Freeholder Editor Hugo Rodrigues Missing Boat on Harbor Debate in Cornwall Ontario OP ED by Jamie Gilcig

That Hugo Rodrigues is one funny cat.   When I issued a release stating my intention to run for mayor again in the next election, and would do all possible to rescind the bizarre Harbor Deal in Cornwall Ontario that would give the good people of Akwesasne a half interest in the project; the venerable paper not only did not show up, but nary a peep. No phone call, no email.

That I was the King Maker in our last Municipal election seems to have missed Hugo even though he knows who drew the most action in the Freeholder’s live chat, and he himself moderated a debate where I destroyed former Mayor Kilger so badly that the organizers of the debate refuse to show the video.

Yet here is Hugo, who’s barely dipped his toe into the Harbor Deal debate, with cautionary protests from a minority group of elders from Akwesasne?


Yet Council in Cornwall did not have public consultations; nor were clear data or information given to the public.

They even rezoned the lands before the deal went forward.

The public knows that former Mayor Kilger lied about his own knowledge of the Chem tanks as CFN exposed.

Yet Hugo writes:

As has been said in this space before, that ownership and partnership agreement with the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is well-written and protects the interests of Cornwall’s ratepayers.

The deal clearly does not protect Cornwallites.   It’s full of sketchy mumbo jumbo that clearly is not in the people of Cornwall’s benefit.   The only real beneficiaries to this deal are the Federal Government and Akwesasne.

Nothing against either of those groups, but as someone that actually lives in Cornwall and ran for mayor under a mandate to lower taxes and clean up City Hall this clearly is not a direction or process that any actual resident of this city should blindly support.

What isn’t so clear at this point is how well the MCA has acted in the interests of the indigenous peoples whose ties to these lands pre-date the establishment of the Corporation of the City of Cornwall.

A letter signed by over 30 individuals stating they represent the entire Akwesasne community says the MCA has failed to adequately consult and act on behalf of the community at large. Implicit in that accusation of failure is that any agreement signed by MCA for the divestiture of the port lands is null and void.

Again, Hugo in all honestly, where do you get the testicular fortitude to write those words when in fact the City of Cornwall truly failed to disclose to the residents of Cornwall without real disclosure?   The fact that the Freeholder and other local media refuse to ask the hard questions about the Chem Tanks and this horrible deal for Cornwall has led to many in the community not being aware.

Perhaps Mr. Rodrigues was too busy writing hack stories about the now closed public art gallery that yours truly was on the board of?

This deal truly needs media to do their real jobs and expose many of its flaws; not just one outlet.    For Hugo Rodrigues to not expose it, given his journalistic pedigree as the former President of the Canadian Association of Journalists, is frankly hinky.

For him to take the position and cast a finger at the MCA and not cast that same pudgy finger at the City of Cornwall frankly is hypocritical.

This deal needs to be ripped up, and any future deal have proper consultation with the people of Cornwall who at the end of the day will be the ones who have to pay for it.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can actually post your comments about this very important subject below which is something you can’t do on the Freeholder.



  1. It’s become clear to me in the time I’ve been in Cornwall that there is a lot of “he said, she said” rhetoric. The problem for Joe Average is to wade through all the nonsense and get to the supposed truth. In Cornwall, as in most municipalities,that is not easy as the waters are always muddied by each side trying to get their side told, whether true or not. Truth is stranger than fiction at times.

  2. Now it seems that some of the residents of Akwesasne are having the same issues with the MCA that some residents of Cornwall are having with city hall. That being not enough information is released to Joe Average to be an informed resident. That being said it is also well known that governments do not negotiate in an open forum. That is sad because if they did future problems could be mitigated.

  3. Cornwall is not a democracy but a totalitarian dictatorship and not just the harbor lands but everything including that mountain of cancerous dirt the Big Ben crap hole of cancer. It is a big shame that the art gallery had to fold and don’t think that it will be better. Cornwall has sunk and sinking further and further into an oblivian hole of destruction. Cornwall is not like other towns.

  4. Jamie Cornwall doesn’t deserve a good man like yourself and believe me I wouldn’t set foot there ever again. I have been laughing like you wouldn’t believe about Fraudster Frosty and that is all what Cornwall deserves. Good people don’t live in such a place and people move on to better places. I haven’t stopped being “la vache qui rie” and having more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.

  5. By and large, Cornwall people are good hearted, trusting and caring …’though maybe to a fault.

    That fault would be a naïve trust, driving them time and again, to elect politicians knee deep in nepotism, harassment, inappropriate relationships, conflicts of interest, deceit, and lying — confederates to scandal above, below and among themselves.

    And now …”It’s déjà vu all over again”.

