Cornwall Councilor Maurice Dupelle Talks Chem Tanks After Lauzon Eruption by Jamie Gilcig OCT 16, 2015

CFN chatted with Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle over the Chem Tank scandal and cover up that has leaked its way into the Federal election as Councilor Bernadette Clement is running for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

While many media and politicos are targeting Lauzon the cover up clearly was by the City of Cornwall.    The only question is to what extent with Councilor Dupelle and others claiming to not have known until December 2013 while CFN provided documentation from Transport Canada that clearly stated that the city had communications about the Chem tank project in February and June of that year.

What we asked then and still hasn’t been answered was who in Economic Development communicated with Trillium Distribution and where did that communication go from ED?

For example did it go to CAO Norm Levac and stop there or did it go further, to former Mayor Bob Kilger who was caught lying about his own knowledge of the tanks and did Bob share that info with any of his council such as Ms Clement whom he is very close with?

Councilor Dupelle was very forthcoming in our audio interview below, but still the answers to these questions have not been answered to the public, and to some members of council itself apparently.

Mr. Dupelle had responded to media after this week’s council meeting as he’d heard from many constituents after the hoopla during the Federal candidates debate at the Civic Complex.




The drama starts at the 8:00 minute mark.

Councilor Dupelle wanted to clearly state that he only discovered about the chem tanks in December 2013.

While he wouldn’t characterize this as a cover up he said that he now will take steps to get some clarity and answers stating that he wants minutes and internal documentation regarding the event.

When asked what steps would need to be taken if those responsible were discovered he stated appropriate actions should occur.

While there are undoubtedly facets that elected officials and staff cannot publicly share is it time for an outside law enforcement agency to conduct an investigation of what occurred at City Hall?

For now the people of Cornwall will have to wait and see if this eruption of drama leads to any answers?

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. It’s got Kilger, Fitzpatrick, Peters et al written all over it.

  2. This is turning into another “he said, he said.” I agree an outside agency needs to investigate this debacle. What would be even nicer is if the person(s) that had communications with Transport Canada / Trillium Distribution would step forward and say so. If they step forward then things can progress to find out who knew what and when. I suspect someone is being muzzled.

  3. Holy cow Hugger, nothing gets by you ! lol “I suspect someone is being muzzled.” This is for sure a debacle & it stinks to the high heaven ! You are bang on, an outside Police agency must be brought in, to thoroughly investigate, I firmly believe, because of the dancing going on & the denials of things we now no to be true, that some serious wrongdoings have occurred ? NO, I’m not a conspiracy rheorist Hugger, but follow the dancing & then ask yourself WHY ??? Just my 2 cents ! Oh yeah, STOP HARPER !

  4. Horatio Caine….with the denials of some of the city council it begs to ask the question who is muzzling who or who failed to inform those that should have known about the tanks. I feel the truth will never come out without an investigation. And I doubt that will never happen. Did the ED department know and were muzzled?? And by who? How much did the previous mayor know?? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Author

    Hugger to clarify we KNOW that SOMEONE in Economic Development KNEW about the TANKS. We have not clarified who and what they specifically did with the info?

    Did Kevin Lajoie get the info, share it to Bob Peters who would bump it up to Mark Boileau or did Bob Peters get told by Bob Kilger what was happening and then get a document? Or did Bob Peters get the document and take it to Bob Kilger or Norm Levac first?

    I do not know why any councilor who would be left in the dark back in December wouldn’t be asking these questions. I get that for some mysterious reason they might not share it publicly, but at the very least they should have known what the heck was going on.

  6. Agree 100% of your comments of October 16, 2015 at 6:10 pm. What has to be determined is who know what when. This makes soap operas look like they have bad writing.

  7. I would suggest that the arrival of the Trillium Chemical Tanks on our waterfront land was not the start of our current problem.

    I would further suggest that we should look back when the
    previous Chemical Tank Farm [ Universal Terminals } was
    removed from our waterfront ,it was then that I believe the
    City could have and should have taken steps to prevent
    any Chemical Tank farm from again occurring .

    We know that wasn’t done, but WHY ?

    Mayor Kilger was in charge back then and I believe he
    is and was the person most responsible for not protecting
    the taxpayers best interest.

