Cornwall Ontario – Holy Paul Fitzpatrick!   In what seems to be a chapter out of the ol Kilger council, rookie councilor Justin Towndale went public on his social media page with a statement claiming that council was left out of the loop of the Human Rights Tribunal Case ofContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – After former Waterfront Committee member Bill Parisien distributed a letter calling for an emergency meeting of the waterfront, a group of people came together to form POW Cornwall. The purpose of the group is to have people in Cornwall come together to ensure that our waterfront isContinue Reading

That Hugo Rodrigues is one funny cat.   When I issued a release stating my intention to run for mayor again in the next election, and would do all possible to rescind the bizarre Harbor Deal in Cornwall Ontario that would give the good people of Akwesasne a half interestContinue Reading

The deed was done under cover.    No public consultation.  No real public information delivered.  A non nonsensical that jeopardizes the future of the city of Cornwall Ontario. The bad drama started with the Chem Tanks and ended with the release below by the city which actually rezoned the landContinue Reading

The City of Cornwall would like to provide an update on legal matters surrounding the storage tanks site operated by Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. in the Cornwall Port area. On December 9, 2013, City Council passed an Interim Control By-law to prohibit development on the storage tanks site. In addition,Continue Reading

Incredulously enough City Council asked the very person at the root of the Chem tank cover up scandal to issue a report, which he did last month. Bob Peters is the number two in our Economic Development office.  His tome to council reads like a game of Three Card Monte.Continue Reading

CFN chatted with Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle over the Chem Tank scandal and cover up that has leaked its way into the Federal election as Councilor Bernadette Clement is running for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. While many media and politicos are targeting Lauzon the cover up clearly was by theContinue Reading

With the reinforcement of the City Council that SD&SG Federal Liberal Candidate Bernadette Clement was a key part of covering up the Chem Tank contract from the public can Justin Trudeau afford a potential scandal? Clearly City Hall knew about the Chem Tanks nearly a year before they were constructedContinue Reading

When CFN started to write about the Chem tanks and then expose former Mayor Kilger and his team at Economic Development team, and CAO for lying to the public about the chem tanks I personally was abused by certain members of the public and other media. (LINK TO ALL CFNContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – 2014 was a weird mixed bag of a year.  Here on CFN we increased our market share while growing our over all numbers, an interesting achievement. Big changes in our city thanks to CFN viewers forcing out one of the most corrupt Mayor’s in Ontario history alongContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy and his council have issued a release announcing that Kilger CAO appointment Norm Levac is delaying his retirement. Mr. Levac announced his retirement shortly after the former Mayor announced he was running again. It seems that this new council appealed to him enough toContinue Reading

There’s a lot of misinformation out there regarding my campaign.  This has been one of the dirtiest elections that I’ve personally ever encountered. Sadly the media are playing a huge role in this as well favoring Mayor Kilger. The Seaway News has been on the attack since I’ve announced, andContinue Reading

The ongoing behind closed doors Secret Negotiations with Akwesasne over our Port and Port Land is I believe nothing short of an engineered   sham a diversionary tactic by Mayor Kilger attempting to turn our focus away from the truth about the Trillium Tanks on our water front land. WasContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Stephen Fournier, Closed Meeting Investigator for the City of Cornwall will be attending the Council meeting of Monday August 11 after council bumped discussing the report by a month. His report of what occurred at a Waterfront committee meeting where Mayor Kilger and Councilor Glen Grant votedContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Justin Trudeau is stopping in Alexandria and Cornwall Ontario on Canada Day.  With a year until his first election shot at becoming Prime Minister of Canada every seat will count. For example in the recent Provincial election none of the leaders dropped by Cornwall because it wasContinue Reading