Tammy Hart Refuses to Apologize as She Loses Four Weeks Pay in South Stormont

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(loyal Tammy Hart Supporters)

CFN – South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart had her supporters come out to the Township meeting Wednesday night as council voted to accept the recommendations of Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze and ding her for four weeks salary.


Mrs. Hart gave out interviews with other media prior to the council meeting and again gave out false information stating that CFN was given money for the South Stormont News which was corrected after we contacted editor Hugo Rodrigues.

Tammy’s bud, Beth Trudeau had sent out an email request of support for the deputy Mayor which drew about twenty people; mostly from outside the area.

I would like to put out a call to all the troops. This is about stifling the Libertarian/Conservative voice and there are SO MANY illegal things with what they are doing, we can’t sit back and be quiet. I have a copy of the first report, and in the report the Commissioner even says that the Bylaw, as it stood, was ILLEGAL!!!! So, they amended it, apparently. How do you amend something that should never have been passed in the first place because it was illegal? Tammy has been the lone Conservative voice on council. WE THE PEOPLE are her bosses and if WE don’t like the way she acts at council WE the PEOPLE can terminate her employment by not re-electing her;.

hart & currier may 2014

Ms Hart’s supporters, led by Council candidate Richard Courrier (that was Mrs. Currier screeching next to her hubby)  shot a video after the pig roast council meeting.

However at the same meeting the accounting firm for the Township shared how South Stormont had not raised its tax rate since 2009 and increased its reserves.  Mr. Ross Markell of CKDM singled out the Township for doing an amazing job in managing its house financially.

After the meeting I asked Councilor Cindy Woods a tough question.  While the municipal act doesn’t offer the option; if she could would she ask for the Deputy Mayor to resign?

Mayor McGillis sat down with CFN this morning to talk about what’s happened in depth.

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Mayor McGillis referred to Ms Hart’s antics as the beginning of the “Silly Season” as the election starts to heat up.   In October voters will have the option to support or dump Mrs. Hart and her Travelling Circus.


  1. “Silly season” is putting it mildly. Let the games begin!

  2. Who cares? The more she makes it into the news, the happier she is. Any attention is better than no attention.
    CFN and the Freeholder are playing her game, and she loves it.

  3. Now that video of the tammy faye hart group
    Should go into the National Archives or the Royal Ontario Museum
    Right next to that skinned Whale

  4. Do I have this straight
    Tammy used to come to Cornwall Free News so she could do progressive works like worrying about a highway sign on the long sault parkway
    Now she claims “Woe is Me” I have just gone thru a terrible period..
    So she now hates CFN and has moved in with the XFLIES
    wonder how long that will last????

  5. Impressive group. I can smell the ODSP cheques and Fentanyl patches through my keyboard.

  6. Tammy Hart got exactly what she deserves and associating with a very public Hate Group won’t look to good come voting time. Watching the Tammy Hart Fan Club video was hilarious, the amount of time & energy these people put into slamming Jamie & CFN they could instead be doing something useful for the community. Unreal.

  7. Yesterday a dear lady told me that my taxes jumped up 10% because Stormont counsel supported the South Stormont News. I almost laugh out loud! Jamie if this true, you owe me a regular Tim’s, we would be even then, compared to what the country wasted on their “brand new building”. Sorry, I am not a Tammy H.supporter.

  8. Author

    Hi Pastor Tom, do you recall her name?

  9. Pastor…. people will give just about any excuse rather than accept the truth. 10% tax hike to support SSN?? I don’t think so.

  10. No name given, no name asked. It’s all part of a petition going around here. I did not see it because I made it clear that such a statement is false, and I was not interest in the circus going lead by Ms. H. What a waste of tax payers dollar there for sure.

  11. Author

    I was told that the President of the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce, whose business is for sale, actually has it in her store. That’s insane especially as it was myself and Reg that kept the Chamber from folding…..

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