    Seems to me Mayor Kilger was in favor of the Trillium
    operation, as he has never spoken out against it .


  8. Author

    Believe me your new friend the mayor has been in power now for nearly a year without saying a peep about them either, nor doing anything about what occurred.

  9. Mr. Editor,,,,, Could I assume , that your previous comments were directed at our present Mayor ? His BIG platform, if my memory is correct, was transparency, transparency ! Haven’t seen any Les ! Conc. Dupelle, you are on the right track !

  10. Author

    Yes HC. Our current mayor, whose election would probably not have happened without the support of CFN viewers.

  11. I lean toward Simon’s perspective.

  12. Believe Me 1 …I share your viewpoint.

  13. Author

    David Mayor Kilger was one member of an 11 member council. While he was the head and MAY have been most responsible, all 11 have to carry the load on this one to some extent, even if minor.

    Mayor O’Shaughnessy to date has not publicly addressed this cover up. You would think the nature of his campaign and history would have dictated some form of investigation into the cover up?

  14. Any councillor with an ounce of inquisitiveness or situational awareness would have picked up on the deal as it progressed. Unfortunately they were busy, smiling, networking, motoring around town with the top down… in short soaking up the ridiculous celebrity of their small town office.

    Guy Lauzon was pretty careful in his wording about who was informed of the Trillium tanks plan, indicating that the City of Cornwall was informed… meaning city administration (and its crew of well known scoundrels). The only elected official originally privy to this, would have been Bob Kilger, and he would have held onto that information for himself and friends.

  15. I agree with Simon….Guy Lauzon chose his words very carefully when he was talking about the tanks. The city knew. I presume that means the Economic Development department, as well as Bob Kilger. Soap operas couldn’t write this stuff.

  16. Admin yes the mayor is ultimately responsible. The councilors share that responsibility and accountability but when your head is that far up the leaders ass you can’t see the light of day. Maurice has caught a glimpse of light possibly foreshadowing a future run at the mayoral seat

    Guy Lauzon could possibly shed additional light but the high road is not to crap on another level of government. The tanks are here until the lease is up and a first refusal agreement is in place with the federal government. If Maurice is serious about distancing himself from the deadwood around the horseshoe and appearing competent for future consideration as community leader than he might consider spearheading the first refusal proposal. There is little cost to obtaining this right of first refusal only a little bit of time and effort.

    As for the current mayor when does he start?

  17. ADMiN : With all due respect, it seems to me that Simon’s 1st comment may be
    dead on or very close to the truth , and David Oldham is leaning in that direction
    also, yet it seems that you want to tar and feather our current Mayor for the wrong
    doing of Kilger and others re the Trillium Chemical Tank farm arrival

  18. Author

    No BM. But I do think that you’re so blind that you would give your chosen mayor a free pass for the very same behavior you condemned Kilger for.

  19. BM1….our current mayor, Leslie O’Shaughnessy, has had many opportunities to distinguish himself from our previous mayor and council. But Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessr has continued with the same attitude and motivation as Bob Kilger. Disgusting really.

  20. Admin Again with all due respect, your reply to me,
    { NO BM BUT etc.} are you saying or agreeing that
    our current Mayor had nothing to do with the Trillium
    Tank farm arriving on our waterfront ?

    If you would answer that Jamie I’d be more than
    happy to explain who I might or might not be
    willing to give a free pass to as you suggest

  21. Author

    BM1 what I’m saying is that your friend the mayor is an utter hypocrite who wouldn’t be mayor if not for the viewers of CFN and who has since becoming mayor literally attacked the citizens of this people and not stood up for the values that he eschewed of Mayor Kilger.

    Furthermore you sat through a judicial rape done on his behalf and have said nary a single word.

    If Bob Kilger had been party to those things I think you’d be quite loud about it, but because it’s “your friend” that is behaving this way not a peep.

  22. Jamie you are 100% right on and if it were not for your viewers of CFN Lez would not have been elected – the people would have been crazy enough to throw BOB back in the cat bird seat. Lez came out looking more like BOB – now what kind of a change is that and he said that he would be transparent. Some transparency. The toilet papers of record supported BOB only in the papers and not you nor Lez. Lez is a carbon copy of BOB and how mistaken we all were. Politicians are utter deceivers and for the big three of the fed we will see which deceiver gets in tonight.

