Chem Tank Cover Up Points to Bob Peters in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – DEC 9, 2015

Incredulously enough City Council asked the very person at the root of the Chem tank cover up scandal to issue a report, which he did last month.

Bob Peters is the number two in our Economic Development office.  His tome to council reads like a game of Three Card Monte.  See the joker?   Follow the joker.  Where did the joker go?  Sadly the joke is on the taxpayers of Cornwall.

The question is why has council accepted this, and will there ever be an investigation into what really happened and who is behind it?

Mr. Peters has some unexplained history of his own at City Hall.   The rumors, which have persisted for decades now, is that he left City Hall during his first run in the 90’s over misuse of a City credit card at a house of ill repute while on a trip to Eastern Europe, allegedly to land a furniture company in our city.

Mr. Peters left to the private sector to work with Peter Gault who currently is the President of Team Cornwall.   Mr. Peter’s wife at the time also landed a plum gig at City Hall which clearly was a step up from Farmboy, and she still retains the position to this day.

Peters was brought back to Economic Development after helping former Mayor Bob Kilger get elected.  He also was caught working on the Mayor’s campaign to get re-elected during office hours.

What we know clearly is that the city knew about the Chem Tanks going back to February 2013 when Economic Development was first contacted, and then confirmed later in the Spring before the poorly played drama in December when Kilger and some of council acted shocked and surprised at the sudden construction of the chem tanks on a waterfront property right across from a luxury condo development.

Kilger was caught lying about knowing when he himself knew about the tanks after declaring he only had found out in December when he had clearly talked about it at a Waterfront Committee meeting in the month before which again begs the question of  how far back did he know about the project?

The issue came up during the Federal election when Liberal candidate Bernadette Clement tried to score points with the issue with MP Guy Lauzon.  Clement, a close supporter of Kilger was on council during the Chem Tanks and is a current councilor, lost the election as the facts on this issue clearly were on Lauzon’s  side.

That Clement would even go there was odd as she certainly wasn’t that loud when the incident occurred.  CFN first broke the letter from Transport Canada that clearly showed Economic Development knew about the issue yet not a single councilor has publicly held ED responsible although councilor Maurice Dupelle deserves credit for at least pushing the question into the public arena.

Peters Chem Tank Report 1

If Mr. Pollard was alerted to the sensitivity why wasn’t council alerted in the Economic Development report to council at that time?   Or in the June report?  Why wasn’t council alerted before the construction began when any of the few chances to stop the tanks on the waterfront could be exploited?   Notice the last two paragraphs.

In June the city is notified that there was a lease about a project that they had discussed in February?      Then in the next paragraph, without stating context or who contacted whom, that the construction would be for tanks?   Even Gerry Samson could figure that donkey poop out.

Peters Chem Tank Report 2

What does this have to do with the price of corn in Alaska?  IE, this section is a CANARD.  It’s misleading as it was Economic Development that were the point people with Mr. Pollard.   As planning was never contacted for the project why would they be expected to have any knowledge of the project?    Transport Canada did not owe the City any communication.  A bigger question was why didn’t the city clearly contact any concerns of the project in February or June of 2013 to Transport Canada, why not show or discuss those concerns to TC if that ever happened in this report?

Again, if Council were notified then if they were concerned they could have directed Economic Development or any department to get actively involved in the process?

Peters Chem Tank Report 3

This is spin.   The City never took Transport Canada to court over the issue nor did any elected official get an independent opinion.    Transport Canada doesn’t owe the City to make a presentation, formal or otherwise for using its lands which were used for tanks previously, especially as Pollard had in fact contacted the City.

Again, if council was informed they could have taken pro active steps to attempt to stop the tanks, but council, or at least part of council, were not informed.

Peters Chem Tank Report 4

Again, the cover up was given a coat of varnish.   Clearly former Mayor Kilger knew of the project before December.

Would it be unimaginable to think that his trusted friend who worked intimately with him on getting elected and then re-elected would not have at least informed him?

Do we have any other example of Kilger going rogue and working on issues without the official knowledge of council?

