Garlic Fest Insider Theft Begs Questions by Jamie Gilcig OCT 16, 2015

The Garlic Fest in Cornwall helped fill the massive void in the community after the failure and end of Lift Off.

Sadly though the same type of organization and thinking that doomed Lift Off and Winterfest have permeated this event like garlic that oozes from our pores after we’ve eaten a lot of it.

This is a quote from Brenda Norman, one of the organizers.

“Our volunteer team had worked for months to put on this amazing event and when we discovered that the donations were missing, all of the enthusiasm and pride from what we had accomplished was stripped away.”

People have to understand that whether volunteer or not the standard of a position has to be the same as though the person is being paid.  While volunteering may create opportunities for people to gain valuable experience we don’t let Goober do brain surgery.   (or at least we shouldn’t)

“Although the room was locked, someone with a key entered, and the next day organizers discovered the items were gone.”

Why wasn’t this in the police blotter or reported when it occurred?  Why is the public only learning of this now, months after?  You don’t need to go to police college to know that the best time for discovery is as close to the time of the event as possible?

The problem with some community events is that people can be in control who really shouldn’t.  That the community wants events and comes out and supports them is not a surprise, but it will be harder to get people to keep doing that when events are poorly run and issues like this are not handled professionally.

We as a community support initiatives like this, but perhaps it’s time to create a set of guidelines before such support is given to any group or organization and if they don’t pass “the stink test” they shouldn’t gain our support?

And finally the politics of events holds them back.   While the garlic fest had some moderate success due to awesome weather and the fact that Cornwallites are starving for things to do in the Summer, especially downtown, the focus should be to achieving a maximum of success.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. How dare you question these people.Everyone know.s only uneducated people would steal the money from the garlic feast people.
    Pretty darn sad no one has a clue where,when,how the money was stolen.
    Unbelivable bullcrap were getting from the garlic bigshots

  2. Author

    Marc L my concern is why the two month wait to disclose or seek assistance from the public? That reeks….

  3. Most often, crimes like this are solved by tips from the public. The public can’t provide tips if it doesn’t know that a crime has been committed. It does reek. Inside job?

  4. Obviously someone who knew the donations, etc were there. With a key being used the list shouldn’t be too long.

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