Cornwall Ontario Mayor & Council to Answer for Illegal In Camera Committee Session re: Fournier Report Monday Aug 11, 2014

fournier result July 11 2014CORNWALL Ontario – Stephen Fournier, Closed Meeting Investigator for the City of Cornwall will be attending the Council meeting of Monday August 11 after council bumped discussing the report by a month.

His report of what occurred at a Waterfront committee meeting where Mayor Kilger and Councilor Glen Grant voted to illegally move in camera; even though quite clear; was deferred until he could be present.

At the time of the incident Mayor Kilger threw committee chair Lee Cassidy under the bus stating to other media that committee members need more education; but as can be seen in the video  below the chair actually asked for advice with none emanating from Mayor Kilger, or councilors Grant or Carr who were present with Grant and the mayor voting to move in Camera.

Councilor Grant was the person that brought up going into closed session and seconded the illegal motion which was not the first time that he has been a part of illegal in camera sessions this term of office.

Councilor Grant also initiated an act at the same meeting to strike CFN as attending minutes from the previous minutes.  Subsequent minutes have not reported media or other people in attendance since.

The meeting ended with police attending after chair Cassidy struck the CFN camera.

To watch the farce enfold watch the video below.

The waterfront committee still has not responded to how Trillium Distribution Cornwall Inc. was able to negotiate and install chem tanks on our waterfront with the mayor and councilor Grant as part of the committee nor have they asked the clear question publicly as to why the City knew of the plans as early as February 2013.

Mayor Kilger was caught lying about when he knew of the project at a Waterfront committee.

To date Mayor Kilger nor the any member of the committee or council have apologized for their clear violations at the meeting.

The Municipal Act sadly has no teeth in this matter.  All Mr. Fournier can do is educate council and clarify that they in fact again broke the municipal act.    The Ombudsman will be able to deal with some MUSH areas if the new bill is passed which would impact situations like this.

What do you think Cornwall?   You can post your comments below.

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  1. What a black mark for a city when people can’t even trust the actions of the Mayor, many on council and the behind the scene decisions made (or not made)regarding the well being of residents in this community.

    It is time for a new Mayor, council and a few others to go!!!

    It is long overdue!!

    One council member should learn how to control his nasty, nasty temper when out in public. It appears he does not want to hear the truth when confronted with an issue.

    If this is the Cornwall legacy………it stinks, just like the air does many times.

    It is time to move forward from elected leaders who can’t see beyond the end of their nose and who are sadly out of touch with the reality of many serious issues that involve not just this community but communities world-wide.

    The Mayor appears to be stuck in a rut of his own making. His absolute denial regarding many serious issues is proof of that.

    The unfortunate part is that city residents continue to pay the price.

    Change is long overdue.

  2. Yes, change is LONG, LONG overdue. This city council has been dysfunctional to say the least.

  3. Author

    Hugger I would venture to say that in my opinion this council has been criminal, but has not been charged because of certain loopholes and possible intimidation of witnesses.

  4. And to think that some people get upset with honest and open gay citizens running for city council… yet they elected this bunch of “c*xuckers” last time ’round.

  5. I want people to know something and real me well. It is the clique that runs Cornwall. Whoever the mayor may be dances at the tune of the clique and the clique has to be removed entirely if you want a good and honest government who will work for you the people. Know who that clique is and force them out of town once and for all. Jamie is trying to make changes and so is Mr. Leslie O’Shaughnessey and these two men are great people with good ideas. Bare Ass follows the clique to a T and he is as crooked and lies just like they do. Businesses are leaving town and not for nothing. Cornwall has slipped much worse than it ever has and I was there yesterday and I can see that people are hiding because they are depressed. Only a few can enjoy themselves and this has to stop now. Stop voting for the same bunch because when people get comfortable they become corrupt and that is at all levels of government and in all countries. I am telling you the truth and I never ever lie to any of you and I never have and I never will. I am a straight shooter whether you like it or not I tell it like it is.

  6. I’m dumbfounded, what laws were broken? I understand that some rules were not properly followed, but illegal?

  7. Your headline says Council is to ‘answer’ for illegal meeting but I don’t see anything here where they will answer to anything? They are simply receiving the report at next council meeting. No? These exagerated headlines are really starting to annoy me. All you did was re-hash what you’ve been saying for months. I seriously thought there was a new development here. You know what happened to the boy that cried wolf….people stopped reading their news.

  8. Public ethics require that those at the top be accountable.
    Justice is offended if people at the top are not held responsible for their actions or lack thereof.
    Unless Jamie (CFN) taped the entire May 15/2014 WFC meeting it’s more than likely that Mayor Kilger and Coun Glen Grant
    would have side stepped the Closed Meeting Investigation Report pointing to their errors in judgement.

  9. Those who have suffered any form of wrong doing from the present Mayor, council or others related to situations that involved the Mayor (with or without council being involved) know exactly what Jamie is stating to the public.

