Patients Being Tested For Ebola Close to Cornwall Ontario – Ottawa & Belleville Wait – Oct 13, 2014 UPDATED

2014_ebola_virus_epidemic_in_West_Africa.svgCORNWALL Ontario -Eastern Ontario residents are waiting for confirmation that a patient at the Ottawa Hospital General Campus and another in Belleville  has the Ebola.
While most Canadians are eating their Thanksgiving Turkey a hospitals continue to scramble in preparation for the virus to possibly land in Canada officially.
There still is conflictive opinion on how the virus is spread with the majority stating that a person has to in contact with the actual virus and others stating that the virus has now become airborne.
The Belleville patient simply had a stop over in one of the African countries hardest hit; but one American victim in Africa contracted the virus from cleaning an ambulance that had transported a victim.
In August a three year old girl from Gatineau tested negative after returning from a visit to Sierra Leone and having symptoms on her return.
Cornwall Community Hospital Chief of Staff Dr. Lorne Scharf responded to a question from CFN today:
lorne Scharf FEB 13We have a very comprehensive plan in place to ensure the safety and health of our patients and staff.  It’s coordinated by the LHIN – with the local implementation by CCH Infection Control, which I chair.
Obviously we are all concerned – but we are ready. 
For more information about the Ebola virus you can click this link to the MAYO CLINIC.
At approximately 7 PM EST it was confirmed that the patient in Ottawa has tested negative for the Ebola virus after tests results came back from Winnipeg.  The man does not have Ebola and no longer requires isolation.


  1. Thank you for this info, here is hoping that the Belleville patient gets a clean bill of health as well. I worked through Sars & I think all hospitals have been preparing for the next one which is now at our door. Knowledge is power & everyone should know & understand how to protect yourself & your family.

  2. A second nurses came down with symptoms of Ebola in Dallas Texas and both nurses were on a flight and passengers on those flights are being contacted to be monitored.

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