We actually do; courtesy of current mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy who sat on this council, but left prior to the chem tank scandal.


O’Shaughnessy clearly states his frustration with Kilger admitting that he’d engaged city lawyer David Sherriff Scott regarding an initiative to monitor this very newspaper and a pending lawsuit about to be issued prior to discussion with council. The article in question was an expose of… Bob Peters. The threat by Sherriff Scott was published by CFN.

Again, O’Shaughnessy asks how can you give approval without asking council?   Is it possible that Peters and Kilger clearly knew about the chem tanks which begs the larger question is why were some on council not informed of the chem tanks?   And again, once those councilors discovered these simple facts why have they chosen to remain silent?

Isn’t it time that a legitimate outside authority investigate what exactly happened and who exactly did what?

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Can we trust City Hall when they cover up messes like that which will impact future development of the City?

Will those at City Hall who consider behaving in this manner hesitate if they know that there are no consequences?

The answers are there, but it will take the public and council to push for to ask the questions.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?   You can vote in our poll and post your comments below.



  1. Time to call for all of the Cornwall counsel and the Mayor to resign, and call for for a new election. If the people of Cornwall do nothing, than we are: “An accessory to a crime is any individual who knowingly and voluntarily participates in the commission of a crime. An accessory is not typically present at the scene of the crime, but contributes to the success of the crime before or after the fact”. The crime – willful deception and lying to the public while in office.

    Pro 11:10-11 “When it goeth well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth: and when the wicked perish(are removed), there is shouting.
    By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked”.

  2. Good luck PTN with getting one member of city council to resign, let alone all of them.

    As well good luck with the accessory to a crime. Nice play on words though.

  3. Newton, in Canada, an elected politician cannot be removed from office unless he/she is convicted of a serious crime, or he/she becomes incapacitated and is no longer able to fulfil the duties of the office. A politician cannot be removed because you don’t approve of their morality.

  4. Author

    Furtz putting your personal issues with PT aside, if 5,000 people signed that petition it certainly would have an impact at City Hall. Symbolism can be a very loud message. And if enough people talk about a subject it’s the stepping stone to change. While I agree with you in principle, I think a strong amount of signatures would give many pause to consider what’s going on at City Hall.

  5. I agree that the mayor and council should resign or be “impeached” for the fraud of getting in as mayor. All these people knew about the chem tanks and everything that was going on long before Jamie got hold of what was going on on the water front. Lez also lied about helping Diane Shay and was also part of the problem that Laura Vincent lost her job and the worm/lemonade fiasco that the Cleroux family went through by Lez and advertising everything over CFRA Radio for everyone to hear. When Lez cannot solve a simple matter then he is no good at solving bigger issues. Lez and his gang of misfits must go.

  6. Unfortunately, once a politician is elected in Canada, nothing can be done to change the situation until the next election. That’s why we should be very careful about who we elect in the first place.
    Jules, you watch too much American TV. There are no provisions in Canada to impeach an elected politician based on sleazy behaviour or dishonesty. Rob Ford comes to mind.

  7. Furtz – you wouldn’t {moderated} Your defeatist attitude is what makes Canada great. Oh that’s right, we Canadians waited for our freedom from the motherland. We did not revolt like those Americans. I am still looking for that “freedom” here in Canada, and not just the freedom to bear arms against a tyrannical motherland. If the Ontario government under Dalton, and Wynne is any example of Canadian “freedom”, than we really do not know what freedom is. Such a demonstration of incompetence in government is the same as taxation without representation. A ninny living in a ninny state – ah!, what freedom. And yes, we Canadians love it so.

    Pro 13:6 Righteousness keepeth him that is upright in the way: but wickedness overthroweth the sinner.

  8. Jules, as Furtz said “Unfortunately, once a politician is elected in Canada, nothing can be done to change the situation until the next election.” As well, some select city politicians may have known about the tanks, but not all of them knew about the tanks. I think a select few knew about the tanks ahead of them arriving. It’s obvious that the ED dept knew. I think our former mayor knew, but chose to not inform council or the citizens. This is stuff that puts soap operas to shame.