    Perhaps people should take off the rose coloured glasses and see what really is taking place at City Hall and other places where we put our trust into people who obviously do not care about public opinion or people in need of support.

    No one is crying wolf, in fact some of those on the other side of the coin should pay more attention to what is taking place right before their eyes.

    Jamie has brought this to light in his paper in many ways for a long time giving others the opportunity to heed the wake up call.

    People are free to form their own opinion.

  10. No one is forcing anyone to read the paper.

    If people or any person is offended by the headlines, then there is no need to read the paper, but since the paper continues to share the truth about many issues in the city that perhaps have never been covered before, thankfully Jamie was there to shed light and truth on the matter or issues of concern to the general public.

    When you are offended by a television show, radio station, or news, local or otherwise, again you have free choice.

    Walk away, change the dial or just don’t read what is annoying to you.

    It is not complicated! Try it.

  11. Hi Marc, this is a rather serious issue, if you are in favor of transparency in any form of Government. What Kilger & Grant did at that WFC meeting, was contrary to just about any rules that exist regarding the proper procedures for a meeting ! They knew full well what they were doing, they did it anyway !!! They were acting like bullies & they conned, duped the other members of the “WFC” to follow them. In defence of the WFC members, I would admit that they probably were somewhat reassured when they saw Grant & Kilger going along with this ruse. Marc, you cannot have your elected officials doing business behind closed door sessions . This particular Council has been sited time & time again for pulling these dirty tricks. The problem Marc, is that that their are no fines or suspensions for these abuses. It will be interesting to see, if any of our Councillors have any “balls” and take them to task ? I would like your thoughts Marc ?

  12. Author

    Mr. Beattie Mayor Kilger in the freeholder threw chair Lee Cassidy under the bus suggesting the committees need more education when in the video she clearly, directly across from him, was seeking advice.

  13. The Mayor conducted other behind the door business or contact with another in our city in the Fall of 2013. That decision sealed the fate of some Cornwall families who went to the EOHU seeking support/help and Public education regarding a toxic issue in this community that involves the health and well being of community residents.

    The families were told via Dr. Paul during that meeting that a previous (conversation/contact) had been made with the Mayor and that the Mayor would not take any action.

    Apparently, this lack of action and refusal to help these suffering/sick families had been decided upon before the group even appeared for their scheduled meeting/presentation that day at the EOHU office. One of three meetings that took place over the years regarding the same issue.

    Where was the council when this decision of refusal for help was made in the Fall of 2013? Had the council been informed about this decision prior to the time the Mayor sealed the fate of these families with the EOHU?

    Many questions continue to be asked. Many answers remain behind closed doors in this city, but then again, this appears to be the manner in which this City Hall operates.

    Once again, it remains the pubic who suffer and continue to suffer.

    It is time for a new Mayor and many new Council members to revitalize the city, be absolutely aware of the needs of the community residents, take positive pro-active action regarding issues that are urgent, necessary and that should have been a priority years ago.

    Transparency and truthfulness should exist at every level and the Mayor should lead as an example. The Mayor has failed not once, not twice but many times to do what was right for the good of this community.

    It is obvious to see who gets in and who remains shut out!

    Sweep it under the table or toss it in the take it under advisement file appears to be the order of the day when the issue does not benefit the Mayor or some council members or………….others!!!

    It is time for sweeping changes at City Hall. If not now then when?

  14. I am living 60 miles away 80 km from Cornwall and believe me folks I can see right through Bare Ass like as if I was with you in Cornwall. I know what kind of a person that Bare Ass is and I know about what kind the clique is and there is so much going on that is hidden from all of you and if you all knew you would be out there throwing the bums out of office. People are sheep and going around with rose colored glasses as someone said and that is so very true indeed. Wake up people before it is too late. Bare Ass is going to put all of you in a terrible situation that you will not be able to get out of. Jamie and Leslie are your best alternatives. That doesn’t mean that I agree with everything that Jamie does or says – no absolutely not – but I do know that Jamie and Leslie have your best in their hearts and minds compared to Bare Ass. Everybody has to wake up and see the truth.

  15. Jules, tell us what you really think of Mayor Kilger. Don’t hold back.

  16. Marc Houde….don’t you think once that report is released on Monday the mayor / council will have to answer for what went on at that meeting. Far too many meetings are behind closed doors. The rules need to be tightened so less of these happen.

  17. Furtz I think that Bare Ass is running Cornwall into bankruptcy. I am telling you and everyone my honest opinion. I have been scouring different papers of all sorts, seeing empty storefronts in Cornwall, houses for sale{MODERATED} and I even heard that interest rates will rise and possibly into the double digits. There are no jobs for people at all and Canada is in big financial trouble and you won’t hear that from Harpo the clown or any other clown. Cornwall is in dire straights and all I see is talk about pizza. My stomach cannot handle pizza nor can the rest of my family nor my husband. I find that there is more important things to think about than that. People don’t realize how dire things are. Bare Ass is bankrupting Cornwall and the people cannot see it. I cannot tell you how Jamie will pan out if he becomes mayor but I can say we can’t do any worse than what is already there and not just Bare Ass and his council of clowns but even those managers have to go – they are depleting Cornwall. Many cities and towns are doing with private contractors and yes right here in Ottawa and no kidding.

