Cornwall Ontario – The problem with a lack of community leadership is that issues can bite you in the bum before you realize what hit you.  Corruption and political impotence do not lead to a successful community. While the ol rumours and allegations about a certain former mayor’s love forContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – After former Waterfront Committee member Bill Parisien distributed a letter calling for an emergency meeting of the waterfront, a group of people came together to form POW Cornwall. The purpose of the group is to have people in Cornwall come together to ensure that our waterfront isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – TAG Cornwall, the now closed Public Art Gallery of Cornwall had dusty plans for an Art Centre from 1995.   The City of Cornwall of course never moved forward and slashed funding for the Charity to zero for 2015 and 2016 before it closed, instead spending theContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario -About to be former councilor Glen Grant either has to have the biggest cojones on the planet or have some early dementia kicking in as he took his typical Glen Grant offense to someone; in the case Editor of the Standard Freeholder, Hugo Rodrigues. Hugo published Grant’s letter.Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – It’s been two days since Monday night’s council meeting in Cornwall where Stephen Fournier presented his report to council.   He really didn’t have to be there for the fifth time.   That’s unusual as Mr. Fournier is simply a closed meeting investigator. In this case itContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Stephen Fournier, Closed Meeting Investigator for the City of Cornwall will be attending the Council meeting of Monday August 11 after council bumped discussing the report by a month. His report of what occurred at a Waterfront committee meeting where Mayor Kilger and Councilor Glen Grant votedContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – In a bewildering flip flop Cornwall Waterfront Committee member Patrick Clarke sent in his press release to announce his decision to run for council. Mr. Clarke (seated between Roy Perkins and Councilor Glen Grant) recently at the meeting where the WFC went in camera illegally as outlinedContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – I had an interesting chat with two of Cornwall’s finest last night.   Mayhem broke out at the Waterfront Committee meeting. CFN and myself were blindsided. For a few years now our high school drop out mayor, Bob Kilger, and some of his friends; I guess becauseContinue Reading