  6. I think hidden somewhere in Big Ben there must be a magnet that attracts politicians that believe in nepotism, harassment, inappropriate relationships, conflicts of interest, deceit, and lying.

  7. Author

    Well Hugger we wouldn’t have Big Ben if not for those very types 🙂

  8. The father of a lady who works with my daughter has lymphoma and yesterday they found him in serious condition at his house in bed and he was rushed to the hospital. There is so much cancer these days. The lady is around my age and is a neighbor below in the homes. I spoke with her this morning.

  9. Seems to me with all due respect that this running way off topic and as such a very important story is not being properly responded too .

  10. Author

    We BM1 you have an inside view to some of what’s going on and were an integral part of exposing the lie about the chem tanks. Where do you sit on this other than up our mayor’s posterior?

  11. Whether it is Big Ben or even the Chemical Tanks at the harbor they cause cancer and we blame the water. I found out from a friend of ours this morning about another case of cancer who is this man’s brother in law and we spoke about the water treatment that is done and what they put as add ins that are causing these problems. Follow the money trail. Stop protecting the big shots.

  12. My husband and I walk along the Rideau River in the park and we see how dirty the water is and some people fish. I have read lately about the Pacific Ocean fish that causes cancer to people and some of the ocean seeps into river water. Cornwall’s Big Ben leaks into the St. Lawrence and we saw that when we lived down there and this is the truth. Wake up people and follow the money trail.

  13. Divestiture agreement will be just excellent for Lawyers , terrible for taxpayers who will be stuck with their BILLS / Re Law suites that will be coming .

  14. Author

    Which law suits would those be?

  15. Jamie,
    Rather surprised at your question , in that you are apparently going to run for Mayor and
    by now I feel you should have been able to figure it out on your own, however, if you
    really need my assistance in answering the question I will respond .

  16. “BELIEVE ME” , We are waiting with baited breath for your response ? It would appear from the Editor’s last comment, that you are connected to “LYIN LES” in some way ? It would still be interesting to see LYIN LES” spin anyhow ? So far, LYIN LES has zero credibility , due to how he threw his very good friend Diane Shay under the proverbial bus, after he used her to get elected ? Some friend eh ?

  17. Jamie Furtz brew must be awful strong. When the sheeple elected Lez everyone thought that there would be change coming. Change that you can believe in like Obummer did for the US – did you see any good change? Lez showed himself to be a liar and a hypocrite and honestly if I knew that I would have preferred BOB back in the cat bird seat – no change same old BS.

  18. I think about Diane Shay and all the hell that woman is going through and she was doing the town a good service by exposing the evil going on in that nursing home. Diane along with some other people knew very well what was going on as well as the man at the fire station but the man at the fire station does not have the health nor the will to fight. Diane has taken it all on her shoulders.

  19. Diane Shay was literally lied to by LEZ and LEZ is not made to be mayor at all. If BOB did not screw up on the job and being in a clique he would still hold on to the cat bird seat but because of his corruption he lost it and to a lesser person than himself. Jamie you would eclipse all of them as mayor and even in your present business and they are mighty scared and that you can believe.

  20. I wonder where Furtz stashed his home brew maybe I should dip my beek into it as well and come out with some wild and crazy ideas like running for mayor of Cornhole. LOL LOL. ROLF! NOT! I am just pullling your leg and we all have to have a good laughl Things are bad enough as is without me adding my 2 cents to the pot. LOL LOL. ROLF! I can’t stop laughing. Bring on the brew.

  21. Is it possible to have a limit of 2 consecutive posts on a subject, and 1 in row for irrelevant musings?

  22. Honest Jamie I have not stopped laughing about being mayor. I would have to be both cop and mayor throwing the clique out of town like a Martial Dillon of Gunsmoke where the town would not be big enough for all of us. I bet everyone fell over in their dinner plates of shock and Fitzy and Bitzy fell over in their dog dishes saying jules has really lost it this time.

  23. But if you were mayor Jules you`d have to move back to Cornwall. That is one thing we would insist on.

  24. Lassie,
    I agree with your request / comment re irrelevant- musings from Jules etc
    too bad, as I believe her rambling on is mostly off topic and all very negative and stops some people from making any comment on this site .

  25. Hugger you had BOB who did not live in Cornwall and lived here in Ottawa and it wasn’t a requirement for him to live here and commute. Commuting would kill me at my old age and I would choose to live in the boonies like Long Sault, Ingleside or Morrisburg or somewhere like that out of Cornwall. I would love the boonies. The noise of the traffic here is deafening and driving us crazy. LOL LOL.

  26. Hugger I would never move back to Cornwall at all so that would be out of the question. I would use my whip on the clique and drive them out of town on the rails and never to be seen ever again.

