CFN – South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart was taken to task, again, by Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze. LINK TO AGENDA In the agenda for this week’s township meeting council will vote to accept the recommendations that she forfeit four weeks salary. Can you blame her council or staffers forContinue Reading

CFN – South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart claims to be a champion for Accountability and Transparency.  She also claims to be worried about the public purse, but her actions, sadly, seem to move in the opposite direction. She has a rabidly loyal following; but like Rob Ford’s following; theContinue Reading

An Open Letter to the Taxpayers of South Stormont March 18, 2014 Four members of Council have decided collectively to take this unprecedented step to inform our taxpayers on an issue that has discredited the integrity of four members of your elected Council and Township staff. There has been aContinue Reading