Cornwall Ontario City Council Signs Harbor Deal Without Public Consultation by Jamie Gilcig APRIL 26, 2016

The deed was done under cover.    No public consultation.  No real public information delivered.  A non nonsensical that jeopardizes the future of the city of Cornwall Ontario.

The bad drama started with the Chem Tanks and ended with the release below by the city which actually rezoned the land “prior” to announcing the deal.

As though it was never in doubt or question.

Was there any reason to partner with Akwesasne?  Not really.    Land claims can only be resolved by cash in Canada according to law.    If there is a discovery of a clean up needed is Akwesasne going to write the cheque for its share?

Nobody knows much of anything.  It’s not sure if Council as a whole even knows the full nature of the deal or has the remote expertise to read the documents which only required the mayor and CAO to sign on behalf of the city as per another hustle perpetrated by the Kilger Council.

The City of Cornwall and Mohawk Council of Akwesasne have approved a plan to take joint ownership of the Port of Cornwall.

A bilateral committee made up of staff and elected officials from the City and MCA has been negotiating with Transport Canada on the divestiture of the area that is known as the Port of Cornwall and the surrounding lands.

These negotiations have been completed and co-ownership of the Port has been approved by the elected officials of both communities. This transfer is expected to be completed by the end of June. The specific terms of the deal with Transport Canada cannot be released at this time due to a standard confidentiality agreement however the details will be shared once the transfer is completed.

At the same time, a joint public entity, titled the Cornwall Akwesasne Port Development Commission, is being established to oversee the management and long-term development of the Port under the umbrella of a co-owners’ agreement. This agreement has also been approved by the elected officials of both communities and it will be released to the public once it is officially signed by both parties.

A media event is being planned for Tuesday, May 3rd at 10 am in the Turtle Room at the A’nowara’ko:wa Arena on Cornwall Island. At the event, officials from both communities will sign the co-owners’ agreement and copies of the co-owners’ agreement and the confidentiality agreement will be released to the public.

“By taking ownership of the Port, we will be able to control the future use of a critical piece of waterfront land,” said Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy. “This significant achievement signals a new era of cooperation and collaboration between Cornwall and our neighbours in Akwesasne.”

 “I am pleased by the efforts of the negotiation committee thus far and I look forward to working closer with our neighbours; the City of Cornwall. This transfer will demonstrate our commitment to finding innovative ways of creating opportunities for both our communities,” said Akwesasne Grand Chief Abram Benedict.

The agreement marks the culmination of numerous meetings and negotiation sessions involving officials from the City, Akwesasne and the Federal Government over the past two years. Consultants have been engaged in conducting significant analysis of the Port lands.

“The bilateral committee is doing its due diligence to ensure our communities are well-positioned in this divestiture while also being mindful of the need to take control of this key piece of land,” added Mayor O’Shaughnessy.

The big winners in this deal are of course Akwesasne who essentially seem to have little risk and plenty to gain.

What happens when, and it will happen, the MCA and the City disagree on a harbor issue?   The 16 acre parcel of prime located waterfront property is now up for grabs.

While the city debates flouride and other insignificant issues, it’s the people of Cornwall Ontario that have been left all wet after losing control over its harbor front lands.

What could possibly be so secret that a deal of this nature, which will impact the future of our city, should be done in the shadows and without a sign off by the public?

CFN will be covering this story as more details become available.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. The details will be released this summer after the agreement is officially signed. On that note it is better for the city /MCA to have ownership than the stays quo….the federal government retaining ownership. This way, hopefully, we can avoid a repeat of the tanks episode.

  2. I don’t know how many of you have seen all the kids in Cornwall with cancers and this is a catastrophe. With these tanks now in Cornwall this is going to add to the problem. You have this Dr. Ramiliotis who doesn’t know that much to be honest with you folks about the dangers of fluoride and there are more chemicals than fluoride itself and now this. This sure is depopulation for sure.

  3. All the kids? I seriously doubt that.

    In regard to Dr. Paul Roumeliotis he had help with his presentation on Monday. He did admit that fluoride has its issues. When the vote comes to council I’m wondering if Bernadette Clément and André Rivette will declare a conflict of interest, as they sit on the Board of Health.

  4. Author

    Hugger this is a huge issue. They should have declared their conflict before he spoke.

  5. Admin said:”….this is a huge issue. They should have declared their conflict before he spoke.” I totally agree. Some on council still do not understand conflict of interest. In particular Elaine MacDonald, Bernadette Clément and André Rivette.

  6. Jamie and Hugger you are both primaries on here and there is a book a mighty big thick book called ECOSCIENCE and there are at least 3 authors and one is Obama’s science czar and in that book there is info about fluoride and so many other things to read. Hugger and Jamie you are both intelligent to look at this huge thick book and pass it on to Dr. Romiliotis and it is in Ottawa’s library.

  7. Jamie I agree that this is a huge issue and it must be dealt with now before we hear of more cases. There was a little Native baby who died of brain cancer lately and I didn’t count him among the 4 children that I saw in the paper battling cancers that can take their precious lives. I couldn’t begin to fathom this. These kids did not work in Domtar nor Courthaulds industries of cancer. OMG.

  8. Hugger I have read somewhere on line that fluoride does cause cancer but it isn’t only fluoride to be concerned about. It has to do with what is also in the water – other chemicals as well as Big Ben and other contaminants in soil and ground water and if there were samples taken in all areas of Cornwall I think that the labs would find plenty wrong that would cause cancers.

  9. Jamie I have an aritcle on fluoride and it has to do with New Zealand that is going to fluoridate its water and about the poisons in the water of fluoridation. Please read it. I got it from which is Alex Jones site but this can be just for you to read. People worldwide are very concerned. I will put the address of the article in the next since this won’t fit on here.