  23. “Les is a carbon copy of Bob and how mistaken we all were?” Jules, seriously? Bob may have pulled some shady stuff, but I think I’d rather have Bob than Les as mayor, seeing what has transpired in less than a year.

  24. Hugger (God forgive me for saying this – I may regret it but here it goes) BOB was a much more professional leader than Lez. Lez is a copycat and a want to be but has absolutely no back bone, no character of his own and just copies what others do or say and not only that but puts his big foot in his mouth as well. Lez went after innocent children trying to make a few bucks in their pocket to buy themselves a bicycle instead of relying heavily on their parents and after the Vincent family for the rink instead of making some compromises he went national with a few tiny incidents and even international. If serious matters come up Lez cannot deal with them – he is a laughing stock of Cornwall beides the famous Frosty the Showman – you can’t get more funny than this. Hugger I agree with you that BOB does make a better mayor since he knew how to handle things even with his shady deals and insanity but he handled things in a much more professional way than to braodcast tiny incidents all over the country and beyond and even his attitude was more professional. Gee I am going to wait for the insults on this one but it is the truth.

  25. Jules….I agree with your thoughts on Bob and Les.

  26. Hugger years ago I said on CFN or was it one of the toilet papers of record (can’t recall in my senior years) that BOB would make a good mayor for Cornwall and I spoke from my heart and soul when I said that. Even the people of Cornwall saw that BOB would make a good mayor and had leadership abilities unlike Lez. BOB still has leadership abilities but BOB is very sick and coming back as mayor can kill him because it is highly responsible and lots of stress and stress causes cancer. BOB is best the way he is to be retired. Lez is not a leader at all but I knew that the people were against Jamie and it is the mindset of Cornwall to be like that. Jamie would make a good mayor but in my opinion Jamie is best at what he does best and that is as a journalist. I picked Lez out of the three because of BOB’s health and the boondoggle mess and the clique that he is involved with that doesn’t do Cornwall any good. Jamie is a wonderful person that I praise very highly. Two weeks ago a lady was walking in the park and had two dogs the same breed as Jamie’s dogs dashhounds that I used to call weiner dogs. My husband and I stopped to speak with her since one dog was very old (16 years old) and had problems walking and I told her that I am aflicted with arthritis especially now that the weather was changing and I need a cane and we all had a good laugh. I felt good to see the same breed of dogs as Jamie’s. Being mayor is no easy task at all and the blame goes on their shoulders whether they are responsible for whatever happened or not. Lez is not fit to be mayor at all. BOB has that ability and not many people have that kind of a character to lead. There is a well known saying that “it is lonely at the top” and how true that is.

  27. Admin: Good Morning !
    Your reply to me makes it very clear that you are not prepared
    to have a reasonable conversation re the Trillium Tanks
    arriving on our WF land, and that you seem to persist in attempting
    to switch blame for that event happening onto the shoulders of our
    current Mayor, which is just not fair nor is it true .

    Your Comments have failed to stay on topic and have become a
    tad nasty .

    In reply to your off topic comment

    You further suggest that I sat through a judicial rape,your words,
    guess your referring to the law suit instituted by you in which the
    Judge ruled against you in the amount of over 74 hundred dollars,
    as I recall.
    Jamie when your judged wrong in a court of law it’s time to own
    up to it perhaps even apologize , or pay up and move on, it’s
    certainly in bad taste to call a verdict handed down by a Judge
    judicial rape ..

    Stay positive and have a nice day

  28. Author

    BM I think it’s you that can’t have the discussion. You were quite happy when CFN presented the facts as delivered from Transport Canada. You in fact were a huge CFN supporter until the election and you slithered under Leslie’s wing. As a matter of fact much of your comments have been so pro Mayor that a reasonable person my suggest that it’s you that can’t fathom any conversation critical of the mayor.

    Likewise you sat in the court room and watched the judicial rape that occurred for his benefit as well with a judge who did not declare that he had been partner of a law firm that has current litigation ongoing against myself and CFN.

    I think it’s time you looked in the mirror sir and dealt with the truth. You can avoid it like many others do, but you can’t change it.

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