  18. In order to be mayor and council people have to know business and if you do not know business and what is going on then you cannot function in a proper manner. What I have seen come forward as councellors so far is a real scream. There has to be people who are well qualified out there to handle this kind of job. You all saw what a former hockey player with grade 10 or less can do didn’t you who gives favors for the rich clique at your expense? Anybody who is athletic can shoot pucks into a net. Not just anybody can run a city in a good way. Anybody can go to Parliament Hill and be a backbencher banging with their hands and fists over nonsense and boy I sure can do the same thing. LOL LOL. ROLF! I think that I do a lot of that without going to the District of Criminals here in Ottawa. LOL LOL. Seriously if people of good standing do not come forward and make the necessary changes for Cornwall then Cornwall is doomed. If you think that your taxes are high just now just wait and believe me it would take a literal miracle to straighten the mess out and I do not kid any of you. This is no laughing matter. I joke yes I sure do to get you to laugh now and then but I do not laugh when I am serious.

  19. Author

    The report was released over a month ago. It was quite conclusive, but the Mayor and council deferred it.

  20. Mr. Editor, Conclusive is putting it mildly Jamie ! By no means, am I holding my breath, waiting for an apology from Kilger & Grant for their illegal actions at that now famous May meeting ! It will be interesting to see, if the rest of the “flock” have the courage to speak up ? lol

  21. Author

    I would wager that we’ll see Bernie waving her flippers with stern words of more education needed while the others ponder their election campaigns and gaze up at the sky….Bob will rumble, and try to sound earnest and coherent, but will not apologize to the community; Ms Cassidy, or myself.

    The two councilors that should be speaking out I doubt have the cojones now.

  22. Admin! It certainly appears that Mayor Kilger in an effort to deflect blame from himself or from Coun Glen Grant has suggested that education of Chair Persons should take place, however what he failed to mention is the more relevant point that is contained in the Closed Meeting Investigation Report.

    ” With or without such training, volunteers must be able to rely on the working knowledge and familiarity of the’rules’ that both staff and members of council posses in such matters”.

    Present at the May 15 WFC meeting were Councilors Carr,
    Grant, a staff member and Mayor Bob Kilger.

    It doesn’t seem quite fair to me for these four men all on
    the city payroll to stand by and let a volunteer committee Chair person ( Lee Cassidy ) who was pleading for advice to take any of the blame on this one.

  23. To those who mention that I am offended completely mis-understood what I was trying to say. I’m not offended by anything. I was merely stating that I was irritated by the cheap headline tactic of exaggerating that council will have to ‘answer’ to anything as though new charges were laid (ie: I thought there was something new on this matter but there wasn’t). Like Jamie says, this report has no teeth and everyone is in election mode so it will be ‘received’ and they will move on to the next item on the night’s agenda. There will be no ‘answering’ to anything.

  24. Author

    Maybe Marc they’d have to answer if the other media were more media like?

  25. Jules….every Canadian city’s budget is close to their limits. The idea behind city budgets is not to make money and not to lose money. Cornwall’s finances are no different than any other city.

  26. admin says: Maybe Marc they’d have to answer if the other media were more media like?

    Or they are concerned about offending the city council and / or losing advertising bucks from the city coffers.

  27. William E Beattie says: It doesn’t seem quite fair to me for these four men all on the city payroll to stand by and let a volunteer committee Chair person ( Lee Cassidy ) who was pleading for advice to take any of the blame on this one.

    Agreed. But it seems the mayor’s objective is to deflect any wrongdoing from himself. Mission accomplished.

  28. Well said Hugger 1 about the mayor’s objective.

    The mayor seems to be an expert at that one. Then again he has had a lot of practice hasn’t he.

  29. Wow! They really had to ‘answer’ to that report didn’t they Jamie? Even Fournier said it wasn’t deliberate. Just
    as he said “…it was likely a product of past practice and an unclear understanding of the rules, as opposed to a decision to openly contravene the act.

    “I would not deem it to be a deliberate act,” he said.

    Fournier just laid right into them didn’t he? Really held their feet to the fire.

  30. Author

    Marc Mr. Fournier said a lot of things. Looks like you read some of the spin from the Seaway Non News. The video of the event is pretty clear as will the video of our interview with Mr. Fournier from after the meeting. It’s was an embarrassing sham that is an insult to everyone that lives in our city. In particular Councilor Grant should be asked to resign for his actions.

    This was the fourth time this term that Mr. Fournier had to participate in an action.

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