  27. Lassie and Believe Me if you don’t like what I post TOUGH LUCK and you don’t have to read it so there. I can say plenty about you two and ask Jamie not one comment from me about any of you and that is the truth. {MODERATED} Not one word whether I like you or not and ask Jamie he will tell you the truth.

  28. Mr. Editor, Any news from “BELIEVE ME”, he was supposed to drop a bombshell regarding the divestiture, backroom deal ? I’m somewhat surprised at the silence from the Council table regarding this ? They must of forgot, the rather high turnover that took place last election ? I can foresee a bigger swish of the broom ! lol

  29. Author

    Not a peep. He seems more concerned with Jules comments than the reality of the waterfront and community that he states he cares so much about….

  30. Mr. Editor,,,, NO doubt, “LYIN LES” got to him ? Just like he did to the rest of Council ? lol

  31. Admin, & Rex Linn ;
    Hello , I have been away and upon my return have been rather busy working , for your info Yes I consider our Mayor to be a good man a friend and no he hasn’t as suggested got to me , nor would he .
    Re my agreeing with Lassie about Jules and her irrelevant musings , Jamie I suggest my remarks were made only to help your CFN , not hinder .
    More Later.

  32. Believe Me what in the hell are you saying that when I comment it stops people from commenting – that is completely rediculous. I can say what I want as long as I am not hurting anyone. I laugh and ridicule Cornhole and that is the truth and I don’t back down. Anybody can comment as long as Jamie approves. You are the kind of people that made me leave Cornhole a long time ago.

  33. The problem is that you sheeple in Cornhole cannot handle the truth, you cannot handle criticism of how mighty backward you are except for a certain few. The rest of you like Believe Me and Lassie you are some of the losers of that town. I come here for laughs and laughter I get better than a barrel full of monkeys.

  34. I put the blame on Believe Me who is stuck to Lez’s lying lips and the hip as well as Lassie and the rest who have not stuck up with Diane Shay. The hell that this woman is going through along with others who came forward on the elder abuse as well as the living hell that Jamie is going through on false charges. Who in their right mind wants to live in Cornhole. I left and never to return.

  35. Believe Me I do not hinder CFN at all but it is you the rediculous sheeple of Cornhole who hinder CFN and who have put Jamie down many times. Not once have I put Jamie down at all. I can tell all of you honestly I would never set foot in Cornhole at all. It has been way past a year now since we even visited that God foresaken town and don’t intend to. Yes there are a few good people there.

  36. There’s an old adage that goes, “If a dog barks, you don’t bark back”.

    Responding to a pointless (or rancorous) opinion is generally “une perte de temps”, and only puts one at risk of being seen as akin to its author.

    So, let’s be thoughtful, stay on topic, and c’mon now …GROUP HUG!! 🙂

  37. The whole Diane Shay issue, is one of credibility and character. It’s her (Shay’s) credibility & character that was used by “LYIN LES” campaign to get LYIN LES elected ! But, LYIN LES’ true character & credibility showed it’s true colors ! He lined up 5 buses & tossed her under them ! As I said, it’s all about credibility & character !

  38. Jamie, Good Morning

    Seems I just got under the skin of your favorite personality, as she just doesn’t get it , perhaps
    fearful that your CFN might consider limiting her incessant and often irrelevant comments .
    As I stated my remarks were made only to help your CFN going forward, not to hinder

  39. Author

    Believe Me I’ve been limiting her incessant and irrelevant comments for years now. Only about 1 in 4 of Jules comments makes it through.

  40. Believe Me I have words for the likes of you but Jamie cannot print them and boy they are mighty dirty and you deserve what you get. I am trying hard mighty hard to hold my tongue as well as my fingers on the keyboard but what I am thinking about you is really bad and I am sending you very bad omens. I can’t stand anybody like you at all and he same goes for Lassie the dog.

  41. Believe Me is all part of the LYING LEZ and Lez is not a good and honorable person and lied his way into the cat bird seat as mayor. When a person tells lies you cannot trust them and Lez showed his true colors of what kind of a character he has and not worth having anything to do with at all. What a mighty insane town that Cornhole is and never was good except for a short stint in the 50’s era.

  42. Jamie I am your “pièce de résistance” and I keep the sheeple on their toes which they have to be awakened since they are dead to the world around them. There is so much that revolves around pidly Cornhole and Cornhole is a joke. I can’t stop laughing about that hole down there in the corn fields. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  43. You keep people, or as you refer to them unjustly sheeple, on their toes. Now that is funny. Having people defend Cornwall is not keeping people on their toes. People are entitled to their opinion Jules. Just as you have a right to your opinion so are Believe Me and Lassie.

  44. GRRRRRRR ARF ARF ARF! I am not going to Cornhole ever so relax. GRRRRRR ARF ARF ARF ARF!

  45. Yes Hugger they are sheeple and they follow the herd over the cliff.

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