Holy Gilles Latour! Fresh Catch in Federal Prison! 2 Years for Scamming by Jamie Gilcig 230318

CORNWALL ONTARIO – While Gilles Latour pled guilty to eight counts of over 1 million dollars, including his own mother, other seniors, Jason Christoff, and Andre Pommier, the bigger question is if cases like this are properly being handled by area police who clearly don’t have the manpower and resources to investigate frauds of this level.  The buzz is that the investigating fraud officer was bullied at his own kids hockey games in South Stormont.

While Latour is essentially getting the minimum penalty and jail time he’ll be serving in a Federal prison instead of a Provincial one or as some great legal minds have shared; “Club Fed”.

While Latour cried like a prison puppy about the storm of media that made it difficult to get a job this newspaper knows that he’s actually refused area employment.   He certainly has been accepted still in local circles.

People like Peter Gault, Bob Peters, and former radio voice and now real estate hack Sue Stewart embraced(literally in the photo above)  all that was Gilles Latour stink show that even dumb people could puzzle through.  Many asked how could the former Liberal bagman could live his lifestyle doing his job?



This review by Sunshine List City Development and Tourism mucky muck for Cornwall, and Latour’s old running buddy for the Kilger campaign, Bob Peters, clearly supported Latour as he endorsed Latour’s Linkedin page.

Judge Rick Leroy, always a friend to city government’s it seems,  cited Latour’s early plea, but most likely the cost of a month long trial was beyond Latour’s diminished financial ability.  After all, Hockey memorabilia doesn’t pull like it used to.  Surely a case like Latour’s should have earned more than the minimum penalty if for no other reason to be a deterrent to the many other fraudsters in city hall the community.


The bottom line is that for at least $1.3M Latour loses two years.   In a community where the average salary is only about $40K he’s laughing all the way to the shower room.

The buzz is that Latour stole an awful lot more cash from clients.  The public and courts will never know.   Clearly the investigation of Latour and Minor Hockey’s Caskanette show the need for the CCPS to either sort out its fraud investigations or the for the city to review the already overpriced CCPS and consider a move to the OPP which has an actual fraud division.

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After all the crown can only work with evidence delivered from the police service’s investigation.

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  1. Disgusting!!

    In cases like this perhaps the CCPS should bring in outside help.

  2. Holy Gilles Latour !

    Does this mean , the Annual Team Cornwall rah-rah meeting, is being relocated to the cafeteria at the “Big House” ? The innocent victims are in my prayers……..

  3. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes… ooooh, them penetentiary wife swapping clubs ain’t nothin’ like they is street-side.

  4. Well mr. LaTour and mr. Castanet get away with basically screwing the people of Cornwall well mine is more with mr. Caskinette who made me a bad person at the hockey rink and not allowed to stay and watch my child because of the way I stood up to him and called him a thief and a fraudster and still found a way to keep me on the building without any trial without anybody reviewing my case he’s a jo

  5. The clique, oh how times are changing on you all. Most likely all do for another swingers party. Bob Peters talking about Gilles Latour’s ethical approach. This from a city employee who used a city credit card in a brothel paid for by the tax payers. Team Cornwall hahahahaha.

  6. Rodney Primeau, you left out Brian Caskenette’s wife Debbie, you know the deputy city clerk of Cornwall? Everyone, including city employee’s knows full well she had her hand in it too.

  7. Well Rodney Primeau… You are not the only one that Caskenette tried to make a person look bad. I coached boy’s hockey for ten years and then him and his buddy Bray tried to make me look bad because our TEAM was winning all the time. He even went to the point of lying and had me banned from attending rinks in Cornwall. I was at the point of taking him to court for defamation of character.

  8. I never took him to court because this would have affected the kids that wanted to play hockey. I was told by a lawyer that if I tried to sue that AHOLE it would affect the organization. That is the last thing I wanted to do. I really hope he gets a big one while he does his time. Obviously not enough time, but at least he gets his small day in hell.

  9. While there is the hope that Jesus loves a sinner , Gilles Latournaround-n-Bendover must be praying that his cell-mate doesn’t.

    Here’s hoping that the path to redemption is neither too hard, nor painfully long, and that this whole ordeal will not leave him feeling sore, in the “end”.

  10. Mr. Editor,
    That Annual Meeting of Team Cornwall, that is being held at the Pen, that was mentioned earlier, is that meeting open to the public ? I would imagine a tour could be arranged while there ? I’m thinking of bringing the grand-children for a motivational experience ?

  11. Author

    Not sure Vince, but but maybe Peter Gault and Bob Peters will lead a moment of silence for their fallen comrade of such integrity and wear black armbands at the Galaxy at their next yearly celebration of failure…..Maybe they can have Graham Greer compose a song and have Sue Stewart attempt wit with him during the presentation?

  12. I wonder how Latour’s fellow inmates will feel when they find out he was stealing from his kin?

  13. Peter Gault is more crooked than a hill billy’s smile! Anyone doing work with Peter Gault, beware! He screwed over the golf course (Cornwall Golf) and now plays at Summerheights because he gets a free membership.

  14. The criminal Gilles Latour IMO received a light sentence relative to the impact on the lives of others (including his Mother). Whereas his children received a life sentence of shame. Odd system of justice, I think not. Gilles will carry the burden of his impact on his own family for the rest of his life. I’m okay with that.

  15. A slap on the wrist sentence from a Liberal dominated legal system is no surprise. No outrage, no surprise. A few years from now with his experience and background he could run for council or mayor of Cornwall. Perfect fit he knows all the “right” people.

  16. Author

    From conversations while researching the story there were allegations that Latour knew what was coming and had time to take actions before being charged. The entire process seemed to be a fumbled mess. While some might think two years in jail is a lot, there are very few gigs in Cornwall that pay what was exposed, and in the end it cost taxpayers a bag of money to process that.

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