Bill Amell of Lunenberg Thinks South Stormont Council is All Wet LTE JUNE 28, 2016

What kind of a group of officials do we have in South Stormont council and working in office making decisions?

We need to sweep the lot of them out next election!

They work on double standards and cost homeowners like me too much money because of their decisions.
Why are they suddenly denying clean water from an artesian spring well that’s been operating for well over 150 years?

They want me to drill a new one and decommission the old one as per Ross Gellately where it could have been settled at no cost by granting a variance of less than two feet.

They refused. I take it Jim Bancroft doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the rural folks or many of the councillors elected!

When the road was repaved several years ago there was absolutely no problem to move the road and create a sweeping corner to create more property for the next door neighbor! I lived there all my life, I know where the road was and it suddenly moved to the north by about 20 feet!

So Tuesday it’s going to cost me over $5000 for no reason other than I severed a lot and the road allowance ( which is at a ridiculous 33 feet) intersected my well at the halfway mark but provides cold clean health unit inspected water for a couple with a baby due in a couple weeks.

It could have been fixed at no cost and no future legal ramifications against the township beforehand.

When’s the next election, they all have to go!

Bill Amell Lunenberg South Stormont


  1. Expecting commonsense to win over the prevalence of Liberal entitlement and “evidence based” reasoning is an insurmountable brick wall. Relocating, as more and more Ontario businesses have discovered, is less painful than continually running head first into a brick wall. If businesses cannot gain ground than a private resident is likely out in left field.

  2. David, what does the South Stormont Council have to do with the Liberals.

  3. GOOD! Damn good for all of you in South Stormont for kicking a mighty good mayor out and getting in Jim Bancroft and all the crooks in action in his cabinet. Good and this made my day. You kicked out a good mayor in the election and now you can all eat crow. I knew that something would come about all of this and you all made my day. I have one good laugh after another.

  4. Jules, if Bryan was mayor this probably wouldn’t be happening. There has to be decent people with common sense that will run to replace these inept excuses!
    And Dave Oldham, I tried to do everything in my power to get this turned in my favor…let’s just say the well will probably be cheaper than the time my lawyer spent on this matter. Like I said there is double standards in the Township.

  5. Bill Amell….there are double standards everywhere. It can be called double standards, the clique or the ol’ boys club. But it all works out the same, which isn’t right.

  6. Bill Amell all we see today are the most corrupt and incapable people running for office whether at the federal, provincial and municipal level. Most are not qualified to be a dog catcher let alone a mayor and council. It takes vision to lead at all levels and if one doesn’t have vision and no how and the personality then they don’t belong in that business. Very few have that leadership.

  7. I still think Tammy Hart is HOT!!!!
    Can’t help myself..

  8. Author

    Actually Jules, most with that vision and leadership know enough to put their names forward any longer. I look at what our board did for example at the Art Gallery only to get abuse and have our funds cut. That would discourage anyone of good quality from stepping forward, at least in this area.

  9. Author

    Furtz, Furtz, Furtz, what are you drinking out in the bush….

  10. Furtz are you nipping into that homemade brew at our bonfires? Maybe you feel the hot flames from your bonfire and with that homemade brew you would imagine anything including that witch Tammy. OMG what a nightmare that would make. I have to get a rifle and shoot her down when she flies over my building on her broom. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  11. Jamie I don’t see good people coming forward as mayor or council and all are there for their pockets and for control. This is a mighty big shame and our Canada is sinking into the quick sand and this is no joke. You will get to see more and more what your wacky Jules is telling you as time goes on. Something big is coming soon that will shock all of you.

  12. Jamie when the art gallery closed its doors it proved one of my points. Cornwall is run by “thugs” and the people are not people but “sheeple and lemings”. Nothing will ever change in Cornwall. If we left Ottawa it would have to be a good place and not Cornwall which is a lliving nightmare.

  13. Jamie if you ran as mayor I might be asking you the same question that I am asking Furtz “are you dipping your beek into the home brew?” LOL LOL. ROLF! I can’t stop laughing at Furtz – he always comes up with that insane Tammy. Men are nuts indeed and not one is normal. LOL LOL. ROLF! That includes my husband as well. He is as bad as Furtz.

  14. Bill Amell I guess that you might be a farmer and farmers have to come together and fight for what they want and not let politicians dictate to them. Canadians don’t protest much they are way too laid back and that has to change. You want action then you have to get the farmers together and if it takes coming to Ottawa’s Parliament Hill do so like others have done with tractors and all farm equip

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