    Also, from what I’ve seen in regard to the worm kids the “business” has been in existence longer than the kids have been alive. This was handled very wrong by the city. Will the changes enacted help kid / temporary businesses? I hope so.

  9. Defeatist attitude? I don’t agree. It’s accepting reality. It doesn’t mean we have to like it or have to sit and take it. For those who don’t like the freedoms, etc we have the exit door to another province or country is always open.

  10. Every now and then, you are pretty funny, Newton. Does this mean you’ll be heading back to California where freedom reigns? Gawd knows that our Canadian way of life must drive you even more nuts.

  11. Furtz it has been 12 years since I sat watching TV and only my family watches TV. There has to be something to get rid of bad mayors, PM’s, senators, etc. etc. etc. Nobody should have to tolerate insane politicians like what Frosty the Showman was as well as Lez and his corruption and lies and all the hell that he made on good people like Laura Vincent and the Cleroux families. When a person lies there is no more trust and the people of Cornwall will no longer have any trust in Lez nor his gang of misfits. All of them (if not most) ran on a lie. Not one is fit to represent the people of Cornwall. The only thing that I got from Frosty the showman was laughs beyond description. I am not laughing now because any mistake that these misfits make will cost the taxpayers bundles of money and the vast majority of people can no longer afford the high taxes.

  12. Jules, the only way to find peace is to roll up a big bat,and smoke it on your balcony. When it’s all gone, come back inside and listen to CBC radio. I’m glad to know you kicked the TV habit. I’ve been TV free for almost thirty years. Feels good.

  13. Marlborough Street has been nicely paved too, at our expense, in order to handle the Chem Tank traffic.

  14. Lassie….uhhh no. The work done on Marlborough Street has been planned for years. Last year they did the section from Second to Third street.

  15. Furtz 30 years without a TV? That is great and I feel much better without that “dumbing down of the brain cells machine” and I love the computer so much better and we get out every morning to walk in the parks and it is great. Furtz I never touch hashish or anything – gee I am crazy enough as is without that stuff can you imagine me on that – oh boy Jamie would be deleting everything and not just 90% or more but the entire thing or maybe there would be so many jokes across the screen that little Fitzy and Bitsie would be laughing their heads off at me as well. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  16. I could see in the video that Jamie made previously that BOB knew all about the chem tanks and I think that Bernie knew as well since she was the closest to BOB. I do agree that BOB’s previous bunch as counsellors were a lot more intelligent and more professional than this bunch of loafers. Even BOB himself had more culture and knowledge than what Lez has and oh boy did I say that? Yes it looks like your wacky Jules said that but it happens to be true. Of all the things that I said about BOB I have to admit that he made a much better mayor than Lez and his gang of misfits. Lez drove out a very good family out of Cornwall – the Vincents by his actions instead of doing what was good. Lez is not qualified to be mayor at all and I regret shining a light on him to get elected.

  17. Further to the notion that Marlborough development has nothing to do with Chem Tanks.

    Well… it was more than several years ago that Transport Canada approached all stakeholders and municipalities to discuss Port Divestiture. Kilger thought he’d be around forever as did his friends, and that’s when the ball started rolling toward commercializing the waterfront without a thought to incompatible development, or the quality of life for Cornwall residents Afterall, at the time neither Kilger nor his buds even lived in Cornwall.

    The only win for Cornwall has been when thankfully, Councillor Grant’s development got shot down.

  18. Commercial development of the waterfront will never happen.

  19. Furtz I like Pastor Newton very much and he speaks a lot of the truths. I will tell you and everyone very honestly and up front “I SOULD NEVER SET FOOT IN THE US UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE AND I PREFER CANADA. THERE IS NO REAL FREEDOM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD BUT I WOULD MUCH RATHER CANADA THAN ANYWHERE ELSE. The US has more problems than one can ever dream about and one huge problem is that big loud mouth blo ho of Donald Trump and there are plenty like him including here in Canada and elsewhere. I can’t stand Trump and he can take his trump card and bury himself somewhere. Trump is a big time racist and I can’t deal with such people at all.

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