went to school with left town. There is hardly a soul left in Cornwall from my era and it is a town for the dying and the dead if things don’t change down there. That damn clique is what is keeping Cornwall behind and has been like that since the time that I was born and long before. Cornwall died.

  3. The silence was nice while it lasted. But all good things must come to an end. Back to normalcy….sort of.

  4. How much did this cost for the taxpayers

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