  10. Jules….”experts” on both sides of the fluoride debate can’t agree what is what or what is right. When the “experts” can’t agree how is Joe Average to know what they should / shouldn’t do?

  11. Holy Jumpin’, Jules!
    Do you ever come up for air?
    LOL LOL ROLF etc…

  12. Hugger that Dr. Romiliotis in Cornwall knows a great deal more than what he is revealing to the public and that I guarantee. Anybody who has a biochemistry degree as well as being a doctor would know the harm of what fluoride causes and the water contains so many drugs from people even from their urine, etc. All that goes in the water and cannot be removed entirely. Fluoride will not remove it.

  13. Someone mentioned today somewhere on the net asking why the Amish don’t get cancer and that is because they grow their own food and live a healthy life. The cities and towns are heavily polluted and full of stress. Cornwall has been left with gifts from Domtar and everyone breathes that garbage and goes into the lungs as well as in the water table. I have seen some disgusting things.

  14. Cornwall’s council is not educated in the subject of fluoride to pass this thing. It take people who are medical doctors high up in the know and not just any doctor. This is a very complicated subject but one that is very real and I have been listening and reading everywhere I could for years. About dental cavities if people brushed their teeth after meals then they wouldn’t have cavities.

  15. So, if “Cornwall’s council is not educated in the subject of fluoride to pass this thing” who should decide this? I hope you’re not suggesting a referendum. It’s bad enough council has this love-in for consultants. Most people (& not just Cornwall) couldn’t be bothered to follow the fluoride debates. At least council heard from “experts” on both side of the issue.

  16. Hugger it takes people in the scientific/medical field (in both fields) to tell the people of Cornwall the truth about fluoride. I can attest that there is a great deal more to fluoride in this fiasco that would make many people run for their lives to know what is in the water table. Many people are dying and when I see little kids and teenagers afflicted something is mighty wrong.

  17. Hugger it doesn’t matter on the cost when people’s lives are at stake. You take the gift that Domtar left behind for Cornwall – Big Ben – that cursed pile of carcenogens seaps into the water table as well as in the air and people breathe that in along with the drinking water. Cornwall is like another “Love Canal”. Speaking of the Love Canal a lot of the garbage was buried in Sarnia Ontario.

  18. If we go with Jules last few comments then council should be voting yes or no. She said the experts tell their sides. So, let’s let council do what they were elected to do. Enough of these consultants and suggestions of referendums.

  19. Hugger the hell with the consultants but it takes people who are very well educated in the medical sciences as well as environmental sciences to know what is needed or not needed. Fluoride dumbs down the people as well as the TV and I would love to recycle our TV if I could. All people have to do is brush ones teeth after meals. Fluoride is very dangerous and I will say more in following.

  20. There are things that are flushed down toilets and sinks such as birth control pills, pills for people who have depression, and so many things that get into the water table and with fluoride and whatever else is put in the water it doesn’t get rid of any of this and people are affected drinking the water because it contains all that garbage. There is much more of a concern than just fluoride.

  21. Hugger council alone cannot make up their minds without expert people in the medical and environmental science who can help them make that final decision. Those on council do not have the education nor expertise and they have to rely on others with that education and knowledge. You cannot rely on people who are totally dumbfounded in this area and some have no education at all to make comments.

  22. The problem comes down to what “experts” do you believe. It’s nice and fuzzy to say experts should decide. But who decides who the “experts” are?

  23. The fluoride issue is a no-brainer to solve. Let those who want to ingest the chemical do so by using the any one of the many fluoridated toothpastes that are readily available. Let those who don’t want to ingest the chemical have their water supply free of added fluoride. Mass medicating the population through the public water supply is never a good idea.

  24. Hugger you sure don’t have experts in tiny “Frontier Town” aka Cornwall. These experts have to come from Health Canada here in Ottawa and they have to be medical doctors as well as scientists. If you are relying on Cornwall Council which is the most laughable joke that appeared as councellors forget it. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  25. The Harbor Deal is a very important issue and it’s not over, {MODERATED}

  26. Well Jules…when EOHU medical officer of health Dr. Paul Roumeliotis made his presentation to council on Monday he had Health Canada’s Chief Dental Officer Dr. Peter Cooney with him. Two weeks ago the anti-fluoride side had their “expert” make their council presentation. So, once again it comes down to who is really the “experts.” Whom to believe. Do we flip a coin?

  27. Furtz you brought up something that I was thinking about some days ago and forgot to bring it up and now you did. Toothpastes that contain fluoride usually has a notice on it that if you ingest it to contact poison control. Fluoride is a mighty dangerous chemical and that is the truth. There are toothpastes that are natural and you can get it only in certain health food places.

  28. Akwesasne had the right to take that land back without any partnership with the city of Cornwall. The Royal Proclamation of 1763, which the Dominion (Canada) agreed to…All land in Canada, not ceded to or purchased by Canada, is the property of the Indians, and should not be molested or disturbed. The land was never ceded or sold. The city of Cornwall molested that land all by themselves.

  29. There is something else besides fluoride that is very dangerous to everyone and that is lead pipes. A lot of the water contains lead and you talk about a lot of brain dead people as well as alzheimers disease and all the rest of the chemicals combined with fluoride is some toxic cocktail.

  30. Author

    JR if that was the case why was the land not taken back?

  31. Mr. Benedict if you have a case I would encourage you to take this up with the federal government and I wouldn’t let it go at all. There is a lot of land that stretches from Cornwall all the way up to the 417 that does belong to the Native people and there is a great deal to look into and fight for it.

  32. Jamie ,
    My comment in reply to J R Benedict suggesting that he should go to morrow to the
    Turtle Dome and oppose MCA ‘s signing of the Land scheme if he felt that way has
    been held off from print ,just wonder why ?

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