Another Black Eye for Cornwall Ontario As Waterfront Committee Leads to Police Call

Another Black Eye for Cornwall Ontario As Waterfront Committee Leads to Police Call

jg2CORNWALL Ontario – I had an interesting chat with two of Cornwall’s finest last night.   Mayhem broke out at the Waterfront Committee meeting.

CFN and myself were blindsided.

For a few years now our high school drop out mayor, Bob Kilger, and some of his friends; I guess because they can’t defend themselves for some of the truths and scandals CFN has exposed, has labelled this online newspaper A BLOG.

And of course they label me A BLOGGER; as though that were some contagious disease.

They’re thinking, if you wish to follow the very weak rationale,  is that if CFN isn’t a newspaper then they have an excuse to behave in the manner that they have; which has  been unprofessional and mostly to hide and refuse to do their jobs?

Before the City initiated its boycott of CFN in December 2011 we received advertising from them.   I’ve interviewed the Mayor who also advertised heavily with CFN during his last bid for re-election.

I was even allowed access to late night sessions at Winner’s sports bar where he held court, and had a few memorable “pop filled” evenings.

But then the lie about CFN, having council suggest its full of profanity etc.    The boycott itself; the conflict of interest by the mayor and several of his councilors; the utter destruction of the whistle blowers; and of course our loss of the Cornwall General Hospital facility and now the selling out of our future by allowing Chem tanks on our waterfront and who the heck know the cost of this divestiture initiative.

Add in totally bogus and false police charges while the mayor is on the police board and his good friend, Pat Finucan, who was in promotional videos for the mayor in his re-election campaign, is the chair.  (I have been charged btw with making nasty phone calls of a horrible nature yet the police did not access my phone or records to see if I had made the calls.  My phone records clearly show that they haven’t and now; nearly two months later the Crown still is dragging this on…)

So nothing really ever surprises me with this motley crew that seem to have no appreciation for the truth; ethics, or integrity; and we won’t go near transparency which Councilor Glen Grant thought hilarious to joke about last night.  (Shall we discuss Councilor Grants extensive efforts to lobby for a city job for the daughter of one of his friends?)

That wacky Mr. Grant decided to amend the minutes of the last meeting.

april 17 wfc agenda

Councilor Grant actually brought up that I should not be listed as media and they muddled through a motion to amend the minutes.

Present were Mayor Bob Kilger, Roy Perkins, Todd Bennett, Eric Lang, Stephen Alexander, Dr. Michel Dubuc, and a few others that watched and supported this bizarre spectacle.

Mr. Bowering then stated that he could not make his presentation to the committee because of the fact that I was suing himself and the Historical Society.    Of course there is nothing legal to warrant that.  While we do have a case in the courts he was not there to discuss that, but the putting up of some plaques which was already in the agenda.   The agenda is a public document.  Closed meetings are announced in advance and the nature of them published.

may wfc bowering agenda

Instead of handling the issue professionally it was suggested by Mr. Perkins that the committee move into a “CLOSED” session which they hastily voted for thus causing everyone including councilor Denis Carr to have to leave.

Again, you can’t make up this sort of mayhem.  That resulted in a former waterfront committee member, Bill Parisien, standing up to the nonsense that somehow ended up with committee chair Lee Cassidy striking my camera.   Another former member, Bill Beattie chastised the committee and finger waved the mayor, but was allowed to stay because he’s a member of the society although not of the delegation.     The irony of this happening at a meeting with Mr. Bowering in attendance was not lost either.

Ms Cassidy was spoken to by Cornwall Police who attended the event.   However what seems really distressing is that we live in a city that deals with its failures by re-labeling the issue or hiding from it.

Population doesn’t grow?  Annex nearby communities.    CFIB reports a lack of growth; trash the CFIB.   Report finds Cornwall near the bottom of Ontario municipalities in key metrics, stop participating in the report.

That’s simply not “best practices”, and now, when faced with the truth; label the largest newspaper in your city a blog and its editor  a blogger?

I was asked last night; I won’t say by whom; why I stay?  Why I don’t just get fed up and leave town?    That’s a valid question; but I’m a firm believer that the bad guys should leave town and last I heard telling the truth never makes one a “Bad Guy”.  With over 8,000 stories logged in just over five years our content isn’t challenged.  Our truths aren’t challenged.

That’s for people like Chris Savard, and Scott Armstrong, and a few others.

As I’ve always told people in conversation; if I ever left Cornwall it would never be because of people like our disgraced Mayor Bob Kilger and his cronies.  It would be because the good people in Cornwall; the ones that will stop me in the street and tell me how great I’m doing yet are too fearful to stand up publicly themselves, simply would not make the choice and change our city for the better.

