Freeholder Editor Hugo Rodrigues Missing Boat on Harbor Debate in Cornwall Ontario OP ED by Jamie Gilcig

Freeholder Editor Hugo Rodrigues Missing Boat on Harbor Debate in Cornwall Ontario OP ED by Jamie Gilcig

That Hugo Rodrigues is one funny cat.   When I issued a release stating my intention to run for mayor again in the next election, and would do all possible to rescind the bizarre Harbor Deal in Cornwall Ontario that would give the good people of Akwesasne a half interest in the project; the venerable paper not only did not show up, but nary a peep. No phone call, no email.

That I was the King Maker in our last Municipal election seems to have missed Hugo even though he knows who drew the most action in the Freeholder’s live chat, and he himself moderated a debate where I destroyed former Mayor Kilger so badly that the organizers of the debate refuse to show the video.

Yet here is Hugo, who’s barely dipped his toe into the Harbor Deal debate, with cautionary protests from a minority group of elders from Akwesasne?


Yet Council in Cornwall did not have public consultations; nor were clear data or information given to the public.

They even rezoned the lands before the deal went forward.

The public knows that former Mayor Kilger lied about his own knowledge of the Chem tanks as CFN exposed.

Yet Hugo writes:

As has been said in this space before, that ownership and partnership agreement with the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is well-written and protects the interests of Cornwall’s ratepayers.

The deal clearly does not protect Cornwallites.   It’s full of sketchy mumbo jumbo that clearly is not in the people of Cornwall’s benefit.   The only real beneficiaries to this deal are the Federal Government and Akwesasne.

Nothing against either of those groups, but as someone that actually lives in Cornwall and ran for mayor under a mandate to lower taxes and clean up City Hall this clearly is not a direction or process that any actual resident of this city should blindly support.

What isn’t so clear at this point is how well the MCA has acted in the interests of the indigenous peoples whose ties to these lands pre-date the establishment of the Corporation of the City of Cornwall.

A letter signed by over 30 individuals stating they represent the entire Akwesasne community says the MCA has failed to adequately consult and act on behalf of the community at large. Implicit in that accusation of failure is that any agreement signed by MCA for the divestiture of the port lands is null and void.

Again, Hugo in all honestly, where do you get the testicular fortitude to write those words when in fact the City of Cornwall truly failed to disclose to the residents of Cornwall without real disclosure?   The fact that the Freeholder and other local media refuse to ask the hard questions about the Chem Tanks and this horrible deal for Cornwall has led to many in the community not being aware.

Perhaps Mr. Rodrigues was too busy writing hack stories about the now closed public art gallery that yours truly was on the board of?

This deal truly needs media to do their real jobs and expose many of its flaws; not just one outlet.    For Hugo Rodrigues to not expose it, given his journalistic pedigree as the former President of the Canadian Association of Journalists, is frankly hinky.

For him to take the position and cast a finger at the MCA and not cast that same pudgy finger at the City of Cornwall frankly is hypocritical.

This deal needs to be ripped up, and any future deal have proper consultation with the people of Cornwall who at the end of the day will be the ones who have to pay for it.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can actually post your comments about this very important subject below which is something you can’t do on the Freeholder.


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