Justin Trudeau & Liberals Make Play for SD&SG On Canada Day 2014! by Jamie Gilcig

Justin & BevCORNWALL Ontario – Justin Trudeau is stopping in Alexandria and Cornwall Ontario on Canada Day.  With a year until his first election shot at becoming Prime Minister of Canada every seat will count.

For example in the recent Provincial election none of the leaders dropped by Cornwall because it was a forgone conclusion that incumbent MPP PC Jim McDonell would have no trouble retaining the seat.

Current Harper MP Guy Lauzon is scheduled to resign with rumblings that his exec assistant,  Warden of the United Counties, and mayor of North Dundas, Eric Duncan will be his heir replacement.

The problem is that the Harperites are under the gun even in this riding which will be no easy cakewalk as both Lauzon and Duncan have some issues.

chem tanks ball park april 2014Some as open as Mr. Lauzon’s non performance in the recent plunking of chem tanks on Cornwall’s waterfront which many think a back door deal of some sort to Mr. Duncan’s less than open style of leadership.

Thought to be the machine behind the “Blue Machine” in this part of Eastern Ontario, Duncan will have to prove that he’s able to pull strings in front of the curtain as well as behind in the shadows.

The Federal Liberals in the riding still don’t have a candidate.  Their last one, Councilor Bernadette Clement, is part of the scandal plagued Kilger Council in Cornwall which is also tainted by the waterfront mess.

Certainly having Duncan run against Clement would have some back spin as a competition.

Would you vote for Eric Duncan or Bernadette Clement for MP of SDSG in 2015?

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Who would you vote for Cornwall?

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  1. Carry on I must.

    In the 80’s Sr.and his wife was putting in pool at 24 sussex with patio stones ,Sr put in the pool his wife layed the stones.LOL

  2. Highlander Harpoon Harpo has a masters of economics and I can agree with you there that he is very qualified to be PM with that knowledge but his downfall is that he borrowed money from the US federal reserve which is a private money laundering bank and not federal and no reserves to bail out our Canadian banks and other things and no you did not know that nor did other people but yes he sure did and Canada’s economy is very bad just like other countries. As for Justine he is a joke and we both agree on that one. What people here want is to see Harpoon Harpo defeated because he is a liar and an embarrassment. I too am a conservative and I may be even more right wing than Harpoon Harpo. If Pierre were alive today (I am not a liveral/fiberal in any way) but Pierre would be a much more qualified candidate than any of them put together. We are living in a world of corruption, thievery, etc. Just take a good look at the news about former French president Nicolas Sarkosy and see what he did and can go to jail for what he did. We deserve the leaders we get today because we turn our backs on God, we have abortions today, unwed mothers, absentee fathers, same sex marriage and I can go on and on to oblivion.

  3. @ Jules. Harper is a strange bird for sure. He’s a born-again Christian, like your preacher friend, and believes that the universe is less than five thousand years old. This explains his disdain for science and scientists. At the same time, he’s smart enough to know that his political survival depends on keeping his hair-brained beliefs somewhat hidden. Basically, he’s made a deal with the devil to stay in power by allowing equal rights for gays and not outlawing abortions. It must be quite a position to be in. A few years as Prime Minister in exchange for eternity in the fiery lake.

  4. Just because Harpoon Harper has a master of economics doesn’t make him a good PM. He’s proven that time and time again. And his control freak tendencies are good signs he has issues outside the gov’t.

    Your “theory” on the U.S. Federal Reserve is laughable.

  5. If turning our backs on god is truly the reason we have such crappy leaders,…I guess that’s a fair price to pay….

  6. How did we go from discussing Justin Trudeau / Stephen Harper to God?

  7. Furtz now your sounding like “the preacher”.
    Go forth Furtz spread thy word of the liberal Messia ,for it is he who would bring about utopian communism.
    The messia has come to ,the Messia has come. For he is thy Sheppard and charges speaking fees to the elderly in nursing homes to speak of his coming.
    Sheeple your sheppard is here to lead you to the promised land and to oust those nasty conservatives to the eternally damned.

  8. @ Highlander. A wise person once said “Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.” I’m gonna take that advice for now.

  9. Just this morning on the Jewel radio here in Ottawa the announcer for the news said that the Cons were wrong about the balancing of the budget in 3 years. He said in order for that to be accomplished it would have to be a massive layoff in the public service and I said that very same thing before as well – in fact not very long ago here on CFN. I know that some people laughed but believe me I am right and believe me the shocks will soon be here for everyone and we will see who has the last laugh.

  10. What happened to the recent comment list?

  11. Not going to happen Jules. They’ve cut about as much as they can without affecting service levels to a significant degree. I know the unit I was in before I retired is now down to 1 employee. When I was there there were 7. There are better ways to find efficiencies other than continually cutting positions.

  12. Hugger they have no other recourse and they cannot balance the budget in three years without doing just that. There will be plenty of layoffs to come. Not only that but here in Ottawa we have noticed a lot less fireworks than before, we haven’t seen or heard the air show that they normally put on – they usually fly over my building and I would go out on the balcony to watch them. Very little fireworks on Parliament Hill and where I live. I could see right away about how dire it is this year. My son who goes to Parliament Hill every year said the very same thing and it was the first time he came out with that. Jean Chrétien let go 40K positions when he came in 1993 as PM and this time it is going to happen again – no other choice whether he balances the budget or not he has no other choice. Yes services will surely be affected and I know this from the past and it isn’t going to improve for a mighty long time to come if ever.

  13. Not going to happen Jules. Even Harper knows you have to maintain a certain service level before the taxpayers say enough is enough.

    As for the fireworks they have been corporately sponsored for years now, so blame the sponsor not the NCC.

    As for the air show it now goes out of Gatineau, not Ottawa.

  14. Hugger this was the poorest Canada Day that I ever saw and haven’t seen anything like this at all. To move the air show to Gatineau what happened did Québec take over Canada? I thought that Bernard Landry wanted nothing to do with Canada and called the Canadian Flag the red rag – la guenille rouge is what he said. Now they have the air show in Gatineau – that is a switch. The fireworks was so mighty poor. I never heard my son say that before and said it was a complete waste of time. Every year since we were in Ottawa he has never missed going to Parliament Hill and boasted over how beautiful it was but this year was a complete disappointment.

  15. If they cut too deep we’ll be back to the same spot when they tried this crap before. They’ll end up hiring “consultants” and hiring down the line. The party in power never learns….you can cut but not too deep, the jobs still have to be done.

  16. Blame the sponsor or the NCC for not getting enough out of the sponsor for the disappointing fireworks.

    As for the airshow being in Gatineau it’s been there for a few years. I think it had to do with not enough interest in holding it in Ottawa and logistics of the Ottawa airport.

  17. jules says:did Québec take over Canada?

    Long time ago!

    As long a the money flows they don’t mind the “red rag”, its a relationship of convenience like the prostitute that only leaves when you run out of money.

  18. What? The blame of the fireworks isn’t on the EVIL HARPER?

  19. Canada is a country. We all have to work together to keep it hat way. And we all have to deal with each provinces likes and dislikes.

  20. Like Trudeau said “Quebec should run the country”, ah but Justine they already do!
    Why would you have to be bilingual to work in B.C for federal government Yet French only in Quebec.

    The Quebec politicians and federal deputy ministers(from Quebec) (who are not voted in) are the ones that run the country. politicians are only the figure heads.

    Pierre Trudeau caucus said the eventuality of making Canada a French country!

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