CFN has been an online newspaper since day one back in 2009.  We’ve never portrayed ourselves as a “Blog” although we do offer political blogs for elections like many newspapers do as well now.  Blogging is certainly not a dirty word except maybe to some ignorant people from distant generations that have been corrupt so long they don’t realize how corrupt they truly are.

We have been accredited and covered major events, interviewed leaders at all levels, and instead of our mayor and his friends realizing that a National platform actually exists from Cornwall Ontario, whose reputation before was that as a stinky town referred to comically as the arm pit or ahole of Ontario was organically created.  Instead of showing that great things can be created here in Cornwall we’re being attacked like an organ being rejected after a transplant even though that organ is needed for survival.

While the financial relations with some of the other media cloud the picture the message clearly is that if you’re not part of ” the clique” you have no chance of success in this town, will possibly be falsely charged by police, and actually have entities work to run you out of town.      That’s not how you grow a community.  That’s not how you spread the word.

As I returned to the meeting it was ironic to see them agreeing to change their committee name.  This term they filled it with developers that led to a plan to have a condo in the parking lot of Lamoureux Parc which was shot down thanks in part to CFN alerting the public.

They actually tried to rationale how the committee didn’t know anything about the Chem tanks on our waterfront even though the mayor talked about them  at a meeting  in November 2013, and then in December stating he knew nothing, was surprised, but that they’d only stick out of the ground by a bit.

His own press release stated that Economic Development knew of the plan in February 2013 and knew about the lease in June 2013.

Even now, in the dwindling moments of this term the committee wants to spend nearly $100K in tax dollars on its EDA consulting plan.   What is the point of plans if you don’t follow them?   This committee and group need to disband for the rest of this term and those on it need to be banned from being on any city committee again.

They have embarrassed Cornwall and failed its people by the indictment of the presence of those tanks next to Legion Ball Park.

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Mary Anne Pankhurst

Lots of people don’t understand what the word media means. And some seem to think blogger is some kind of put down. Even if your paper were solely a blog (simply a truncation of the word Weblog) it’s hardly an insult. In fact a US federal court has already ruled that blog writers have all the protection given to conventional reporters. Meaning both kinds of reporters are journalists with equal protection and rights. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about being called a blogger. All conventional news media have blogs. People can just google any of the big corporations…National… Read more »


Whether you support CFN or NOT
It is really gutless to put forth a motion like that then they are all so cowardly they barely put their hands up and nobody seems to want their words on the record

If Mr Gilcig had got me that upset I would stand up look him in the eye..not slink down in my chair.

Man I am so glad not to live in Cornwall..its just sad
good thing they didn’t have a panic button in the place


It is So NICE to get a real inside view on how the area (PEOPLE who think they are ELITE) conduct business!!!!!

they may have there place but this isn’t one of them
just because ian bowering has a hissy fit

Reg Coffey

Jamie, it is impressive that your mere presence could cause such concern. The thought of uncontrolled media providing real information to the general public appears to drive this committee into panic mode.

If transparency is considered to be a negative aspect for this group then yes indeed it should be disbanded and reformed after the next election, hopefully with different committee members.


Mr jamie

Mel what you posted really has nothing to do with this story.

john rothwell

if they can manipulate the law they can do anything to any one any time they feel necessary, even try to shut them up. unsubstantiated charges against the editor of the most read newspaper in town proves they can be munipulative

hailey Brown

I must have missed something in the fine print.

What does the Waterfront committee have to do with deciding who and what is media?
They do have the right to chose who to advertise with but
I think it would be in their best efforts to invest the time and monies into the waterfront only.

This wasted effort is why issues such as the tanks slip by

E.T. Bass

Reg, Your statement,”If transparency is considered to be a negative aspect for this group then yes indeed it should be disbanded and reformed after the next election”. All in all, a total fiasco last night, a wrongful interpretation of procedural by-laws & no grounds for going to an incamera (closed) meeting. I would imagine the sunshine gang at City Hall, are scrambling at damage control ? I would of thought, that being the Mayor was present at this fiasco, with his past, extensive experience from the House, that he would have intervened ? A pathetic display of that pathetic word… Read more »



Jules, please, if you want to write books we’ll help find you an online publisher. Please keep comments short and focused on the subject.

Thanks to all,



Jamie Cornwall is “toast” and has been toast for more years than what one can remember off hand. It is finished, capoot. A mayor with not more or less than a grade 10 education and has nothing to offer and no vision. The rest around that table has one foot in the grave and some want to be “Mcfiberals” for the next election coming. The entire bunch are a bunch of losers. Cornwall does not belong to the people but only to a very small few. You wonder why everyone is leaving well that isn’t hard to say why –… Read more »

Miss Steak

I cannot believe we have these people in charge of our affairs if they behave so rudely to you, or to anyone else for that matter!!! What audacity and sheer thoughts of self- importance. This kind of behaviour should NEVER be tolerated. I feel sorry to be a citizen of this city, if rants like this are tolerated. You deserve an apology!


