Letter to the Editor by Bill Beattie – Harbour Divestiture in Cornwall = Land Give Away

Letter to the Editor by Bill Beattie  – Harbour Divestiture in Cornwall = Land Give Away
LTE UThe ongoing behind closed doors Secret Negotiations with Akwesasne over our Port and Port Land is I believe nothing short of an engineered   sham a diversionary tactic by Mayor Kilger attempting to turn our focus away from the truth about the Trillium Tanks on our water front land.

Was it Economic Development that dropped the Ball as they were properly notified by Trillium and as such they had a duty to properly  notify City Council  which as  I understand it, they failed to do ? OR
 Perhaps it was Mayor Kilger himself  agreeing to those Chemical  Tanks on our Water Front Property, until the public became aware  and became very upset, then the scramble began to shift any knowledge of or blame away from himself and or the E D.
Divestiture then enters into the picture with Mayor Kilger stating that we must enter into an agreement via divestiture with Akwesasne on
a 50 = 50 % basis to ensure that a Trillium like deal will never happen again.  What utter nonsense .  Kilger is trying to pull a fast one here?
History tells us that  in 1784 an agreement was reached with the St Regis Indians that Pointe Maligne was CROWN LAND  then and no evidence has  been found to the contrary since that point in time.
Mayor Kilger is proceeding with this Divestiture sell out allowing  50% of  our Port and Port Land to go to Akwesasne.  Kilger and those persons that   support this divestiture deal must be held responsible now.
Mayor Kilger could stop negotiations  and admit that he made a huge error in judgement or that Economic Development dropped the Ball and
 then step back and let the Fed Govt settle the land Claim with Akwesasne .
This Divestiture agreement once signed  becomes a precedent that will negatively effect any  future opportunity that the City of Cornwall may         wish to pursue re  land Acquisition with the Fed Govt . Clearly this deal  ( Divestiture)  is not in Cornwall’s best interest.
William E Beattie    – Cornwall Ontario

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