I agree with Admin. Cornwall has a great future if it wants it. And if some posters could please stop from knocking Cornwall due to past experiences it would help a lot. We’re trying to move forward, those posts don’t help.


Jamie and Hugger if Cornwall wanted a future it would have done so a long time ago. When you have a mayor that is not educated and has no vision and a bunch of old bones who are not in this century but back in the 17th century then there is no advancement at all. Young people have left (the vast majority so far) from my generation as well as those older than myself and those younger have left for better places and for our children as well. Those old geezers around the table along with a few younger ones… Read more »


I disagree Jules with your statement “if Cornwall wanted a future it would have done so a long time ago.” Progress is a never ending process, it never stops. As Admin said “Cornwall has a great future if it wants it.”

As for media; traditional media is constantly being redefined. All newspapers. magazines, etc. now have e-editions besides the traditional methods of publication. To remain relevant traditional media must embrace new media. If they don’t they wo become like the dinosaurs, extinct.


Agreed Admin. That was my point; if traditional media does not adapt to new media they will become extinct like the dinosaurs.


Jamie CFN you’re doing an amazing job keeping Cornwall informed. Keep up the good work. 🙂


Jamie again you did not print a point that I raised about the fiberal representative years ago that Domtar had potential in Cornwall and then it closed and then it came down brick by brick. {MODERATED} Jules you have been repeatedly asked to limit your comments. Also you can’t make statements of fact without proof. You can share an opinion. You can say that you think Bob Kilger is a corrupt skunk. You can’t state that Bob Kilger is a corrupt skunk because he has a secret child with Courtney May who works for Mayor Watson, which could by why… Read more »


LATE ON A FRIDAY NIGHT…WHEN MOST POLITICIANS RELEASE press releases hoping they won’t be noticed
The Standard Freeholder came running to your defense
with a news story and an editorial
Even the city hall writer seemed to be under pressure because he said “including a lone media representative, Jamie Gilcig.” Don’t think he ever did this—south-stormont-council-and-cornwall-committee


They started down the path of self destruction when they pulled that petty and really sad change(put forth by Glen Grant i believe)to “downgrade” you from Media to Blog This is the same guy who was on another video upset that people were suggesting board members had an agenda He was very indignant claiming his reputation was at stake Please excuse me if my wording isn’t spot on..but GLEN YOUR IN IT NOW..up to YOUR NECK(a movie line) The fact the Journalism group is calling out Waterfront actions means this story will have legs and once again Cornwall will be… Read more »


Is SF having to change its tune???
May 16.2014
“including a lone media representative, Jamie Gilcig”.

Feb 3, 2012 … “Jamie Gilcig, chief cook and bottle washer of the three-year-old online Cornwall Free News by claude mcintosh”

Who Believe the statement below after watching cfn video??????????

Cassidy admitted she was “quite taken aback” for the request to go in-camera, but decided to agree to it.


Now i can die happy claude the scribbler and stellabystarlight are at war once again Guess free seaway news must have left the handcuff key within reach as big mac is on the attack Claude McIntosh Claiming that two (unnamed) prominent local politicians are “closet” gays, an online scribbler recently raised the issue of gay folks serving as elected representatives. stellabystarlight May 16, 2014 – 11:45 Then why when your church(RC) treat Gay people so badly you never say a peep Reply Stellabystarlight May 15, 2014 – 20:19 This column brought to you by the guy who was crying about… Read more »



Mary Anne Pankhurst

@ Melman, whoever you are, so many good points. Thank you. BTW, Denis Carr seems to have a pretty good handle on human nature. He might even laugh if I admitted I might be afraid to buy a used car from him. But I also imagine he has some very deeply held, granite convictions about fairness and looks upon the drama (arising at the meeting) as more of the circus he has come to know. ?? I could be dead wrong. I don’t know the man. Anyway, I’m adding a link. Might be too esoteric or too long for some.… Read more »


LOL LOL. ROLF! Jamie Jamie Jamie you gave me such a mighty good laugh about Bare Ass and his “love child” with one of Mayor Watson’s affiliates or whatever you wish to call her. LOL LOL. My my my how right my husband is when he said that Ottawa is just a mighty big Cornwall. LOL LOL LOL LOL. My oh my how this world is small indeed. This is a good one indeed. Well one thing is true Jamie is that I gave you my word that I would never ever vote again and I hold myself to what… Read more »


Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, your on your way to Hollywood, WALKING TALL replay is looking for REMAKE. Your personal eloquence, dedication, perseverance, forthrightness has outstripped any current or former media talents this part of the province has ever witnessed. Keep it up cause we are looking for a new mayor.
What ever will happen to this MEDIA NEWSPAPER should you indeed get elected.